Art and Barbara Linnemeyer

Affinity Pottery

The fact that we have been making pottery together for forty years says a great deal about who we are.  After all these years we still enjoy the creative process of bringing form and function together through the  medium of clay.  What we create in our mountainside studio represents the evolution of countless experiments in design, glaze formulation, technique, and firing process.

“The joy of artistic creation is doubled when the creations bring joy to others.” This motto has been the attraction that sustained us as we first began our adventure in clay, and has continued to reward us through these many years of trials, breakthroughs, disappointments, and successes.

Each piece goes through up to twenty-five different steps of production by the time it reaches the customer. A love of the depth and richness possible in high fire glazes in a reduction atmosphere has kept us experimenting like the sorcerer’s apprentice, seeking the subtle worlds of color, texture, and shape around and within each piece.




Art and Barbara Linnemeyer - jar
Art and Barbara Linnemeyer - jar 2