John Dodero

Dodero Studio Ceramics

When starting pottery in 1970 most potters were following the Asian or European tradition of design. My inspiration came from the many fine examples of Native American ceramic design. Mimbres, Sikyatki and Pre Columbian were my primary departure points. The focus has been to combine, distill and contemporize these styles and also to define the archetypes from which they evolved. The last 20 years has been spent exploring Asian motifs and finding a fusion/commonality with the west. The techniques and materials employed for surface decoration are developed to achieve a classic but natural appearance. The hope is to produce works that will not be clichés and will withstand the test of time. The Archetypes and designs in the works are meaningful to me but the viewer should derive there own meaning. I feel each piece is made for someone, I just have to wait for him or her to claim it. “I feel my work is a study and distillation of design.”

John also offers classes at his studio in Jacksonville. Please visit the following links for his Raku ,and slip casting and mold making class details.

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John Dodero - vessel 1
John Dodero - vessel 2