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General Meeting and Booth Selection
Date Switched to October First

Mark your calendar for these changes: The meeting to select booth spaces for the 2006 Clayfolk Show will be held At 2:30pm on Sunday, October 1, 2006, at Cheryl Kempner's house in Ashland. The previous date had to be changed because several members including the show chair will be at a show that weekend.

If you are unable to attend this meeting, you may designate someone to make your selection for you. forward to a dynamic, fun, and profitable show.

Thanks, Cheryl

(This is not a mandatory meeting, but if you do not attend and do not designate a person to chose your booth location, the building chair will do so for you. ~Ed.)

October Photo Shoot Scheduled

Liz Ellingson will photograph ceramics on Friday October 20th, and Saturday October 21st at Cheryl Kempnerís house in Ashland.

Prices are as follows :

    1 item - 5 slides - $25
    2 items - 10 slides - $35
    3 items - 15 slides - $45.
    Four pieces and over are shot on an hourly basis at $45/hour plus the film costs, as follows : 36 exp. slides - $22; 24 exp. slides - $19.50; 24 exp. prints - $17.50; 12 exp. prints - $13; CD with print order - $9; CD with slide order - $16; CD ONLY - no film - $15; shipping - $6.

Please make appointment by October 14th or sooner. Call for more details or to schedule an appointment 541-944-9237 or email lizo@mind.net


On November 11th and 12th, Lana Wilson will present a workshop at an undetermined location.

Lana Wilson, a passionate hand-builder, has given 70 workshops and was a demonstrator at NCECA. Her work has been exhibited in 150 shows. She is the author of Ceramics : Shape and Surface, which explores glaze development, annotated glaze formulas, analysis of shapes, handles, lips, feet, and issues of creativity, time and discouragement, is available at SOPS. Lana has appeared on the Discovery Channel and writes a column for Clay Times Magazine.


She teaches at Grossmont and Mesa Colleges in California and has authored articles including "Innovative Glaze Development - Cone 6" for the NCECA Journal, "Lichenlike Surfaces", and "Charcoal and Metallic Salts". The last two were in Ceramic Monthly. You might also know her video "Soft Slab Techniques...."

The cost of the workshop is $70. Checks should be mailed to Shirley Usher at 761 Missouri Flat Road, Grants Pass OR 97527 prior to the workshop. Thanks for your cooperation. Questions? Call Penelope at 535-1128 or Shirley at 846-6043.


Ron Roy's shino ................................Beth Cavener Stichter's Cornered Rabbit

After wonderful summer workshops, here are some up-coming ones for this month and next fall :

      Ron Roy, clay & glaze guru will present a one-day lecture and demonstration, Sept. 23, fee $70. Topics may include adjusting glaze recipes to cure problems or for different firing temperatures; making line blends to test adjustments; how to raise or lower the shrinkage and maturation temperatures of clay bodies; firing cycles for bisque and glazes; and reformulating for substitution of materials in clay and glazes. Audience participation and requests will shape the discussion to a degree.
      More information and a colored picture of his gorgeous shino is at
      http://www.mudfire.com or at our studio. The next day, Dennis Meiners will present a hands on, glazing workshop from 9 AM to 1 PM on September 24th.

      Beth Cavener Stichter is coming for a three day hands-on workshop in June 2007. More details to follow.
      Her animal sculptures transform the animal subjects into human psychological portraits. Their expressions are unforgettable. More at :

      Josh DeWeese will bring the magic of wheel throwing into a stimulating three day workshop August 17 - 19th. He is the Resident Director of the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts in Helena, Montana. And himself is a native of Montana.

      Meira Mathison will come from BC in September. Known for her unique high-fired altered porcelain and her distinctive Raku style, to do a three day workshop.

If you have questions, call Leslie or Dennis at 541-899-7045 or visit us at Applegate Rd., Jacksonville/Oregon 97530.


We currently have some great deals on used equipment :

  • Skutt KM 1627 PK with double envirovent system (yes that is the big oval), a Walker Pugmill, and a large custom built Olympic Glass Fusing kiln. If you are looking for used or new equipment be sure to give us a call.535-6700
  • Skutt KM 1627 PK with double envirovent system $1900 or best offer (new $5745)240 volt 3 phase. This is a cone 10 oval production kiln with zone control, kiln master computer control, mercury relays, busbar element connectors and heavy duty wiring. The chamber measures 46" x 30.75" wide and 27" deep, for 18.5 cu ft. of firing space.
  • Walker Pugmill $895 or best offer. Are you tired of all your scrap clay piling up in your studio? This classic stainless steel pugmill has a large hopper that will mix and pug scrap clay or your own personal clay body. Capacity is from 300 lbs. to 1200 lbs. per hour.
  • Olympic Glass Fusing kiln (custom built) $1800 or best offer. Inside dimensions are 43.5"L x 30.5"W x 16"D. It has lid and side elements, infinite switch controls and a Partlow MIC 6000 digital controller. Electrical is 240 volt, single phase, 56 amps and 13,400 watts.

Thank you! Bonnie Morgan, Southern Oregon Pottery Supply, bmorgan@southernoregonpottery.com or 541-535-6700.

Ellice T. Johnston Scholarship

The Clayfolk Scholarship winner for 2006 is Misty Gamble from Oakland, California. Below is her thank you note.

    Dear Ellice T. Johnston Scholarship Committee and Clayfolk, I am thrilled to have received this scholarship! Thank you so very much for awarding me the Ellice T. Johnston Scholarship for the year 2006. I am greatly honored to be acknowledged by your committee. This is a generous gift of money and I feel truly blessed to have received this scholarship.

    Sincerely, Misty Gamble


Take a peek inside a local artistís studio during annual Studio Tour. The public is invited to meet artists, Saturday, September 23, and Sunday, September 24. Demonstrations in oil and watercolor painting, glass blowing, stained glass construction, printmaking, digital image construction, clay sculpture and tile making will be offered all weekend from 10 AM. to 5 PM. Tickets are available at several locales.

Over 35 artists are participating including : Nancy Adams, Bruce Bayard, Ann DiSalvo, Victoria McOmie, Nancy Jo Mullen, Margie Mee, Carol Cochran, Margaret Garrington, Dennis Meiners, Leslie Lee and Cathy DeForest to name a few.

Art Studio Tours are self-guided allowing you to go at your own pace and see as many studios as you want. Very popular around the country, these tours offer a rare opportunity to see works in progress and get a private introduction into the creative process.

For more information call the gallery at 772-8118 or visit www.roguegallery.org Rogue Gallery & Art Center, 40 South Bartlett Street, Medford, OR 97501-7215. Hours : Tuesday through Friday 10 AM - 5 PM and Saturday, 11 AM - 3 PM.


  • Geil HVLP Deluxe Gravity-Fed Spray Gun. Originally $40, used once. Stand ($5) no extra cost. Too unwieldy for my wrist, $30 479-8660. For more details, see at brachers.com. Call Irene Stephens at 479-8660 or irene@terragon.com
  • Olympic Gas Kiln (LP or Natural), Model 2327G (23" inside diameter, 27" inside height). Good to very good condition. Includes vinyl cover, manual, and kiln furniture : 8 half shelves, lid, 4 each : 1", 3", 5", 6" and 9" posts. I bought this used and never used it, but the person I bought it from said it worked fine for her. New: $1290, asking $500. T Manley. tishm@wildmail.com or 582-2242
  • Used electric kick wheel for sale, great condition, $600.00 (SEE PHOTO) call Jami Bishop 582-1552


Please consider using some of your considerable creative talents to thing up a new and exciting name for our newsletter (or if you are a traditionalist and wish to continue to use the name we now list on the mast head, contribute that concept.) We could have a really descriptive name, like Publication of the Clayfolk Organization or a flippant one, like Words on Pots. How about a bizarre spelling of some erudite word. The last newsletter contest that I held, for another publication resulted in the title, Catalyst. I was pleased with that.

Can you dream up a name? This contest ends when we get some good possibilities for the group to vote on at a general meeting. Come on! This is a call for creative thinking! Email me at newsletter@clayfolk.org or call 479-1349.
~ Editor, Roxanne


Some Clayfolk Show half-boothers would like to share a drape/curtain/backdrop. (Or you can just do you own thing!) The following (and perhaps other half-boothers, too) are hoping to share backdrop planning with whoever is at the back of their booth; this planning does not guarantee booth placement, as booth picking will be done at the October 1st meeting based on points.

And most half-boothers hope to have the good luck to get full booths!


Meet with us on October 1st at 2:30 PM at Cheryl Kempnerís home to participate in selecting booth locales for the fall show. Cheryl is located at 447 Pape in Ashland. DIRECTIONS : Take exit 19 off I-5. Follow signs into Ashland. The first stop light is Maple. Go three more blocks and turn right on Wimer. Drive up to the very top of Wimer. Walk up and over the crest on Wimer. Follow the signs for 1-1/2 blocks to 447 Pape. Three cars can park down at the house. Questions? Call Cheryl at 552-0100.

(This meeting replaces the September meeting which was cancelled. ~Ed.)