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Hannah Brehmer
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Empty Bowls
Roxanne Hunnicutt
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Debera Mahannah
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Shirley Huft
Kazuko Young
Glaze Study Group
Janet Capetty

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The 2010 Clayfolk Annual Sale was a big success and one of best shows ever, thanks to our faithful following of clientele, and great potters new and old. I would like to thank all the committee chairs for the hard work they did to produce such a wonderful show, all the participating potters for the work they did on their committees and during their work shifts, and, Debora Mahannah, our show chair, for her willingness to take on challenges with a tireless sense of humor. We are looking forward to employing her expertise again next year.

See you on January 23rd at the potluck, Penelope Dews


Mandatory Chairs' Meeting

Sunday ~ January 23, 2011 1:30PM

Talent Fire House

Please update your notebooks and bring them to the meeting.


Potluck and Gift Exchange

Sunday ~ January 23, 2011 2:30 PM

This gathering will be held once again at the Talent Fire House on Hwy 99 near the intersection of Suncrest/Colver and Hwy 99. This is a fun time for members to catch up on Clayfolk news, celebrate our show success and look to the New Year. The general meeting and program will be followed by the gift exchange. To participate in the gift exchange, please bring one of your pieces of pottery wrapped and ready to go. Bob Johnson will present the program. He will show slides on how to build a spray booth and will also provide information on several different sprayers that he uses. Members are asked to bring their favorite sprayers so the group can share their spraying techniques and experiences, enriching all of our knowledge. We will also be reviewing committee chair and board positions open as of June 1st. Everyone in the entire membership is encouraged to consider serving on the board or as a committee chair. There are many positions that do not require you to live in Southern Oregon and serving is a great way to get to know members you may not have met or know well, share your ideas, and earn those valuable points.


Board Meeting
The next board meeting is December 9th at the Zajack's residence in Central Point at 6PM . Any member is welcome to attend. Please email Penelope with questions or comments about the show that you would like presented to the board.

Gallery Opportunity

A gallery in Jacksonville , called Creator's Gallery at 5th and C Steets. is looking for artists. Call the owner, Anna Chauffe, at 541-944-9787.


New Members

Welcome to the following new members : Debra and Larry Nelson from Hillsboro , Jane Sterling from Ashland , Morgan Botello from Grants Pass , and Rhonda Fleischman from Brownsville . Sorry if I've missed anyone in this transition period between editors.


From the Show Chair

Thank you everyone for working together to make this year's show one of the largest ones to date. I enjoyed meeting the new artists that joined the show this year and hope Clayfolk members were able to make their acquaintance. I look forward to working with everyone during the next year's show to make it a success as well. All chairs please update any information, including budgets, equipment changes with description, contact names and numbers, timeline of events, future desires/thoughts for your committee, suggestions for next year as to what worked, what didn't, and etc.

Please provide me with a copy of your update either by email toastytoes@ccountry.net or by snail mail PO Box 426 , Williams, OR 97544.

The next meeting is set for Sunday, January 23rd at 2:30pm at the Talent Firehouse, Talent, OR. This is our annual potluck. Chairs meeting is 1:30PM , please bring your updates. Wishing you the best over the holidays and with all your various holiday shows.

Debora Mahannah


Library Book Donations for 2010

Jackson County Library                    Josephine Country Library


Ceramic in the Environment            Wall Pieces

Janet Mansfield                                 Dominique Bivar Segurado


Techniques Using Slips                   Slab Techniques

John Mathieson Ian                           Marsh and Jim Robinson


The Basic of Throwing                      On the River Through the Valley of Fire

David Cohen                                     Frank Boyden and Tom Coleman


Studio Space Available

The Ashland Art Center has started a ceramics cooperative called Club Clay. Full membership allows you 24 hour access to the studio, 3 electric kilns, 4 potters wheels, work tables, slab roller, extruder and shelf space. You may teach classes, keeping all proceeds. In addition, you may sell your work from the studio. All this for $125 a month. Associate membership costs $100 for 10 visits a month and includes shelf space. Both memberships require a one-time fee of $35, which includes a class covering guidelines for using the space and equipment.

Contact Susy Manley for more information : susycue@planetmail.com or sign up at the front desk at the Ashland Art Center .


Blast From the Past

From the Archives MAY 1, 1978

"….. We thought it would be good to have a meeting to get everyone's ideas about Clayfolk and where it should be going. One of our ideas is to form a steering committee to provide more continuity. JoAnn has volunteered her house for a meeting Tuesday at 8pm. " Bonnie and JoAnn

JUNE 7, 1979

"Our good friends, the Southern Oregon Pottery and Supply Co. must be moved to their new location by the end of June. Bonnie and Bill need help desperately. We hope you will give them a hand. "



Editor's Corner

On a beautiful sunny day a novice balloonist was having a first flight. To his surprise several things went wrong simultaneously, resulting in the balloon's rapid descent. In a state of near panic, he tried all that he could think of to remedy the situation before he imminently suffered a harsh landing in the trees. As he pondered his situation, much to his surprise, he saw a man flying through the air heading up toward the balloon. At first it looked like there would be a collision of the two, but as the flying man approached, it became apparent that he would only pass within shouting distance. As the man neared, the novice balloonist shouted, "Say there, do know anything about flying a balloon?" "No." replied the man, "Do you know anything about firing a gas kiln?"

Contributed by Roxanne Hunnicutt


You Might Be a Potter If : You think Hairy Potter is that guy who has been stoking his wood-fired kiln for 5 days.


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