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Newsletter Editor
CJ June

eNewsletter publisher
Don Clarke

Clayfolk Officers
Lynita Zajack
Vice President
Carol Heisel
Jenny Harkins
Ray Foster
Members at Large
Irene Stephens
Shirley Huft
Bonnie Morgan

Committee Chairs
CJ June
Marydee Bombick
Empty Bowls
Donna Marie
Show Chair
Penelope Dews
Cheryl Kempner
Julia Janeway
Penelope Dews
Bonnie Morgan
Shirley Huft
Kazuko Young
Glaze Study Group
Shirley Huft

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Lynita Zajack is our new President

Hello Fellow Clayfolk Members,

I would like to thank Cheryl Kempner for her wonderful leadership during the past two years. As the new president of this incredibly creative and innovative group, I would like to welcome our new and continuing members as we look forward to another exciting year.

I fell into clay by a chance of schedule. I needed a class to fill out my 12 credits at Rogue Community College and the pottery class, being on Saturday at that time, fit in very well. Six years later I was still taking that Saturday pottery class and now, 15+ years down the road, I am still "playing with clay”.

Clayfolk has given me a chance to be part of an amazingly talented and gifted group of people, and I look forward to this opportunity to give something back to the group.

I would like to welcome the new and returning board members :

·        Vice President : Carol Heisel

·        Treasurer (Show) : Ray

·        Treasurer (Organization) : Tish Manley for Group.

·        Secretary : Jenny Harkins

·        Members at Large : Irene Stephens, Shirley Huft and Bonnie Morgan.

I hope to see all of you at the next general meeting on July 22nd.


Eric will show some of his work through the end of August. Originally from Wyoming , Eric received his MFA from the University of Iowa where he focused on woodfiring. He states that "Vessels have been the stepping stones for my work, always generating new ideas and moments of curiosity. My initial experience in ceramics was in the formation of functional objects and for many years thrown vessels were my primary means of artistic expression. I find exquisite beauty and intimacy in functional objects and I am challenged by creating them...." Stop by and see Eric's handbuilt, thrown, and sculptural clay work and a selection of his favorite tools and books. Eric is currently teaching at Rogue Community College and working several days a week at SOPS. Stop by and say hello.

July 30 DEADLINES !!

Clayfolk Show Mailing list

Don't forget to get names and addresses of all those you want to get the show mailer to Lynn Ledbetter .If you only have a few, call her at 482-3784, otherwise send your list to her at 280 1/2 Mead Street, Ashland, OR 97520

Photos For Show Poster

Digitals must accompany a print. Send them to Shirley Usher at 761 Missouri Flat Road , Grants Pass , OR 97527





Regarding the voting on the Points Policy. The membership voted for the "Suspended Animation Policy" or No penalty for lapsed membership. The board will discuss the impact this vote has on members who have lost points due to the previous policy.

Opportunity in Central Point

City of Central Point is holding our annual Friday Night Summer Festival and Music in the Park! This is a weekly event in Robert Pfaff Park beginning June 22nd and will continue weekly through August 31st ( 5:30-8:30 PM ). We would like to include demonstrations on pottery making, woodworking, metal works and glass blowing. Demonstrators may sell their wares while providing artistic education to the community. Please call me at one of the numbers listed below for further details. Booths space fees are $50 for all 10 weeks and $10 per week when selecting only certain weeks of the season.

Shelly Brown

City of Central Point - Parks & Recreation

Phone(541) 664-3321, ext 261

Fax (541) 664-2598

Hummingbird Studio

The Home and Studios of Leslie Lee & Dennis Meiners

8150 Upper Applegate Road - 899-7045

2007 Summer Clay Workshops

Click on links for great photos and more info

9AM to 4PM Basic supplies and lunches are included except as noted.

Payment in installments can easily be arranged


July 27-30 Leslie Lee - The figure in Clay

Building figures with handbuilding techniques and a fourth day to explore non-glaze surface finishes. Some ceramics experience helpful.

August 11-13 Dennis Meiners - Building with Handmade Textured Slabs

Slabs not made on a slab roller produce endless variety of possibilities for handbuilding pottery and sculpture.

August 17-19 Josh DeWeese - Wheel Throwing and Beyond

Josh demonstrated at the 2006 NCECA This is an opportunity for "hands-on" work with a Master. Wheel throwing experience helpful.

Sept 14-16 Meira Mathison - Thrown and Altered

Go beyond mere techniques and into personal reflection that elevate work "over the border" and into the realm of true art. Wheel throwing experience helpful.

REGISTRATION FORM can be obtained by calling 541-899-7045 or e-mail us.

Accommodations on-site or in Jacksonville or the Applegate

2006 Summer Workshops were a great success, Go to links for photos.

Wildfire Pottery Showcase Clay

Guild of the Cascades is having it's 3rd show !!

Information about our Guild and the Wildfire Show are on our website www.cascadesclayguild.com

Come join us! If you have any question contact : Linda Heisserman/Wildfire co-chair nheiss@msn.com

Request For Mentor

Cornelia of Medford would like to have someone take her on as a "student" to help refresh her basic skills working with clay. She is particularly interested in sculpting. She will provide her own clay and tools and is willing to "pay" by cleaning, repairing, building or doing yard work. If you think you can help her out contact her at fenenga@connpoint.net

Volunteer Throwers

Potters needed for demonstrating wheelthrowing in Jacksonville - July 15, 16, 17.

Please call Aurora Kelly at 282-4699 or 466-0410

For Sale                For Sale                     For Sale              For Sale

GT 400 Pacific wheel in Ashland .

Good condition w/ splash pan and pedal ($400)

Call Ana @ 482-3756 or email oceanessence@mind.net

Olympic Raku 23" Kiln (can fire to Cone 10) ($850)

12 - One Piece tile setters $12/each (22 tiles 4"x4" per setter) and

Crafttool Treadle wheel ($75) and

Bartlett Kiln Controller (V6-CF) Make an offer

Call Stephanie at 592-6976 stephaniefrie@yahoo.com

500 Plates, Platters, & Charges

Lark Books seeks images of contemporary handmade plates, platters, and chargers to publish in an international collection of studio ceramic work from around the globe. Diverse techniques and styles are desired. Slated for release in Spring 2008, 500 Plates, Platters, & Chargers is intended to inspire beginning and professional ceramic workers, as well as collectors, scholars, and enthusiasts. Entries must be postmarked by July 16, 2007

We accept high-quality transparencies, 35-mm slides, and high-resolution digital images. Artists whose work is selected for inclusion will receive full acknowledgment within the book, a complimentary copy, and discounts on the purchase of books. Artists retain copyright of their work, and there is no entry fee. Juror : Linda Arbuckle Go to http://www.larkbooks.com

Dates for upcoming Clayfolk Meetings

·        Sunday July 22nd at 1:00 General Meeting at Vera Rogers' home near Canyonville

DIRECTIONS to the next meeting at Vera Rogers Home

Take Exit 98 off the I-5 and follow signs to Days Creek on the Tiller Trail Hwy (hwy 227) After approximately 7 miles look for the 10 mile marker where the road will curve to the left, but you will want to take a right at Shively Creek Road. At about 2.3 miles look for Beals Creek Road and turn right. You are almost there!! Less than 2/10ths of a mile there will be a gravel road on the right, get on it and go over the cattle guard and past the pasture and you will see an old barn and a newer barn ( her studio ) Their house is the only house on this road. Vera loves to cook and realizes this is a drive for some folks. She has offered to cook up Ham, Baked Beans and Potatoe Salad, as well as a Veggie Nut Loaf available for just $5.00. If you are interested in having lunch at Veras' during the meeting, give her a call at 541-825-347

PRESENTATION at the July meeting  Hannah Brehmer -  Naked Raku

Hannah will show a video of this special process of raku where the glaze cracks during the cooling and reduction stage, allowing smoke to penetrate. This creates unique hairline patterns on the vessels.

·        Sunday October 21st at 2:30 Genderal Meeting and Booth Selection at Bonnie Morgans studio in Talent

·        Sunday January 20th, 2008 at 2:30 Location TBA


If you are interested in getting up to 3 of your clay creations photographed for your Gallery page on the Clayfolk website, and are willing to transport them to the next general meeting near Canyonville on Sunday July 22, please notify Carole at paquin@webintellects.net

Check Out Southern Oregon Pottery

New cone 5 glazes - Versa5 and Dynasty

Versa5 allows the user to intermix the various colors to create colors similar to those achieved in a water color palette. Bright, vibrant and a multitude of choices is what the Versa5 glazes are all about. The Dynasty line includes matte and gloss glazes in rich earthy tones, with many that pool and break adding interest to your finished pieces. Currently we are stocking pints and special ordering the dry glaze. Stop by and take a look at these new glazes.

Nitride-Bonded Silicon Carbide Kiln Shelves

These shelves are lightweight, long lasting, high quality and a great value! The shelves are 18 times stronger than the standard 1" thick corderite shelf, weigh 50% less and are less than 1/2" thick. Maximum temperature use is cone 20. Did I mention a great value? 12" x 24" shelves at 25 or more are $47.74 each. Full and half shelves for 10 and 12 sided electric kilns are also available.

Pierce Tools - limited to stock on hand

Pierce Tools a Grants Pass manufacturer of a line of tools for the potter, ceramic sculptor and dollmaker since 1951 has closed. We still have many in stock. So stop by and pick up extras of your favorite tool. These are durable all metal tools of excellent quality that I have used in the studio for many years.


·        Modern Japanese Ceramics by Anneliese & Wulf Crueger $24.95 Larks books introduces this detailed and richly illustrated survey of Japanese ceramics covering history, production techniques, ceramic kilns, and studio potters. A detailed map of kilns in Japan is included.

·        The Essential Guide to Mold Making & Slip Casting by Andrew Martin   $24.95 A how to book with a variety of techniques explained and illustrated . Multiple piece molds, master molds, slip formulation, casting, and troubleshooting are all covered. Profiles on featured artists and the many photographs make this book inspiring.

·        Kiln Construction A Brick by Brick Approach by Joe Finch $32.50 Building your own kiln can be a daunting project, with the potential for numerous missteps along the way. This book aims to give confidence to those building their own kilns. It is a user friendly, practical guide that offers a thorough grounding in the basics of construction and an indepth examinations of three kiln types: gas, oil, and woodfired. Richly illustrated with diagrams and photos.

Ancient Ceramics on View

The Crater Rock Museum , located at 2002 Scenic Avenue in Central Point (Exit 33 off of I-5) has recently added a display of pre-Columbian pottery and artifacts from Peru . Included are the Nazca, Vicus, Chancay and Lambayeque cultures which span the period from 600 B.C to 1532 A.D. They are on loan through the summer months. These items complement the permanent collection of American Indian pottery, fossils and artifacts. Also noteworthy is the display of glass creations by students of Dale Chululy. Museum hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM. Admission for non-members is students $2, adults $4, seniors $2.

*The editor had the opportunity to visit this collection. This is a very small (one case) collection of pottery and weaving tools. The Dale Chululy student collection is a little more extensive, with examples of some amazing creations in glass. If you have any interest in minerals

(these are the basic elements of our glazes!!) gems and fossils, this obscure little museum holds some wonders!! It is worth the visit.

Shop space to share for rent in Ashland

1,000ft workshop in Ashland in an industrial area. Looking for someone  interested in taking over my unit. I have all kinds of shelving and cupboards set up as well as dust lines and compressed air. I don't want to dismantle all this if another woodworker or cabinet maker would move in and make use of them. I would like to include my industrial compressor and perhaps some of the stationary machines (too heavy to lug around). We can discuss a price for the stationary tools, cupboards and shelf system between us and meet with the landlord to go over the rental agreement and conditions. Please do not call me to buy tools. Contact Julian at 488 8327

NEW membership pottery studio

A Eugene clay group, is proposing building a membership pottery studio and education center of West Eugene . Our vision is to create a local clay facility that would provide membership, access to firing, and classes. We are asking the local clay community to help us gauge the amount of interest there is in this area for a facility like this.We are projecting an opening date of early October. A common area of 2000 square feet will be open for general members. For our plan to succeed we need to know the potential for building the general membership. General membership, Private studio membership (only 10 studios available), Firing Only Membership. If you or someone you know, might be interested in a facility like this, Please call Jim Laub at 541-517-9727, Joshwaa Allen 517-505-4015, or email us at clayspace@hotmail.com

2007 Clayfolk Committees

Publicity (C) Lorene Senesac

Don Clarke

Linda Fleetwood

Eve Withrow

Nancy Adams

Mary Dee Bombeck

Roxanne Hunnicut

Jenny Harkins

Leslie Lee

Donna Marie

Advertising (C) Shirley Usher

Carole Hayne

Nancy Mason

Julia Janeway

Jan Stackhouse

Sales Area (C) Lynita Zajack

Peppi Melick

Tish Manley

Ann Kelly

CJ June

Kazuko Young

Dan Minard

Irene Stephens

Visa (C) Rosa Nogues

Building (C) Jim Keith

Peter Mayer

Nando Reynolds

Bill Francis

Info Pak (C) Cheryl Kempner

Holly Gonnella

Signs (C) Marklan

Food (C) Diane Heaney

Gallery (C) Linda Niles

Hannah Bremmer

Music (C) Elizabeth Schoenleber

Ed Demos (C) Jon King

Tracie Manso

Dennis Mieners

Grp Booth (C) Art Linnemeyer

Barb Linnemeyer

Heather Linnemeyer

Al Dockwiller

Mailer (C) Lynn Ledbetter

Neal Thompson

Childs Area (C) Shirley Huft

Linda Smiley

Chris Borg

Alissa Clarke

Larry Sullivan

Storage and Trans (C) Jerry Huft

Mark Shoenleber

Cash/Check (C) Susan Roden

Carol Heisel

Price Tag (C) Carole Paquin

Show Registrar (C) Penelope Dews

Committees (C) Debora Mahannah

Bookkeeping (C) Ray Foster

Greg Tomlinson

Debbie Jones

Extra Workshifts

Tea Duong - Demos

Nina Ferstrom Duog - Childs Area

Kenneth Stan – Open


New members you are welcome to call me, Penelope Dews – Show Chair if you have any questions regarding the show at 541-535-1128.  We look forward to your participating in the show.

Due to the points vote in June there may be slight changes in the points of a few participants. This may change the order of booth selection in September.

Committee Chairs

The two mandatory pre-show meetings for all committee chairs will be on Tuesday August 14th and Tuesday Sept.25th at Bonnie Morgan's studio in Talent. Please let me know asap if these dates conflict with your attending these meetings.

2007 Committee Chairs

·        Advertising Shirley Usher 846-6043

·        Publicity Lorene Senesac 664-8727

·        Sales Area Lynita Zajack 6641927

·        Visa Rosa Nogues 347-9614

·        Price Tag Carole Paquin 665-1333

·        Bookkeeping Ray Foster 899-1244

·        Building Jim Keith 459-0320

·        Workshifts /Info Pak Cheryl Kempner 552-0100

·        Signs Marklan Linnemeyer  659-5362

·        Food Diane Heaney 826-2729

·        Music Elizabeth Schoenleber 482-3610

·        Demos Jon King 757-6550

·        Group Booth Art Linnemeyer 592-2406

·        Mailer Lynne Ledbetter 482-3784

·        Childs Area Shirley Huft 476-0593

·        Transport Jerry Huft 476-0593

·        Cash/Check Susan Roden 459-0772