Many thanks to our Clayfolk Board of Directors and Committee Chairs who work tirelessly to support Clayfolk efforts and programs. Leadership positions are held for 3 years depending and take effect on January 1 of each year. 

Officers and Committee Chairs receive points for their efforts. Find out more about the Clayfolk point system here.

Board of Directors


       Office      Officer      Email
  President Bill Thompson gro.klofyalc@tnediserp
  Vice President Open  
  Secretary Natalie Stolzheise  
  Treasurer Debbie Thompson  
  Treasurer Ray Foster  
  Member at Large Summer Brendlinger  
  Member at Large Janice Shenker  
  Member at Large Polly Beach  

Committee Chairs

Committee Chairperson Email
Archives Lynita Zajack  
Empty Bowls
Josephine County
Roxanne Hunnicutt gro.klofyalc@slwobytpme
   Jackson County open gro.klofyalc@slwobytpme
   Douglas County Peppi Melick gro.klofyalc@slwobytpme
E-News Bob Causey gro.klofyalc@swene
Library Viviana Padilla  
Newsletter Kathy Helgeson  
Membership Bob Causey gro.klofyalc@pihsrebmem
Points Patt Causey  
Program Rosie Russell  
Scholarship Betsy Moore gro.klofyalc@pihsralohcs
Show Chair Michael McKinney  
Social Media Sandy Brown, Julie Furrer gro.klofyalc@aidemlaicos
Webmaster Patricia Richey gro.klofyalc@retsambew
Workshops Jim Nordal gro.klofyalc@spohskrow

To contact any Chair that does not have an email address visit the Members only contact list. (Note: members must log in to view this page)

For job descriptions for each of these positions please visit the Clayfolk Operations Manual. (Note: members must log in to view this page.)