eNEWSLETTER - July/August 2006


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Newsletter Editor
Roxanne Hunnicutt

eNewsletter publisher
Don Clarke

Clayfolk Officers
Cheryl Kempner
Vice President
Carol Heisel
Jenny Harkins
Ray Foster
Members at Large
Marydee Bombick
Jim Keith
Bonnie Morgan

Committee Chairs
Roxanne Hunnicutt
Lynita Zajack
Empty Bowls
Donna Marie
Show Chair
Jim Keith
Nancy Adams
Shirley Usher
Penelope Dews
Bonnie Morgan
Jude Toler
Tish Manley
Glaze Study Group
Shirley Huft

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Update from Show Chair - Jim Keith

In this issue you will find information about committee placements and those who are on waiting lists for the October Clayfolk Show.

SHOW DATE : It seems that, for a while anyway, the event coordinator had sold our October date to another party. After some negotiation, Ray and I secured our old date. However we still have a problem, we later found that the hall is double booked on Thursday (our set up day). We can’t start our layout until noon at best. This means that it will be three or four o’clock before our floors are mapped out and electricity is hung. So be aware that set-up times this year are going to be screwy. I’ll try to keep you all up-to-date.

BOOTH PICKING : I have been an advocate of letting a participant pick a booth according to their total accumulate points. The show needs reward structure to encourage more experienced members to continue to take on jobs. We decided that this year we would pick our booth locations according to points. ONE RULE : Everyone is on their honor to choose a noticeably different booth location every year. You may pick your booth location at the September general meeting. Currently the board is looking for a larger location for this meeting. Note that this is not a mandatory meeting. If you can’t attend, send a proxy to pick for you (or the Building Chair will). I hope this meeting will be great fun and kind of a mini-reunion for Clayfolk.

I would like to thank everyone ahead of time; we are going to have another really great show!

Jim, Show Chair


Meet with us on Wednesday, July 26th at 6:30 PM. Tish Manley is located 5 miles north of Rogue River at 5664 East Evens Creek Road. Take I-5 to exit 48 City of Rogue River. If coming from Grants Pass, turn left at the bottom of the off ramp; if coming from Medford, turn right at the bottom of the off ramp. You will be on Depot Street. Go over the railroad tracks and straight to the STOP sign. There’s a Sequoia tree here. Turn LEFT onto Main Street and go one block to another STOP sign. Turn RIGHT onto Pine Street. Pine turns into East Evans, so stay on this road for about 5 miles. Look for a "Road Narrows" sign. Turn RIGHT into the THIRD driveway after the sign. Go straight on this one lane gravel drive ½ mile, then bear LEFT. Look for a yellow house with blue trim, 5664 E. Evans Creek Road PHONE : (541) 582-2242 or email Tish by clicking this link = EMAIL

>>>>> Look for your map to the meeting at the end of this eNewsletter


President Details New Officers, Points and Booth Locations

CLAYFOLK OFFICERS : Thank you to newly elected officers for the time and thoughtfulness they put into the administrative tasks of our group : President - Cheryl Kempner; Vice-President - Carol Heisel; Treasurer - Ray Foster; Secretary - Jenny Harkins; Members-at-large - Marydee Bombick, Jim Keith, and Bonnie Morgan.

MEETING LOCATION : The Sunday, September 24 general meeting location is undetermined due to a need to accommodate a larger group. We will conduct booth selection for the Clayfolk Show based on points totals of members. Members unable to attend may designate a proxy to choose a booth. Thank you for following through on this new process.

POINTS : While it was supposed to be with this newsletter the points list has been delayed due to Roxanne’s personal/family issues. Shortly we will forward to you the membership list and your points. Once you get the listing, please review your information for accuracy since these points will be used to select booth location for fall Clayfolk Show. If you have issues with your points, please submit your concern plus any necessary details in writing or e-mail to the Points Chair, Nancy Adams. She will research your concern and contact you. Email Nancy Adams at points@clayfolk.org
Unresolved concerns will be brought to the Board.

Cheryl, President

From the Show Chair - Committees List 2006

John Dodero Publicity Chair F Lynne Ledbetter Mailer Chair
1. Don Clarke H 1.Debora Mahannah F
2. Jami Bishop H Rosa Nogues Visa Chair F
3. Linda Fleetwood H Marklin Linnemeyer Signage Chair H
4. Karen Phillips F Bill Francis Music Chair F
5. Marydee Bombick GB Diane Heaney Food Chair H
6. Roxanne Hunnicutt F Carole Paquin Price Tag Chair F
7. Kathy Harvey F Jude Toler Gallery Chair F
8. Eve Withrow W in H 1. Alissa Clark W in H
Shirley Usher Advertising Chair F 2. Laurie Gadbois GB
1. Julia Janeway H 3. Rene Gomez Perez GO
2. Donna Marie F Carol Heisel Cash Check Chair F
3. Irene Stephens F 1. Susan Roden F
4. Jan Stackhouse F Ray Foster Accounting Chair F
Lynita Zajack Sales Chair F 1. Greg Tomlinson F
1. Leslie Lee F 2. Steve Kirkland F
2. Dan Minard F 3. Debbie Raddatz JonesH
3. Nancy Ingram F Jerry Huft Storage and Transport Chair
4. Peppi Melick H 1. Skylar Christiansen GB
5. C J June F Penolope Dews Committees F
6. Joan Schelz F Jim Keith Show Chair F
7. Kazuko Young F  
8. Tish Manley F  
9. Jenny Harkins F  
10 Janet Fergus F  
Nancy Adams Building Chair F Legend
1. Nando Raynolds H F = Full booth
2. Cheryl Kempner F H = Half Booth
3. Al Dockwiller F W in H = Waiting in Half booth
Jon King Ed Demonstrations Chair F W in Gb = Waiting in Group Booth
1. Dennis Meiners F GB = Group Booth
2. Tea DuongW in GB GO = Gallery Only
3. Peter Meyer F  
4. Tracie Manso F  
Holly Gonnella Workshifts & Information F  
1. Carole HayneF  
2. Jennifer Eufusia Win GB  
Art Linemeyer Group Booth Chair F Wait List
1. Barbra Linnemeyer F 1. Alissa Clark W in H
2. Heather Linnemeyer H 2. Eve Withrow W in H
3. Vera Rogers GB 3. Christopher Borg W in H
4. Annette Trujillo GB 4. Jennifer Eufusia W in GB
Shirley Huft Childrens Area Chair F 5. Tea Duong W in GB
1. Chris Borg W in H  
2. Ken Martin F  
3. Nina Fernstrom Duong GB  
4. Linda Smiley F  

Program Survey for General Meetings

In order for future programs to meet the interests of as many Clayfolk members as possible, please take a few minutes to check information or activities you would like to see presented at future general meetings.

_____techniques for creating, decorating or glazing pottery.

_____methods for merchandizing and presenting ceramics for sale.

_____photography information.


_____group displays and community service through pottery.

_____additional information on wholesaling.

_____a panel on how to successfully get into shows, fairs and galleries.

_____community resources for continued education including, but not limited to, workshops, seminars, conferences, private lessons and college classes.

_____more hands on Raku and pit firing.

_____information or sharing of results from other methods of fire such as sagar, wood, salt, naked Raku, etc.

_____enrichment through other members travel and/or extended education.

Please list other ideas and/or comments you have for programs:_______________________________________________________



You can earn 1 point for presenting a program at a general meeting and 2 points for serving as a committee member. Please contact me if you have something to share with the group or if you would like to assist in planning and setting up future programs. You may return this survey by snail mail, email or hand it to me at the next general meeting. My address and e-mail are : Shirley Huft, 1201 West Jones Creek Road, Grants Pass, OR, 97526 or email to program@clayfolk.org with "SURVEY" in the subject line, please?

Demonstrations at 2006 Show – Collaborative Process

This year we will have collaborative demonstrations at the Clayfolk show.

John King, Demonstrations Chair, has envisioned the concept of having potters work together, manipulating another's , working on/with pieces made by another artist, and what ever else can be imagined.

People who are interested in this investigation into shared or blended aesthetics and willing to enter into it in our public forum wide open to the possibility of either spectacular work or utter mind/hand offending catastrophe, contact Jon King by email at jonk13@earthlink.net

Hummingbird Summer Workshops

July 22-24 – Dennis Meiners "Building with Handmade Textured Slabs "Slabs not made in a slab-roller produce endless variety of possibilities for handbuilding pottery and sculpture. Appropriate for all skill levels.

July 28-30Leslie Lee "Figurative Teapots" Body, Handle, Lid and Spout are just the beginning when your imagination kicks in! Some ceramics experience helpful.

August 11-13 - Victoria Christen "Slipped Surfaces on Constructed Forms" -Terra sigillata and colored slips on low fire terra cotta pottery define the forms and offer colorful decorating possibilities. Some ceramics experience helpful.

Aug 18-20 - Patrick Horsley "Everything but Round" -Thrown and altered forms with emphasis on changing the geometry and introducing new ideas about clay. Wheel throwing experience helpful.

9 AM to 4 PM. Basic supplies and lunch are included except as noted
$265 per workshop

HUMMINGBIRD is located near the I-5 corridor near the Oregon- California boarder, just 20 minutes from Jacksonville, 30 minutes from Medford, 45 minutes from Grants Pass and 50 minutes from Ashland. 541-899-7045 or Leslie@LeslieLeeArt.com

A Quote - a Favorite of Ellen Currans

Here is one of my favorite Madeline L' Engle quotes
From "Two-Part Invention: The Story of a Marriage"

"In the face of such shape and weight of present misfortune, the voice of the individual artist may seem perhaps of no more consequence than the whirring of a cricket in the grass, but the arts do live continuously, and they live literally by faith: their names and their shapes and their uses and their basic meanings survive unchanged in all that matters through times of interruption, diminishment, neglect; they outlive governments and creeds and societies, even the very civilizations that produced them. cannot be destroyed altogether because they represent the substance of faith, and the only reality. They are what we find when the ruins are cleared away."

Ellen Currans, Dundee, OR

Clay Time and Pottery Making Illustrated magazines are available soon : After years of requesting these magazines at RCC in Josephine county, Irene Stephens again asked and her request was approved. Shortly, you will be able to access the magazines at RCC (Inter-library loan may make it possible for you to see the magazines in your neighborhood library in either Jackson or Josephine county). This is uncertain to the editor at this time.

News from SOPS

A new book has just been published : Handmade Culture : Raku Potters, Patrons, and Tea Practitioners in Japan by Morgan Pitelka. Branfman recently reviewed this book for ClayTimes. He said "The book is so full of detailed and previously hidden away facts that in some sections . . . it reads more like a novel of intrigue and mystery. . . . If it were in my control it would be required reading for everyone who makes pottery." the time you read this we should have our copies in, give us a call and we can hold a copy for you or mail it to you. $29.95

UPS service is available from SOPS. If you need to ship a package bring it by and we will include it with our daily pickup. Charge the standard UPS shipping fee plus a $3.75 handling fee for each package. (Which in most cases is less than the UPS stores). We are happy to provide you with the convenience and savings of using our UPS service.

Bonnie Morgan, Southern Oregon Pottery Supply, Bmorgan@southernoregonpottery.Com 541-535-6700.

Pottery Images Needed

Shirley Usher needs photos for the poster and newspaper ad. She asks you to remember that the advertising brings people into the show, so we need interesting and good quality photos.

She needs them by the first week of August. Include your name, title and the photographer’s name (if you didn’t shoot it yourself.) She accepts photos in almost any format : film, slides or prints.

SPECIFICS : Digital Photography (600 DPI minimum) on 3.5 floppy disk – PC, ZIP 100 disk-PC, or CD. Please save the files as TIF (.TIFF) if possible. Digital images may also be printed on photo quality paper at highest quality resolution. Please send to Shirley Usher, 761 Missouri Flat Road, Grants Pass, 97527. —Shirley Usher

Ron Roy, Beth Cavener Stichter at Hummingbird in Jacksonville

Thank you all for your enthusiastic support of our ceramic workshops. All of them have sufficient registration and we look forward to our time with you. The instructors may contact you with information regarding preparation prior to each workshop, so keep a look out for those emails.

Here is a link to a map and driving directions to help you find us.

If you have any questions please feel free to call. 541-899-7045

Also - we have added another one-day workshop to our schedule.

A newly scheduled surprise guest! Ron Roy, clay and glaze materials guru, one day lecture and demonstration, September 23, fee $70. Info about Ron at http://www.Mudfire.com/ron-roy-workshop-20060520.Htm

A not-to-be missed opportunity next summer : Beth Cavener Stichter has agreed to present a three day hands-on workshop in June 2007. Details to follow.

More at : http://www.followtheblackrabbit.Com/CurrentWork.htm
As a workshop participant you are entitled to a 10% discount on purchases (or orders) made in our Showroom on the days of the workshop.

Www.HummingbirdSouthernOregon.com or at our studio outlet, workshop center and B&B at Applegate Road, Jacksonville, Oregon 97530 - Leslie Lee