Carole Hayne

Firesong Ceramics

I was born in Southern Oregon when trees covered most of the land. Trees have provided the inspiration for most of my artwork whether it was oil paints, watercolors, or pen and ink drawings. Now they inform my pottery.  Now and then, one can see a touch of geometric precision in a series of pieces. influenced by my study of physics and mathematics. The math and science in my background has helped in glaze formulation.


My future husband introduced me to pottery in 1990.  Soon I was developing glazes to set off his pottery and dabbling in creating my own artistic pieces.  Starting in 2006, I began showing and selling my own creations.  I introduce a new collection every several years.  My first successful line was the Spring Reeds which feature sprigged grasses.  This morphed into a line of modern geometric shapes that stood cubes on a vertex to make a vase.  A workshop last fall turned the cubes back on a side and into lidded boxes with inlaid patterns.  My latest series is the Madrone grove collection featuring the negative space between Madrone tree trunks.

My shop on Etsy is called Firesong Pottery.

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I am also part of the OPA’s Showcase Show and Sale in Portland the last week in April.

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