Deborah Britt

Deborah Britt Pottery

I grew up on a 1,000 acre farm in Northwest Missouri where we raised crops, pigs, and Charolais cattle.  My sister and I earned our college money by caring for all the orphaned calves or those their mothers couldn’t care for.

Our little rural town is still home to only 350 people.  The public school there is still going strong, though small and mighty.  There were a lucky 13 people in my high school graduating class.  Unfortunately, no art classes were offered past grade school, so I didn’t find my art niche until later in life.

I have four college degrees, yes, count ’em.  That’s what indecision and a shaky economy will do for you.  The first was in Secretarial Science, and believe it or not, I was a pretty sick typist.  After working for a law firm for a couple of years, I decided to go back to school at the University of Missouri where I earned a degree in Marketing.  (The typing came in handy in getting part-time jobs to earn my way through school!)

The third degree (Masters in Business Administration) came while working at May Dept. Stores Corporate Headquarters in St. Louis.  They helped me pay for night classes to make that possible.

The fourth degree is a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Webster University in St. Louis.  I finally got my hands in clay and have been at it ever since!

The degree that was the hardest to obtain was also the most grueling.  You guessed it–the BFA.  I’ve never worked so hard nor enjoyed it more.  At that time the college studios were open 24/7, or at least we knew how to break in!  Work was encouraged and work happened!

After both being born and raised in Missouri my husband and I moved to Wyoming in 2003.  We lived in the foothills of the Wind River Mountains where fishing, hiking, skiing and climbing were right in our backyard.

My immersion in the arts of Wyoming included involvement with Arts in Action in Riverton. I served four years as a Board Member for the Lander Art Center, and helped to establish our ceramics guild, Potters of the Wind Rivers (POWR).  I was a roster artist for the Wyoming Arts Council and was a co-founder of Alchemy, a local art cooperative.  I have been active in exhibiting my work in various venues throughout the area, including Lander Art Center,  Nicolaysen Museum, Margo’s Pottery, Works of Wyoming, Global Arts, Center for the Arts in Jackson Hole and the Governor’s Art Exhibition.  In addition, my work has been published in Ceramics Now Magazine, WREN Magazine, and the Potters’ Council 2012 and 2015 Calendars.

In 2017 I was elected to the Advisory Board for Potters’ Council, now known as ICAN, International Ceramic Arts Network.

A job change for my husband has most recently brought us to Gold Beach, Oregon, where I am in the process of establishing a west coast studio.  I am looking forward to becoming involved with the fabulous art communities Oregon has to offer!


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