General Meeting and Potluck at Cheryl Weese’s Historic Home

First Clayfolk general meeting up north that we can remember!

LOCATION: 350 Winston Section Road, Winston, OR 97496  (Directions below)

TIME: 2:30 PM

Potluck meeting and demo on clay figures by Kim Kimerling.   

WHAT TO BRING: Besides your dish, it would be nice if you brought a folding chair to sit on.


  • Take exit 119 south of Roseburg.
  • Follow hwy toward Winston
  • Cross green bridge on South Umpqua River staying in the left lane
  • Turn after bridge to left
  • Pass Pepsi Cola plant and go right around corner
  • Cheryl’s is the big white house with circle driveway on the left.
  • Mailbox says 350 on it.

Agenda for Sunday, June  11 general meeting

  1. Welcome  and  introductions  –  Jane  Anderson
  2. Minutes  Review
  3. Board  Elections:  Need  for  2017  ballot:  vice-­‐president  and  3  board  members  –   Jane  Anderson     BOARD  REPORT
  4. Board  minutes  available  to  general  membership  –  Jane  Anderson
  5. Budget  –  Debbie  Thompson
  6. Membership  database  sharing  –  Gwen  Childs
  7. Workshops:
    A.    Social  Media  Workshop  –  Jane  Anderson
    B.    Workshop:  Annie  Chrietzberb  workshop  –  Carole  Hayne
  8. Scholarships:    Betsy  Moore
  9. Newsletter:    Vicki  Chamberlain  appointed  as  Newsletter  trainee
  10. Empty  Bowls:  Roxanne  Hunnicutt
  11. Next  General  Meeting  Information:    Saturday,  August  19th  at  Susan  Cassaleggio’s   in  Jacksonville.