Welcome to Clayfolk!

Clayfolk has come a long way from those informal gatherings of potters over potluck dinners in the ‘70s, but the organization still remains united by a common love of ceramics. If you have any questions about Clayfolk, please feel free to contact any Clayfolk chair or member. Welcome to a dynamic, growing community of artists.

As a new member there are several ways to take advantage of all that Clayfolk has to offer. Come connect with other potters and expand your clay experiences.

  • 5 meetings a year
  • 5 newsletters a year
  • 2 or 3 workshops a year
  • Monthly focus group on glazes
  • Positions available to help run the organization
  • Fall show and sale with over 60 potters

Should you have any questions please refer to the Board and Committee Chair webpage for a listing of names and emails.

New Member Packet

Please take a moment to download your New Member packet with all of the information needed to help you begin your participation in Clayfolk.

Download your new member packet here

Click here for the description of Clayfolk Board, Committee Chair, Clayfolk Show positions and the points earned for each position