Clayfolk began in 1976 when a small group of potters in Southern Oregon started getting together to share their clay experiences over potluck dinners.  They decided to incorporate in 1978 as an Oregon mutual benefit organization.  The organization’s purpose was to provide fellowship among ceramic artists, encourage ceramic arts through education and help promote members work through its events and resources.

The Clayfolk organization has grown over the years adding many educational programs and events.Clayfolk currently has approximately 160 members. The member’s commitments to clay range from hobbyist to professional.  Their works range from sculptural to functional in many different styles and artistic visions.  The only criteria-for-membership is a love of clay and residence in Oregon and Northern California.

Clayfolk is a volunteer organization.  All Officers and Committee Chairs are members, as are the staffs that work on the programs and events.

Funding for our endeavors comes from member dues and the annual Clayfolk Show and Sale.

Clayfolk acts to benefit the clay community and to give back to the larger community in the following ways:

Please visit our Officers and Committee Chairs page for a current list of officers.


Clayfolk_WorkshopWe welcome new members who want to share ideas and experiences about ceramics. Please visit our Membership page for more information on the benefits of joining Clayfolk.