Bob Johnson - Plate
Robert Johnson - Vase

Bob Johnson


I love what fire can do to clay. And I love working with natural materials, especially wood ash. The drippy, runny effects, as well as the beading of some of the glazes on many of my pots come from wood ash, used as a flux to melt the glaze. (The trick is to make the glaze fluid—but keep it on the pot at 2230 degrees or more.) I often enhance effect with textured slip (a runny, wet clay) applied to the surface. All the pots you see here are made of white stoneware and fired in a gas kiln.


My studio is beside the North Umpqua River, near Roseburg, Oregon. Before becoming a potter, I was a psychologist, for nearly three decades, at Umpqua Community College—which explains the name of my pottery business: Psychoceramics.


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Robert Johnson - Vase
Robert Johnson - Mug
Robert Johnson - Lantern