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Oregon Potters Selected to Show Work In Japan

This September thirty members of the Oregon Potters Association will be exhibiting in Sapporo , Japan . The "Art Fest of Clay and Fire" will be held at the Sapporo Art Park and about 15 members will be traveling to the show, which opens September 12th and runs for 2 weeks. Art work to be shown were chosen through a juried process. Members traveling to the show will participate in workshops and lead demonstrations, as well as go on tours to local studios. Portland is Hokkaido 's sister city and this year marks the 50th anniversary of that relationship. OPA's "Showcase" featured work by members of the Hokkaido Potters Society and this year it is Hokkaido 's privelege to host work from OPA members.

Our own Clayfolk President, Penelope Dews, is not only one of the potters accompanying this years group, she was selected to have her work appear in the show. She will spend some of her time living with a Japanese family and tour with the other OPA members to important pottery sites in the Kyoto area. She also recently won "Best in Show" and "Poster" awards at OPA's "Showcase" and has a solo exhibition at Illahe Gallery in Ashland (opening is First Friday November 6th). She will be giving a demonstration and slide show regarding her experiences later that month. For more information go to www.illahegallery.com or call the gallery at 541-488-5072.

To find out more about OPA and the show please visit www.oregonpotters.org OPA members will be sharing their experiences at the November OPA meeting in Portland .



" It is in silence that new thoughts come.
If we divert the mind with too much distraction,
it becomes scrambled like eggs. "

from Playing Chess with the Heart ~ Beatrice Wood at 100 (years old!)


Upcoming Meetings


Booth selection

October 18 at 2:30 PM (Sunday)

Grants Pass Arts at 229 SW G Street , Grants Pass , OR

The Board

September 29 at 6PM (Tuesday)

Ray Fosters home at 326 Laurelwood Drive , Jacksonville , OR



Fall Classes from Rogue Gallery

Figure Drawing Workshop - October 17/18 Saturday 1 - 6PM and Sunday 10AM - 5PM

A two-day workshop, with Bend artist Ken Roth, focused on drawing from the live model, with an emphasis on mass, tone, gesture and line. A variety of mediums will be used to explore expressive depiction of the human figure. Ken can advise on how to translate those sketches into paintings.

COST : $180 members $195 non-members (+$20 model fee) Ages 18+ All Skill Levels

Precious Metal Clay Jewelry Making - November 15th Sunday 1 - 5PM

Participants will learn the basics of working with Precious Metal Clay (PMC) which is malleable and workable like clay, but can be fired to create fine silver jewelry, while making a set of earrings or a pendant by selecting from the instructor Kirsten Bakke's selection of shapes to cut, and textures for stamping, then fire and finish to create a beautiful custom piece of jewelry to give or wear.

COST : $50 members $60 non-members (+$30 materials) Ages 18+ All Skill Levels

Kaleidoscopes - November 14th Saturday 1-3PM

Create your very own distinctive , quality, 10" Kaleidoscope which can be given as a holiday gift, while learning the basics of safety and assemblage from artist Lisa Ameijide. Students are encouraged to bring translucent items such as beads, novelties, or broken toy parts to incorporate in order to customize your kaleidoscope

COST: $ 25 members $35 non-members (+$10 materials) Ages 16+ all skill levels

Holly Kilpatrick holly@roguegallery.org

Education Director - Rogue Gallery and Art Center (541.772.8118)




Workshop at Hummingbird Studio October 10th and/or the 11th

$85.00 EITHER DAY or $150 for both days

9AM to 4PM- Studio is open after class until 9:30 - basic supplies are included

Virginia Cartwright returns to Hummingbird after her much acclained hand-building workshop here in 2004. In addition to a demo of her famous folded teapots, which will span both days, these two classes will focus on making tall bottles. On Saturday the class will work with stamped desings on tall folded vases. The Sunday class will create larger, oval vases which is a form insspired by Virgina's love of nature. She was drawn to the bearty of palm trees, and especially focused on the beauty of the marks made on the trunk by the fronds. She artfully layers irregular slabs of clay to achieve this effect. This is the first time that Virginia has demonstrated this oval shape in a workshop situation. You may sign up for one or both days. Each day Virginia will begin her class with a short slide show, and demonstrate several of the latest techniques she has developed for making potters stamps.

Hummingbird Studio in the Applegate - 541.899.7045



If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would be seen as it is, infinite.
William Blake


items at Southern Oregon Clay Distributors

240 North Pacific Highway , Talent , Oregon 97540

Look for the big pots outside

Hours : Thursday through Saturday 10AM to 6PM


or call (NEW PHONE NUMBER) 535-1311

The following items are marked down 20% :

§         Weststone (cone 5) - WC 864 clay

§         1/2 and 1/2 (cone 10) - WC894

§         WED clay (non-firing clay) - EM217

§         Artware Casting Body - S821

The sale will only apply to stock on hand and not to special orders.


The third Josephine County area Empty Bowls event is on Thursday, October 15th. The great news this year is we have asked the Josephine County Food Bank to partner with us. We feel that in doing so we will be able to make this an even larger event that will help more of our hungry in Josephine County .

We are putting the call out to all potters and artists for bowls to serve soup in. We have, however, a silent auction for other pottery pieces, so if you have any pottery work you would like to donate to this worthy event, please contact  Ellen Johnson at Options for Southern Oregon as soon as possible : PHONE: 541.472.5825

Deliver your donations at G. P. Arts and Fair Trade Tues. through Sat. from 10AM to 5 PM with your business card or information attached and we will display them in our HomeGrown Gallery for First Friday art walk October 2nd. Then we will deliver them to Options. Call Roxanne Hunnicutt at 479-1349 to arrange any after hours drop offs or pick-ups out of area.

In Hope of Supporting our Local Food Market

In Hope of Supporting our Local Food Market and provide community, the G P Arts and Fair Trade shop HOPES to host a Saturday winter's farmer's market as soon as the outdoor market one closes. We are looking for vendors and hope that they will supply local cheese, jams, crafts, lotions, soap, etc if not every Saturday, perhaps on a rotating schedule that we could print up and post around town. If you are interested, please let local farmers and producers know to contact us soon. Thanks for you help and support on this project. The Winter's Farmers Market will meet in the HomeGrown Gallery where we do a consignment gallery. We are always looking for local crafts, especially would like to feature clothing, bat boxes, candles, knitting, weaving, wood products made with local woods and much more. So tell your crafty and farmer friends?

General Meeting ~ Booth selection

Sunday October 18 at 2:30

229 SW G Street at the Grants Pass Arts and Fair Trade

Directions : I-5 North: take exit 55 and follow the signs for Crescent City and merge onto US 199. At one mile turn right at “G” Street, go one block. GPAFT will be on your left.

I-5 South: take exit 58 and remain on 6th for 1.6 miles then turn right on “G” Street and GPAFT is on the left.

For questions contact Roxanne Hunnicutt at Grant Pass Arts and Fair Trade 541-955-4403 or at home 541-479-1349 or cell 944-1353


Board Meeting

Tuesday September 29 at 6PM

Ray Fosters home at 326 Laurelwood Drive , Jacksonville , Oregon

Directions : Old Stage Rd and hiway 238 into Jacksonville , turn left onto East California . Turn right onto Laurelwood and continue up the hill to 326.

South Stage Rd into Jacksonville will come into East California . Turn left onto Laurelwood Dr .

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Clarification on the policy for new member participation in the Clayfolk Show and Sale : New members who pay their dues by June 1, 2009 , will be eligible to apply for space in the group booth for the 2009 Clayfolk Show and Sale . After being a member for one year and paying dues by June 1, 2010, new members will be eligible to apply for a half booth or a full booth in the 2010 Clayfolk Show and Sale.

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