Points system

Clayfolk Point System

Clayfolk depends upon its members volunteering to manage the organization and the annual show.  It also needs its members to participate in the activities related to this management.In 2001, Clayfolk implemented a points system to acknowledge and reward members who volunteer to put in time and effort to make Clayfolk a successful organization.

These points are accumulative and can be used to secure a booth in the annual Clayfolk show.  Since our venue space is limited, points determine who is accepted into the show.  Even more so, points often determine the desirability of the booth space a member may choose.

Points are tallied at the end of May and added to the member’s accumulated total; point totals are published in the July/August newsletter.

Ways to earn points include:

  • Renewing your membership on time
  • Attending general meetings
  • Serving as an officer
  • Serving as an organizational chair
  • Serving as a chair of a show committee
  • Presenting a program at a meeting
  • Hosting a meeting.
  • Making a one-time extraordinary contribution

Point Guidelines

Renewing members earn three points for paying their dues on time (December 31).  New members joining any time during the membership year earn all three membership points.

Members earn one point for each general meeting they attend.  Each member is responsible for signing in during the meeting to get that point.

The officers of Clayfolk earn points.  They are elected annually.  The Vice-President, President, and Past President serve one-year terms.  The Secretary and Treasurer serve 3-year terms and the Members-at-Large serve 2-year terms.  However, members can run for any of the offices in the annual election held in December.  Officers assume their duties in January and that year’s points count toward the show in November.

The Organizational Chairs earn points.  The board appoints Organizational Chairs. Chair openings are announced when there is an opening or at the end of the suggested 3-year term.  Openings are advertised in general meetings, the newsletter and via eNews.  Members interested in being considered for the opening need to submit a letter of interest to the board that includes their qualifications to hold that position.

The Chairs that man the annual show earn points.  The Show Chair appoints the show chairs.  Interested members need to relay their interest to the Show Chair.

Trainees for Chair positions earn points.  Certain positions require skills and experience that can only gained over time.  The board will appoint trainees to these positions the year before.  These trainee positions will also be advertised.

Hosting a general meeting or presenting a program at a general meeting earns a member points.

Committee chairs have the discretion to not award full points for a member’s inadequate participation in the committee.  The board has the discretion to award points to a member who contributes beyond their job description adding to the efficacy and efficiency of the organization.

Couples who do not have individual memberships have one set of record keeping and thus, one set of points.  If these couples break their relationship or decide to have separate memberships, they decide how to divide their points.  If couples who had separate memberships decide to join into a single relationship, one member will give up 3 points for each year they had a single membership.  If a member drops  his or her membership and later rejoins Clayfolk, he/she will not los the points accumulated at the time of departure.  The member will be responsible for keeping track of the points and will need to provide appropriate documentation to the Points Chair at the time of rejoining.

Each Clayfolk member will be given a total of his or her points in a list that is published each summer in the Clayfolk newsletter. If a member feels there is an error in his or her total number of points, that member should submit why in writing to the Points Chair and provide the number of points he or she feels is appropriate. If the situation is not resolved, the member may contact the board for further clarification or to make an appeal.

Find a description of each position’s job description in the operations manual. (Must use member’s password to access.)

Description of points earned per position:

Updated 4/23/2019      


Position Points
Term Limit
President 17 1 year Elected yearly
Vice President 9 1 year Elected yearly
Treasurer 17 3 years Elected yearly
Secretary 11 3 years Elected yearly
Members at large 6 2 years Elected yearly – 3 positions
Outgoing President 7  1 year  
Scholarship Fund *Board rep 5 3 years Elected yearly
Workshops 10 2 years Can be split between 2 people
Empty Bowls – Jackson 7 3 years Jackson County
Empty Bowls – Josephine 7 3 Years Josephine County
Empty Bowls – Douglas 7 3 Years Douglas County
eNews 8 3 years  
Library Chair 4 3 years  
Library Trainee 1 1 year  
Webmaster 12 3 years  
Membership 10 3 years  
Newsletter 15 3 years  
Photo Booth 2 3 years  
Points 10 3 years  
Program chair 3 3 years  
Program presenter 2    
Scholarship Chair 4 5 years  
Scholarship Committee 2 3 years Up to four (4) members
Archivist 3 3 years
Attendance at general meeting 1    
Host for general meeting 2    
Annual membership 3   Postmarked before deadline


Show Point Guidelines

The Show Chair reviews all the applications for the show (due in by June 1 of each year). From the members’ list of committee preferences, the Show Chair assigns the chair of each committee, the committee members, and the trainee if appropriate.

Points are listed above for chairing a show committee and being a trainee. Typically most chair positions are two or three years and trainee positions are for one year. Information about available chair and trainee positions will be outlined in the spring newsletter. For chairs to receive all their points, they are required to attend 2 out of 3 mandatory meetings. No points are given for participation in the annual show or for the committee work done for the show.


Description of points earned per show position:

Position  Points Suggested Term Trainee
one year
Trainee Points
Show Chair 17 3 years Yes 5
Advertising Design 12 3 years Yes 2
Promotions 8 3 years Yes 2
Sales 8 3 years Yes 2
VISA 8 3 years Yes 2
Building 8 3 years Yes 2
Group Booth 8 3 years Yes 2
Sales Tags 6 3 years Yes 2
Cash/Checks 6 3 years Yes 2
Demonstrations 6 2 years Yes 1
Children’s’ Area 6 2 years Yes 1
Mailing 6 3 years Yes 2
Info Pack/Work-shifts 6 2 years Yes 2
TV/Radio 4 3 years Yes 2
Refreshments 4 2 years None
Music 4 2 years Ok 1
Signs 4 2 years Ok 1
Storage Transportation 4 2 years None
eCard 4 3 years None
Show Secretary 3 3 years None
Sunday Door Prize 4  3 years None
 Floor plan/Map 2  3 years None