Tracie Mei-Lin Manso


I derive much inspiration for my work in clay from Mother Earth and her natural world of beauty, colors, shapes, patterns and raw materials.  I love exploring form and function, and all aspects of the versatile medium that is clay.  I feel that my pottery is characterized by functionality and the durable qualities of high-fire stoneware and glazes, combined with an aesthetic pursuit of grace and beauty through unique decorative patterns and designs using slips and wax-resist techniques in a variety of ways.  I truly enjoy making every day usable wares for table and home, which complement my interests in culinary and gardening.  Please go to my Etsy store online if you wish to acquire some of my work.  I will update my online store for Clayfolk 2020, and for Holiday purchases through the end of the year.

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Phone:  541-342-8213

Instagram:   https://www.instagram/potsbytracie