Nancy Adams


In 1970, friends invited me to join them at the Renaissance Faire in Marin County, California, telling me it was a good place to sell pottery. It was great fun and started me on my way. One thing lead to another and I started competing nationally when I began showing at the American Craft Council Show held annually at Ft. Mason in San Francisco. While there, friends suggested that I try going to the Baltimore Winter Market held every February by the same organization. That was a very big step for me but one that really launched my career. I did my first show there in 1987 and continued until 2000. That show exposed me to a sophisticated national audience and led to many other good things, including making a living doing my art. Please visit my website for my current collection of work.

My work is wheel thrown porcelain with hand sculpted fauna motifs.  Airbrushed matte glazes fired to maturity in an oxidation kiln.  Signed and dated.

My studio is open by appointment throughout the year.


Website  |  Email | Phone: 541-890-7306

Facebook: /Nancy Y Adams Clay Artist


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Nancy Adams Heron on Acorn Box
Nancy Y Adams Pink Elephant Tea
Nancy Y. Adams Two Herons on Lotus Bowl
Nancy Y. Adams Jade Heron Box