Southern Oregon Potters’ Association

PO Box 1334
Jacksonville, OR  97530


Thank you for contacting Clayfolk!  We are an all volunteer non-profit organization promoting ceramic arts throughout Oregon and northern California.

To find the correct person to contact please refer to the email list below.


  • President email | gro.klofyalc@tnediserp
  • E-News email | gro.klofyalc@swene
  • Empty Bowls email | gro.klofyalc@slwobytpme
  • Glaze Group  emailgro.klofyalc@puorgezalg
  • Membership email | gro.klofyalc@pihsrebmem
  • Scholarships email | gro.klofyalc@pihsralohcs
  • Social Media email | gro.klofyalc@aidemlaicos
  • Web support email | gro.klofyalc@retsambew
  • Workshops email | gro.klofyalc@spohskrow

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If you can’t find who you are looking for, please send your inquiry to our web support volunteer who will forward your email to the appropriate individual. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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It’s easy! Just email enews and they will disseminate for you. Please include YOUR contact info so members can contact you directly regarding your announcement.

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