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Shirley Huft

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Upcoming Meetings

The Board

October 5 Monday at 6PM (location in the next Sept/Dec issue)

General Meeting Wednesday evening

July 22 at 6:30PM at Kathy Harveys

12 Richmond Avenue in Medford

There have been many requests for a repeat of Marydee Bombick's demonstration on how to create whimsical and practical pottery using balloons as armatures. She has graciously agreed to share her techniques once again at this upcoming meeting, which will be held outdoors in Kathys lovely backyard. Hope to see you all there.


Penelope Dews is now our Clayfolk President, while Lynita Zajack has now assumed the office of  Secretary. Both have been long standing and very active members of Clayfolk. We thank them both for continuing to  apply their experience to the Clayfok organization.


Tom RohrTom Rohr was listed as a new member to Clayfolk, but many of us received the unexpected news of his recent death from a heart attach. He was described as "a force of nature, a great natural teacher and a superb artist". This editor takes the liberty to express the condolences of all the Clayfolk members in losing an addition to our creative family.

You can leave your comments at a blog set up at http://tomrohr.wordpress.com You can read his story from the Register Guard by clicking on this LINK


Welcome to New Members

§         Karen Burton of Ashland , Or

§         Karen Rycheck of Talent, Or

§         Holly Dubrasich of Lebanon , Or

§         Faith Rahill of Eugene , Or

§         Jacqueline Poh-Leong of Junction City , Or



Southern Oregon Clay Distributors

240 North Pacific Highway ~ Talent , Oregon 97540

Look for the big pots outside


Open Thursday through Saturday 10AM to 6PM or you may call Monday.

Please note NEW PHONE NUMBER : 535-1311

Bridges to Success in Josephine County

Serving the homeless who suffer from mental illness, drug or alcohol issues.

This worthy organization is asking Clayfolk members to keep them in mind for donations of food safe bowls and other ceramic items for their upcoming event on the 16th of October, 2009. Ceramic work can be dropped off up to the week of the event at 1215 SW G Street in Grants Pass or taken to Fair Trade at 229A , also on G Street during their business hours : Tuesday thru Saturday 10AM to 5PM. Drop off  before the First Friday Art Walk of October and pieces will be displayed in the HOME GROWN GALLERY (behind Grants Pass Arts and Fair Trade ) with the artist card or label.

Call for Artist – Instructors

The Rogue Gallery and Art Center is looking for a Southern Oregon clay artist to instruct a clay holiday gift making workshop. Since the Rogue Gallery does not have a wheel or kiln on site, the interested artist should be willing to teach in his/her own local studio, class size 4-6 students. Contact Holly directly if you are interested :

Holly Kilpatrick

Education Director

Rogue Gallery and Art Center


Chinese Pottery may be the earliest discovered

The following information was taken from an article found in the Medford Tribune and The Associated Press

Bits of pottery discovered in a cave in southern China may be evidence of the earliest development of ceramics by ancient people. The find in the Yuchanyan Cave dates to as much as 18,000 years, researchers reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The discovered pottery "is the earliest so far." Pottery was one of the first human-made materials and tracing its origins and development opens a window on the development of culture" said Tracey Lu, an anthropologist at the Chinese University of Hong Kong . "Pottery initially serves as a cooking and storage facility. Later on, some pottery vessels become symbols of power and social status, as well as examples of art," Lu said. "Pottery is still an important part of the human culture today." The research team lead by Elisabetta Boaretto of Bar Ilan University of Israel contends that this find "supports the proposal made in the past that pottery making by foragers began in south China" and that the " importance of this study is the high precision dating, the systematic dating of the whole cave" and the "very detailed dating of the strata around the new pottery." Patrick E. McGovern, and anthropologist at the University of Pennsylvania, noted that figurines have been found in what is now the Czech Republic that go back as far as 35,000 years. But those were not actual pottery vessels.

Words of Wisdom

Rejoicing in ordinary things is not sentimental or trite, it actually takes guts. Each time we drop our complaints and allow everyday good fortune to inspire us, we enter the warriors's world  ~  Pema Chodron


Skutt Electric kiln - 31" deep  by 23" wide with several shelves and furniture. asking $700.00

Brent Electric wheel CXC - $500.00

A small kiln that would convert into a raku kiln and miscellaneous round bowl molds, dry glazes and stains

Contact Kathy Eck 899-3914


1 - Thermo lite Kiln - Model L363, Electric 30 cubic feet, 78"H X 38"W X 38"D, Front Loading Kiln, on metal stand, 240V/45 Amp Phase 6, Max temp 2350 degrees w/kiln sitter Model LT3, brick in great working condition. $5000 OBO Shelves & accessories included

1 - Thermo lite Kiln - Model FL3636-SP, Electric 30 cubic feet, 78"H X 38"W X 38"D, Front Loading Kiln, on metal stand, 240V/72 Amp Phase 3, Max temp 2350 w/kiln sitter Model LT3, works excellent, brick in great condition, $5000 OBO Shelves & accessories included

Buyer pays licensed mover to pick it up unless experienced in moving such a kiln w/stand. Both are heavy duty steel and sheet metal frame and stand used for large capacity.

Both used in commercial ceramic & porcelain pottery production and have been fired here in OR 5 times. The manufacturer Burt Manufacturing Company (Thermolite)/Contemporary Kiln Inc./ is currently owned by Thermocraft, Inc.

1 - Cress E18 - Electronic series, heigth 32", inside 17.5" opening octagonal, depth 18", 2.6 cubic feet, outside width 22.5", outside depth 26", manual, fits 3 shelves - wgt 140# $800

Photos included w/email request. Will consider all offers! $$ for non-profit organization that supports families & children programs.

KLAMATH FALLS , OR (541-356-2406) email : light7@netscape.com

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