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Clayfolk sponsors ceramic workshops as part of its effort to provide educational opportunities in the ceramic arts. These events may be in the form of "hands on" experiences, demonstrations and/or lectures by invited clay artists and feature techniques, materials, and sometimes an opportunity to purchase finished work. Workshops are typically held over a weekend and allow ample time for questions and answers. Because the events are subsidized by Clayfolk operating funds they can be offered to members at a discounted price significantly below normal workshop tuitions.

In the past, workshops have been held at local high schools, Southern Oregon University, and private studios. We have enjoyed sessions with well known artists such as John Glick, Tom Coleman, Susan Peterson, Adrian Arleo, Hank Murrow, Maria Simon, Karen Karnes, Steven Hill, Ellen Currans, Wesley Anderegg, Craig Martell and Linda Owen, Ian Curry and many others ... as well as Clayfolk members such as Phil Fishwick, Bonnie Morgan, Leslie Lee and Dennis Meiners.

Suggestions for future workshops should be given to the Workshop Chair (See Membership)

Robin DipsNeil dips ...

In July 2008, Clayfolk members joined SOU Ceramics professor Robin Strangfeld for a hands-on weekend workshop in porcelain dipping. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Robin is an inspiring teacher and artist, best known for her sculptural installations of dipped and fired found objects. For this workshop, people were invited to bring their own objects (such as shells, bones, seed pods, paper, “anything you wouldn’t mind smelling burning in the kiln,” as Robin told her students). Robin then showed participants how to dip, fire, and assemble pieces into new forms.
In 2009 Fred Bartolovic provided a how to weekend workshop of mold making fun and creativity at SOU.

In 2011 master potter Steven Hill presented a workshop illustrating how he achieves atmospheric glaze effects using an electric kiln, duplicating gas reduction firing. After sharing his philosophical love of clay and throwing a variety of forms, including his signature melon pitcher, he demonstrated spraying techniques.  Workshop participants then sprayed their own work using Steven’s glazes. Kilns were loaded and fired overnight with everyone sharing their amazing results the next day.


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