Ann O’Neil-Freauf

Creations by Ann’s Hands


I tried my hand at pottery about 35 years ago, just played around on a wheel and took a class on how to
throw – My attempt only lasted about 1 ½ year. Then had children and gladly and proudly made them
my Life’s focus. I moved to Oregon in 2016 and after all the dust settled, I decided to try the pottery
thing again in 2021, This time around, I’ve been attempting to teach myself to hand build pottery via
google, and you tube!. I’m a part time hobby potter as best, It is a therapy for me, physically, and
mentally, It’s my minds escape.
I have not come up with my style or preference yet, as I find there are so many different directions and
things to try, so I am just winging it each time I go into my little place I call my studio. Being a California
Native, I have a love of the beach, outdoors and my horses. Many of my items tend to go somewhere in
that direction. Birds Houses, Bird Feeders, Succulent holders, Sea shells, Garden Stakes…
By the time you read this, I could be going a different direction…. I have no plan or idea where I’m going.
You’ll just have follow me on this journey, and we will both be surprised!

Contact: | Email | Phone:  805-750-2667



Nancy Adams Heron on Acorn Box
Nancy Y Adams Pink Elephant Tea
Nancy Y. Adams Two Herons on Lotus Bowl
Nancy Y. Adams Jade Heron Box