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First Shipment from Clay Art Center a success!!

Reports from those who have received their first order from Joe Brecha at the Clay Art Center in Washington are relieved and excited about how well it went. Carol Heisel acted as liason with the company and the orders that had been called in by several other members. The drop was made promptly at a trucking company parking lot in Central Point and everyone recieved their supplies from clay to decal paper! The costs were broke down per order on the receipt by the company. Each order included each participants share of the shipping costs, which were considered very reasonable.  Employees were helpful and knowledgable and easy to work with in getting this order together. Though Clay Art Center has their own line of clay and supplies, they seem equally willing to order from Laguna Clay of California and have it dropped ship in this area. Go to the Clay Art Center website at www.clayartcenter.net and check it out! You can even receive a mini catalog free. The next order will probably start to come together after the Clayfolk Show and perhaps by then the process of ordering will be more centralized locally, so that no one misses out! Thank You Clay Art Center !

Clay Art Center Toll free 1-800-952-8030 Hours Mon - Fri 9 to 5 / Sat 10 to 2

Upcoming 2008 Meetings

Board members meet at 6 PM October 6

At Lynita Zajacks' Home : 202 Kings Way, Central Point on October 6 at 6 PM When coming from Medford on I-5 take the first Central Point exit and enter town on Pine Street. Make a right on Third, go past the high school and Kings Way is the first left after the school. First house on the left on the second block. Mailbox says Russels.

October 19 – 2:30 (Sunday) Really Important General Meeting !!!

Sunday October 19th at 2:30 at the Talent Firehouse. You must attend if you want to pick out your booth location. (Booth pick order is based on points.) If you cannot attend have someone who is pick for you and give them a couple possible choices. Show posters will be available for you to mail out and post around.

Carol Heisel asked to step down from the vice-president position and Shirley Huft has graciously agreed to step in. This change leaves Shirley's member-at-large position open and Linda Smiley has graciously agreed to take over. However, we will need a quorum of the membership to make these changes. We look forward to seeing you there!

Take the Talent exit off 1-5 to the 4-way signal intersecting highway 99 and turn right. About 2 blocks out of Talent start looking for the Fire Station on the right.

January 18, 2009 (Sunday) - Annual Potluck and gift exchange


Reminder for Show Chairs

Next Show Chair meeting on September 23rd at 6:30PM at Kathy Harveys : 12 Richmond Avenue in Medford

Welcome to new Members

·        Sarah Conners of Weed, CA

·        Kim & Jeff Allen of Oakridge , OR

·        Sarah Gore of Talent, OR

·        Annette Lowrie of Jacsonville , OR

·        Roger Davis of Hornbrook , CA

·        Patricia Richey of Merlin, OR

Corrections for the Clayfolk member list

·        Tish Manley, NOT Trish

·        Frank Gosar, NOT Gozar

Empty bowls in Josephine county and in Jackson county

Opportunities to donate to two vital programs with different formats, but both with a mission to help those in desparate need in our area.

The Jackson County program is sponsored by the Soroptimist International of Ashland. Their event organizers are Sally Jones and Amanda Pyle and Clayfolk member Hannah Bremmer is our liason with them. The events raise funds for local food programs with the sale of bowls and non-functional art work donated by Clayfolk members (usually at the end of each Clayfolk show), a raffle, and soup coupons. Last year they raised $5000 and were able to present four $1200 checks to various food agencies. The upcoming 10th annual event is scheduled for April 3, 2009 and will coincide with the First Friday Art event. The Soroptimist non-profit number is #23-7035377.The directors of ACCESS, Ashland Emergency Food Bank, Uncle Foods Diner and Food for People appreciate your continued willingness to help make this an annual event.The main objective is to feed the hungry people in Jackson County, whose numbers are increasing every year.

Josephine County will have their 2nd annual Empty Bowls event on World Hunger Day, Thursday, October 16, 2008 at 6 PM. Money raised last year helped the homeless get back on their feet in a variety of different ways. Sponsored by Options, a local mental health agency working in partnership with the Josephine County Health & Human Services and Choices Counseling Center they also supplement funding to Bridges to Success. Donations can be functional and food safe or non-funtional art pieces which will be auctioned. Donated work brought to The Creative Alternative on or before October 3rd will be displayed with the artist's card or an artist-provided label at First Friday Art Walk from 6 to 9 PM on October 3rd, 2008 in Grants Pass. The Unitarian Universalist Community Room which is located behind the Creative Alternative, 229A G Street in the Art Museum of Grants Pass Building will have its regular monthly art show on the walls, as well as a table  for the bowls and art work donated for the empty bowls event. This will be great advertising for the potter. Option of Southern Oregon at 1215 SW G Street , Grants Pass , OR 97526 will also accepting donations up to the week of the event.

For more info on the Empty Bowls Project email or call Roxanne Hunnicutt at 479-1349 or roxhun@gmail.com

The 2008 Clayfolk Book Donation to the Library

·        Artful Teapot by Garth Clark

·        Electric Kiln Ceramics, 3rd Edition by Richard Zakin

·        The Figure in Clay by Suzanne J. E. Tourtill

·        The Essential Guide to Mold Making & Slip Casting by Andrew Martin

·        Japanese Wood-Fired Ceramics by M. Kusakabe and M. Lancet

·        From Mud to Music by Barry Hall

·        Raku, Pit and Barrel : Firing Technique by Andrew Turner


Precious Metal Clay at Rogue Gallery

Saturday 1PM-6PM November 15th

Instructor : Kirsten Bakke

Create beautiful jewelry or other silver works of art (makes great Christmas gifts!) with no prior metalsmithing experience required. Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is an exciting new material that you work like clay, and which fires into solid silver. Come learn safety, tools, and techniques for working with PMC, including: mold-making, stamping, kiln-programming, firing, burnishing, and finishing.

Ages 18+ / All Skill Levels Welcome

COST : $105 members $125 non-members (+$50 materials fee)

Holly Kilpatrick - Education Director Rogue Gallery and Art Center www.roguegallery.org

Applegate House Heritage Arts and Education

Two opportunites coming up for unique firing experiences. Studio and kiln are located on the grounds of the historic Applegate House in Yoncalla. Space is limited.

Call Susan at 541-849-3500 or Peppi at 541-672-7184 - www.applegatehouse.com

Handbuilding and Pit Fire Workshop with Vera Rogers

1PM to 4 PM each day / $80 includes everything !

Saturday October 4 : Handbuilding

Saturday October 11 : Handbuilding continues

Saturday October 18 : Burnishing & decorating

Saturday October 25 : The Pit Fire

Sunday October 26 : Open pit and take home your results!

Wood Firing

February 7th and 8th of 2009

10 Cubic foot of ware space - Cone range 2 to 3 - Pit fire, saggars and explorations also welcome. Planning for the wood supply and firing strategies and the rest of the logistics will be made by the attending group.

Your pottery on the web

Remember Members are urged to participate in the Clayfolk website Gallery. You can have up to three images, your name and business name, an email contact, a link to your webpage and a brief bio (up to 150 words). Digital requirements are: 72 dpi jpeg (minimal compression) no larger than 640x480 images named with your last name and a number (clarke01.jpg) Send images (one per email) to the following address gallery@clayfolk.org or by US Mail, you can send a PC formatted CD to : Don Clarke, POBox 2974, Eugene, OR 97402

Download an application in Adobe PDF format here = MEMBERSHIP FORM

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Clayfolk Membership Application Form - June 1, 2008 to May 31, 2009

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OFFICERS : Please vote for one for each office

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  • Treasurer :                 Ray Foster o
  • Secretary :                 Jenny Harkins o

Member at Large : Please vote for three

  • Irene Stephens o   Shirley Huft o       Bonnie Morgan o

(Please be sure to vote. Clayfolk bylaws require 30% of the membership to cast a ballot.)

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