Bird Bowls

Shirley Huft 


Pig Pen Pottery was established in what was once the farrowing shed inhabited by Jerry and Shirley Huft’s pet sow, Annabelle.  Tiny piglets were soon replaced by pottery wheels, a kiln, and an entirely different type of clutter. When they moved to Grants Pass, Oregon, they happily created a new pleasant, practical studio space, but kept the name as a reminder of their roots.

Shirley began her career as a high school painting, drawing and pottery teacher. Jerry joined her in college pottery classes and soon discovered an affinity and love of clay. Between them, they make over 60 different types of functional pottery, working and building on each other’s ideas. Along with traditional platters, bowls, candlesticks, cups and a myriad of other functional pieces, they have added fish, bird and pig bowls in a wide range of sizes and colors.

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Email: moc.loa@stopnepgip


Monet salad bowl
Jerry and Shirley Huft - Fish
Bowl set
Huft - bowl
Green plater
Fish plate