Karen Rycheck - bowls

Karen Rycheck

Miss Mosaic

Exploring subjects and concepts ranging from light to dark and whimsical to weighty drives my art making.

I create both representational and abstract art, and begin a work with a general concept, giving myself space to develop the piece as I’m interacting with it. Focusing on design, texture and color as my guides, I allow myself more room to play in my abstract work.

Different materials call to me for each individual piece, so various types of glass, clay, stone, and metal as well as non-traditional materials such as CD’s and LP’s may all be found in my work. Choosing not to limit myself by material, I select my medium according to what sense I want to convey in the piece itself.

All of my work is a part of me, and therefore can vary substantially in subject and style, as I do. These are all facets of my persona, my playful side as well as my serious introspections. I explore them all.


Biz Address:  1515 SE Ankeny St, Portland, OR 97214

Phone: 541-621-6239

Email:  Karen@BreadandButterStudios.com

Websites:  BreadandButterStudios.com and KarenRycheckMosaics.com

Instagram:  @KarenRycheckMosaics

Facebook:  KarenRycheckArtist

Karen Rycheck - plate