Clayfolk Board Positions

President | Pts 15  | Yrs 3  | (r) elected annually

Set agendas and run 6 board and 5 general meetings. Work with the Show Chair and oversee how everything is going. Update with the Board annual calendar of all meetings and newsletters. Provide information for newsletters including opportunities for members to make
points. Distribute point forms to Scholarship and Library Chairs and give points for Board members to the Point Chair. Each January update webpage information with the Vice President.

Vice President  |  Pts 6  | Yrs 3  | (r) elected annually

Attend Board meetings, general meetings, and run meetings when President is unable to. Assist President with updating the webpage annually.

Treasurer #1  |  Pts 12  | Yrs 3  | (r) elected annually

Receives 1/4% of proceeds from the annual show. Write checks to Members and Accounts Payable. Assemble yearly information and deliver to tax preparer. Maintain electronic spreadsheet and file all pertinent receipts and statements.
Regularly attend Board meetings and reports fiscal health to Members and the Board.

Treasurer #2  (Show) |  Pts 12  | Yrs 3  | (r) elected annually

Receives 1/4% of proceeds from the annual show. Work with show venue representatives and Show Chairs. Tally yearly show receipts and individual artist show sales. Collect and deposit all monies during the show and throughout
the year. Consult annually with scholarship committee. Regularly attend Board meetings.

Secretary |  Pts 9  |  Yrs 3  | (r) elected annually

Take minutes and keep track of board and general meeting notes. Record attendance at meetings and give points to the Points Chair. Vote on board decisions. Provide meeting notes to webmaster. Be available to give members general information.

Members at Large (3) |  Pts 3   |  Yrs 3  | (r) elected annually

Attend all board meetings, present the concerns of the members to the board. Vote on all board decisions including the selection of chairpersons. Assist with tasks as designated by President. If the Secretary isn’t at a meeting, will take minutes and collect sign-up sheet.

For detailed job descriptions for each of these positions please visit the Clayfolk Operations Manual. (Note: members must log in to view this page.)

Committee Chairs – Membership Positions

Co-Workshops |  Pts 10  |  Yrs 3  |  Works alone or with co-chair

Set up two to three workshops per year. Contacts workshop artists, advertises to our member ship and elsewhere, collects monies, assists the artist and runs the workshop. Two co-chairs split tasks and points.

Empty Bowls  |  Pts 6  |  Yrs 3  |  Separate Chair each for Jackson and Josephine County

Collects work from potters and helps organize events with various groups to sell pots to donate monies to local food banks.

eNews  |  Pts 4  |  Yrs 3

Responsible for all electronic/email communications sent to the membership.

Library Committee  |  Pts 3  |  Yrs 3

Keeps a list of books and DVD’s previously donated to the library. Selects and buys books and DVD’s for libraries in Jackson and Josephine counties. During the third year of term, a trainee will earn l pt. and become the new Chair the following year.

Membership  |  Pts 9  |  Yrs 3

Keep members information up to date, add new members as needed, print labels for newsletter, and send out membership list to members at least once a year. Coordinate with Newsletter Chair, eNews Chair and Treasurer.

Newsletter  |  Pts 15  |  Yrs 3

Organize Clayfolk information, format, copy/collate and send out 5 newsletters per year. Send email copy to webmaster and eNews Chair.

Photo Cube/Photography  |  Pts 5  |  Yrs 3

Maintain the photo-cube, rent out cube to members, has cube available during the Clayfolk show for members to use. Take photos during the show of customers, booths and participants.

Points  |  Pts 9  |  Yrs 3

Organize and update points yearly – works with President, Show Chair and others to update points.

Programs  |  Pts 3  |  Yrs 3

Plan programs for three general meetings a year. Program can be a visiting or local artist doing a demo, info that helps with self promotion, and ways to stay ergonomically healthy.

Scholarship  |  Pts 3  |  Yrs 5

Advertise the annual scholarship, create application, process applications. Select candidate. Work with 2 to 4 other committee members who get 2 points, serve 3 years.

Webmaster/Social Media  | Pts 12  | Yrs 3

Webmaster will maintain and update website, and provide ongoing social media support and event promotion. Webmaster also serves on Promotions committee during the annual show.

For detailed job descriptions for each of these positions please visit the Clayfolk Operations Manual. (Note: members must log in to view this page.)

Clayfolk Show Positions

Show Chair  |  Pts 15  |  Yrs 3  |  Works alone or has trainee

Receives 1/2% of proceeds from the annual show. In charge of running the show, organize the two mandatory pre-show meetings, as well as the post show wrap meeting. Update yearly application, select committee chairs, work with the board making policy changes.

Promotions  |  Pts 8  |  Yrs 3  |  Committee is 4 people

Receives 1/8% of proceeds from the annual show. Promote Clayfolk through free media by writing articles on artists and the show. Develop other types of free promotion.

TV Radio  |  Pts 4  |  Yrs 3  |  Works alone or with trainee

Promote the show through paid TV and Radio ads and Public Service Announcements.

Advertising |  Pts 12  |  Yrs 3  |  Works alone or with trainee

Receives 1/4% of proceeds from the annual show. Design mailer and poster for the show; design and place paid advertising. Coordinate with Print, TV/Radio and Mailer Chairs.

Sales  |  Pts 8  |  Yrs 3  |  Committee is 5 people

Order supplies, oversee set-up and tear down sales area. Do a pre-show training of cashiers. Be team captain for a shift, train committee members.

Visa  |  Pts 8  |  Yrs 3  |  Works alone or with a Co-chair

Set up and maintain visa machines. Work with the bank, phone company and venue staff. Work during the show to keep the machines working.

Building  |  Pts 8  |  Yrs 3  |  Committee is 5 people

Responsible for floor layout and electrical cords for booths, phone cords for visa terminals, and interface with the Armory staff. Does periodic safety check on the outside of the building during the Show.

Group Booth  |  Pts 8  |  Yrs 3  |  Committee is 4 people

Set-up and tear down group booth. Communicate with group booth participants before the show (often group booth participants are new to the show) guide group booth members to choose their spaces to set up. Before show communication, during the show set-up and tear down. Group booth participants can help with set-up/take down as well.

Sales Tags  |  Pts 6  |  Yrs 3  |  Works alone or with trainee

Responsible for keeping artists’ pages accurately tallied and ordered alphabetically at the end of each day.

Cash/Check  |  Pts 6  |  Yrs 3  |  Committee is 2 people or one member and one trainee

Count cash and checks during show. Provide accurate tallies at the end of each day.

Demonstrations  |  Pts 6  |  Yrs 2  |  Committee is 2 people

Set-up and take down demonstration area, get clay and potters wheel for demos. Do a 1 ½ hr. demo, organize other demonstrators.

Info Pack/Work shifts  |  Pts 6  |  Yrs 2  |  Works alone or with trainee

Assign work shifts, (coordinate with Children’s Area Chair and others if necessary) design and mail participants’ information packet.

Children’s Area  |  Pts 6  |  Yrs 2  |  Committee is 6 people

Set-up and take down Children’s area, get clay (donated if possible). Organize committee shifts to coordinate with general work shifts, coordinate with Work Shift Chair.

Mailing  |  Pts 6  |  Yrs 3  |  Works alone or with trainee

Keep mailing list current. Oversee printing and mailing of the printing company, coordinate with Advertising Chair.

eCard  |  Pts 4  |  Yrs 3  |  Works alone or with trainee

Arranges for customer email addresses to be entered into a data base. Responsible for sending out annual eCard. Trains greeters on use of computer and inputting e-mail addresses.

Refreshments  |  Pts 4  |  Yrs 2 |  Committee is 2 people

Provide food and beverages for customers Friday night and for the artists during the show up-stairs.

Music  |  Pts 4  |  Yrs 2  |  Works alone or with Trainee

Arrange for live music Friday night, keep appropriate music playing during the show, set-up and take down PA system.

Signs  |  Pts 4  |  Yrs 2  |  Committee is 1 person

Responsible for all signage (accept floor plan), put-up and tear down. Before show work includes getting signage printed, large sign updated, name tags made.

Storage/Transportation  |  Pts 4  |  Yrs 2  | Works alone or with one other person

Transport to and from the show items in storage.

Show Secretary  |  Pts 3 | Yrs 3

Takes minutes at the January, August and October Show Chair Meetings. Types up minutes and sends to the Show Chair, Show Chair Trainee (if applicable), President and Secretary.

Sunday Door Prizes  |  Pts 4  |  Yrs 2  |  Works alone or with trainee

Sunday 10am-3pm set-up in greeting area, have customers sign up for gift certificate (which gives us feedback on our advertising) and award gift certificates towards pottery purchases.

Photo Ménage  |  Pts 2  |  Yrs 3  |  Works alone

Collects digital images from the annual show, edits/crops/adjusts them as needed, compiles them into small  animations and slideshow(s) for the webpage.

Names/Floor Plan  |  Pts 2  |  Yrs 3

Create and get printed maps of booth layout and names for the public.

There are many other opportunities to volunteer at the show.  If you are interested in finding out more please contact the Show Chair.

View Clayfolk SHOW Operations Manual


Revised 01-28-2014