Packing and Shipping Tips from Frank Gosar

Click here for Frank’s PDF

Social Media Marketing Tools: Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest, Flicker, Instagram, Twitter, . . .

If you need help with social media, contact Clayfolk’s Social Media Chair:

Clayfolk Social Media Presentation 2017: download PDF document

Website Building, Marketing, and Payments

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Four different tutorial videos on how to setup your personal website –click here

More training videos for Etsy, accepting credit card payments on your website, shipping ceramics and attracting audiences to your website – click here

Tips on Selling your Work Online

Photographing Your Work

The EZCube is the easiest way to take great product photographs for the web or print.The EZCube works great for all of your product photography needs and is available to all Clayfolk members.  Learn more >>>

E-commerce Photography resources

Links and downloads on photographing your work

Adding Music to Your Videos

Here is a link to the “video” tag at Frank Gosar blog, with (among other things) four process videos he shot and mixed. From latest to earliest, they show throwing mugs, trimming bowls, throwing plates, and throwing bowls. If you scroll down far enough, you’ll also find a nice little YouTube feature about Frank done for the Maude Kerns Art Center.

Clayfolk Tips & Tricks

Helpful info from our experienced Clayfolk members. Learn more >>>

Local and regional supplies

Regional and state associations

National magazines

eNews / Blogs

Ceramics Art Daily

Clayfolk Library Acquisitions

Every year, a portion of funds raised from the Clayfolk Show & Sale goes to purchase books and videos for the Jackson and Josephine County library systems. Many thanks to our Library Committee for spearheading this important program.

For a complete list of resources purchased by Clayfolk (listed by county) please click here.

To access these resources please visit your local Jackson or Josephine County Libraries.

Clayfolk For Sale Classifieds

Check out our For Sale postings here.

Want to post an item?  Email a complete, full, detailed, all the important stuff description, plus a photo if possible.  We’ll be happy to post your items for you.