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CJ June

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Don Clarke

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Carol Heisel
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Irene Stephens
Shirley Huft
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Committee Chairs
CJ June
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Empty Bowls
Hannah Brehmer
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Penelope Dews
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Julia Janeway
Penelope Dews
Bonnie Morgan
Shirley Huft
Kazuko Young
Glaze Study Group
Shirley Huft

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Board Meeting

Monday July 14th at 6:30 at Penelope Dews' house

208 Locke Lane Phoenix OR 535-1128

Directions : Take freeway to Phoenix exit (24) go west to the stop signals at the Hwy 99 intersection. You will be looking at Rays Market. Turn left and proceed several blocks to 4th street , take a right on 4th and proceed about 6 more blocks crossing the railroad tracks. Look for Coral Circle and take a left, look for Locke and take a right on Locke which will dead end at my house.

Upcoming 2008 General meetings

  • October 19 - 2:30 (Sunday) - Booth pick for Clayfolk 2008 Show
  • January 18, 2009 (Sunday) - Annual Potluck and gift exchange

Board members meet at 6PM on July 14 - October 6 - December 1

  • Sites for board meetings have yet to be set. Current members are welcome to attend.

Clayfolk presents




When : Saturday July 26 9AM to 4PM and Sunday, July 26 10AM to 3PM

Where : The Ceramics Department, Southern Oregon University

Price : Clayfolk Members : $55 All Others : $65 ($5 extra to pay at door)

More Info and some pictures : Robin Strangfeld

Ready to do something provocative with your claywork? Join SOU Ceramics professor Robin Strangfeld for a hands-on weekend workshop in porcelain dipping. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Robin is an inspiring teacher and artist, best known for her sculptural installations of dipped and fired found objects.

For this workshop, you are invited to bring your own objects (such as shells, bones, seed pods, paper, "anything you wouldn't mind smelling burning in the kiln," as Robin tells her students.) Robin will then show you how to dip, fire, and assemble your pieces into new forms.  Participants will also try out slip casting, utilizing the wealth of commercial molds SOU was recently donated.  So come to this workshop with good ideas and a sense of humor for some serious fun. 

Call Workshop Chair Julia Janeway at 488-5168 for more information. Make checks out to CLAYFOLK and send to Julia Janeway, 2000 Ashland Mine Rd. , Ashland , OR 97520 .



Joe Brecha is guest speaker at the next general meeting

Joe Brecha from the Ceramic Arts Center in Tacoma , WA . will be the guest speaker at the Clayfolk General Meeting on Wednesday, July 30th. He will be discussing the many ways in which Southern Oregon potters can order clay and supplies now that Southern Oregon Pottery is no longer in business. Although the Ceramic Arts Center makes a wide range of their own clays, they will order clay from Laguna and other supplies in bulk amounts and arrange to have everything delivered directly to a drop off point in southern Oregon . Supplies can also be delivered to individual residences. Depending on the method of shipment and delivery, material prices can be affordable and comparable to supplies purchased at SOPS. Joe has all the details and will be available to answer individual questions. If you are concerned about where to purchase your next clay order, glaze making materials or other necessary supplies, you need to attend the July general meeting.


A Big Thanks to Clayfolk Members

On behalf of Soroptimist International of Ashland, I would like to thank you for participating in the Empty Bowls Project. The event was to raise funds for local food programs and that we did! With the bowl sale, the raffle, and the soup coupons, we were able to present four $1200 checks to the food agencies. This was the ninth annual event. Thank you for donating your bowls and other ceramic items to the sale. The Soroptimist non-profit number is 23-7035377. The directors of ACCESS, Ashland Emergency Food Bank, Uncle Foods Diner, and Food for People appreciate your willingness to help make this an annual event. The main objective is to feed the hungry people in this area. These numbers are increasing every year. Thanks again for your participation.

Sincerely, Sally Jones and Amanda Pyle Event Organizers


Duncan Kiln Teacher Plus, 220/240v

I bought this kiln about 15 years ago and it has seen very little use - it has been moved more times than it has been used. It comes with its own Envirovent, owners manual, shelves. I paid $800 for the kiln and $250 for the  Envirovent, plus more for the shelves. Asking $500 today - or best offer. Can deliver within 100 miles.or ship if you pay the shipping costs. Inside dimensions are 17.5 wide -19.75 high, outside is 25 wide -35 tall which includes the Envirovent. It fires to cone 8. Linda Watson 541 281-9295

Ceramic Supplies

  • Medium sized Cress electric kiln model #FX23P with kiln sitter and all shelving units. Kiln is in good shape and only about 6 years old $400
  • North star 4 " extruder and die set..like new..$150
  • North star 24" slab roller with table..excellent shape...$500
  • Creative Industries potter's wheel with centering tool and opening tool.works great! ..$350
  • Cone 04 glazes and underglazes sold as one unit....$75

Karen Phillips 541- 479-2848

Large AIM Kiln

Model 3527 (35" in diameter and 27" deep) with kilnsitter and 3" brick. Rated to Cone 10. This kiln has had very light use and is $2300 new. Call Paula Luz at 541-664-9409 $1,000.00

Want to give away

Paragon Model B88B Kiln. No lid and it's been outside for a while. Maybe someone can use it for something? Thanks, Ed Polish 488-5117

  Want to help at the Children's Festival??

I am a volunteer for the Children's Festival this year and helping organize the pottery booth. I am looking for potters to volunteer helping with the pottery wheels. I am hoping you can help me locate a few potters who could volunteer in July. The Children's Festival is from July 20-22. I need volunteers for the following dates and times: July 20 (Sunday) 5:30-8:00pm (evening session) /July 21 (Monday) 9AM-noon (morning session) and 5:30 - 8:00PM (evening session) /July 22 (Tuesday) 9AM-noon (morning session) If you could help me locate available potters or have any suggestions please let me know as I am new to organizing the pottery booth. You can reach me by e-mail at mariap_420@yahoo.com or my cell number is 941-9271.

Thank you in advance Maria Pecheny

Maybe not too late to volunteer??

Dear Clayfolk group,

I am working on putting together a Vacation Bible School program in July at the Yreka United Methodist Church . We are looking for a volunteer potter to work with 5 to 12 year olds. Jane Hall, here in Yreka isn't able to join us, but thought that it might be possible to find someone through your organization, through meetings or the newsletter. The dates are July 14-19 from 6-8PM . The program recreates a Jerusalem Marketplace. This years focus is the events of Holy Week. The potter would be a shop keeper working with just a few children at a time. The other shops are candy making, jewelry making, herbs and spices, weaving, bakery, basket making, musical instruments and a village playground. There are other activities before and after the market place, so the actual time working directly with children is not really two hours. Even though we usually have about 60 kids, they are really spread out between many, many adults. If anyone is interested in more information, I can be reached at home (530) 842-5827, or cell phone (530) 598-4827. Thank you in advance for any assistance !

Sincerely, Debbie Pendley External Fiscal Services Officer

Siskiyou County Office of Education, 609 South Gold Street , Yreka , CA 96097 - www.sisnet.ssku.k12.ca.us

Your pottery on the web

Remember Members are urged to participate in the Clayfolk website Gallery. You can have up to three images, your name and business name, an email contact, a link to your webpage and a brief bio (up to 150 words). Digital requirements are: 72 dpi jpeg (minimal compression) no larger than 640x480 images named with your last name and a number (clarke01.jpg) Send images (one per email) to the following address gallery@clayfolk.org or by US Mail, you can send a PC formatted CD to : Don Clarke, POBox 2974, Eugene, OR 97402

  Hummingbird Workshops

We have another great line-up of ceramic workshops for this summer including pottery, handbuilding, sculpture and a 5-day glaze intensive. In the interest of keeping this newsletter short please go to: Information and application at hummingbirdsouthernoregon.com or call 541-899-7045

General Meeting July 30 at 6:30PM

Susan Casaleggio hosting : Joe Brecha, from the Clay Arts Center in Tacoma , WA , will be the guest speaker discussing how the Clay Arts Center can make arrangements to have clay, including Laguna products and other pottery supplies delivered to the Medford area at prices comparable to SOPS. Direction to Susans AT 805 SOUTH 3rd STREET   in JACKSONVILLE , OR are below.

From Medford :

Take Highway 238 to Jacksonville

  • 238 becomes North 5th Street in Jacksonville ;
  • Turn right at North 5th onto California Street
  • Go 2 blocks to South 3rd Street ;
  • Turn left and go south on South 3rd to the intersection of
  • South 3rd, Graham and Sterling Streets;
  • The driveway for 805 is on the left opposite this
  • intersection and is marked with a large white sign post;
  • Follow the driveway uphill to the top to 805.

From Ashland :

Take Highway 99 north to South Stage Road;

  • Turn left and follow South Stage Road to Jacksonville ;
  • South Stage Road becomes California Street in Jacksonville ;
  • Go 2 blocks to South 3rd Street ;
  • Turn left and go south on South 3rd to the intersection of
  • South 3rd, Graham and Sterling Streets;
  • The driveway for 805 is on the left opposite this
  • intersection and is marked with a large white sign post;
  • Follow the driveway uphill to the top to 805.

From the Applegate :

  • Take Highway 238 to Jacksonville ; 238 becomes California Street in Jacksonville
  • Take California Street east to South 3rd Street
  • Turn right and go south on South 3rd to the intersection of South 3rd, Graham and Sterling Streets
  • The driveway for 805 is on the left opposite this intersection and is marked with a large white sign post;Follow the driveway uphill to the top to 805

Download directions to print out here ... DIRECTIONS


Clayfolk membership dues are $15 per year and are due paid by June 1, 2008 (dues are not pro-rated for members joining mid-year). Membership runs from June 1, 2008 to May 31, 2009 . Membership entitles you to the newsletter (either hard copy or E-mail) and discounted workshop fees.

Clarification on the policy for new member participation in the Clayfolk Show and Sale : New members who pay their dues by June 1, 2008 , will be eligible to apply for space in the group booth for the 2008 Clayfolk Show and Sale . After being a member for one year and paying dues by June 1, 2009, new members will be eligible to apply for a half booth or a full booth in the 2009 Clayfolk Sale.

Questions?  Call Mary Dee Bombick, Membership Chair, 482-0840 (ronbombick@msn.com)

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Clayfolk Membership Application Form - June 1, 2008 to May 31, 2009

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  • Treasurer :                 Ray Foster o
  • Secretary :                 Jenny Harkins o

Member at Large : Please vote for three

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