Alexis Campbell Jansky
Alexis Campbell Jansky-Yellow orange daisy
Alexis Campbell Jansky - Yellow Purple Pansies

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Alexis Campbell Jansky

Clay Art by Alexis

I was raised in Klamath Falls, OR and took my first art class “Art in the Park,” in Veterans Park. It was a class about clay – and I became forever in love with art. I went on to take all the art classes I could get at Klamath Union in Klamath Falls, and then later at Oregon State University. Returning home in about 1976, I opened a gallery with my mother on Main St. here in Klamath Falls. It was called “The Outback Pottery and Spinning Wheel” (My mother, Gwen Campbell, was a spinner, weaver, and quilter).

In the past 40 years, I have lived and shown my wares in many cities and states. In 2001, I returned to Klamath and have continued making my pots and tile works with total enjoyment and gratitude that I can share my work.

I hope you find pleasure in the use of these bowls by sharing them with those you care about in life.

Alexis Campbell Jansky




Alexis Campbell Jansky - Pansies