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Roxanne Hunnicutt
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Don Clarke -

President Welcomes the Year

Clayfolk has an exciting year ahead, and I would like to welcome all our new and returning members. I send special thanks to all the individuals who have volunteered to serve as officers and board members for our organization; it takes efforts from many to make Clayfolk a success. Looking forward to seeing everyone at our meetings. Cheryl Kempner


Despite the fact that a number of you already know me, I thought I’d give you a brief introduction …. my name is Don (Clarke) and I’m the person that is now responsible to send out the newsletter electronically. I am a functional potter (and computer geek) living in Eugene and a strong proponent of the computer/internet as a tool for artists (but I also understand all those who disdain its apparent insensitivity).

I have been working with Roxanne for the past month to get the first edition of the newsletter ready for electronic distribution. My past experiences with other ceramic organizations’ ventures into cyberspace has taught me that most people don’t feel comfortable with having "attachments" emailed to them (viruses and all), so I have chosen to provide the newsletter electronically via a webpage where members can choose how they want to get their copy.

For those of you that did not sign-up for an electronic newsletter, you can check it out by going online to
http://members.efn.org/~claynotes and seeing if this may be something that you are interested in … no obligations to change your preferences because the newsletter will always be there each time anyway.

To further this venture into electronic information sharing, I would like to suggest that everyone with an email address be linked together so we can exchange information (i.e.: posting announcements of sales, events, needs or wants, interesting or relevant information, etc). Since there are many of you that have email addresses but did not sign up for an electronic newsletter, I’d like to suggest that if you’re interested in getting online with the rest of the membership you can simply send me your email address at
claynotes@efn.org and I will add you to the distribution list.

Any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me anytime via email
Don Clarke

Editor’s Note

Here is my first Clayfolk Newsletter. Thanks for any future contributions or comments you can make, and thanks too for your patience with typos, deletions and other failings. Roxanne Hunnicutt


Clayfolk News and Notes

A Note from the Show Chair

The new location is shaping up to be the best spot Clayfolk has ever been in! We now have a working floor plan that is really something to brag about. Although the layout only gives us five new full - and one new half - booths, we now have twenty-two corner booths (out of fifty five total). Electricity is figured out so that each booth will have the customary 500 watts each. All the booths in the center of the hall won’t need to go further than their own corners to plug in. We really need to thank the dedicated members that worked on the committee to steer Clayfolk show into this new location. I’m kind of excited about this being our 30th anniversary and in the new building it is really extra special! OPA may brag about its size but we have been doing this show longer than any all clay origination in the state. We are planning to step up our publicity this year as well. It’s time for you the members of Clayfolk to really start to talk it up to everyone you can. Just a short note to those of you who got wait listed, last year everyone on the wait list got in the show. So don’t be to discouraged and please hang in there.

The two chair meetings before the show are both going to be held at Bonnie’s studio next to SOPS in Talent. The dates are as follows :

1.Chair meeting on August 11 at 6PM

2.Chair meeting and new participants welcome and information on September 27 at 6PM

Everyone please remember the show date for the new building, October (26 set up) 27-28-29 Please let me know ASAP if you are going to drop. Jim Keith 541-459-0320

Empty Bowls

The project collected $3,500 to support the efforts of our local food banks. Thanks to those who donated work!

Talent Harvest Festival

Marian Telerski, the Mayor of Talent, OR invites Clayfolk to participate in the Festival to be held on September 10. Group or individual booths are available. Contact Marian at 535-5166.

Board Chooses Sullivan for Scholarship

The board chose Larry Sullivan to be a new member on the committee as of July 1st.

Workshop Finances

The Surface workshop made $400. The Brush workshop lost $120.

Next Board Meeting

The board will meet July 11, 2005 at Bonnie Morgan’s studio.

Glaze Study Group

This informal glaze group that meets the third Tuesday of every month at 6:00PM. Since this is a study group and not a class, anyone is welcome to bring experiments, random bits of knowledge, or marvelous gourmet desserts. A willingness to help "test" glazes before the meetings is also welcome, but not required.

July 19th at Penelope’s studio in Phoenix, JR will talk about Frits. Hope to see you there. Her home is at 208 Locke Lane in Phoenix. It is the pink house on the right. Call 541-535-1128 for more information.


From Hwy 99 going North - go to Phoenix, the road will split, take a left on 4th street, go about 6 blocks, cross the railroad tracks, go one more block to Coral Circle, take a left, one block Locke Lane, take a right, the dead end at 208 Locke Lane.

From Hwy 99 going South - go to Phoenix- take a right on fourth street, at the "Video World" sign - go about 6 blocks, cross the railroad tracks, go one more block to Coral Circle, take a left, one block to Lock Lane, take a right, and dead end at 208 Locke Lane.

From I-5 take the Phoenix exit "24" - (going south exit right and continue west, going north, exit, then left across freeway and continue west) to Hwy 99 which T-sections at Rays Market. Take left on Hwy 99 and go about 4 blocks to 4th street at the "Video World" sign. Take a right on 4th and go about 6 blocks, cross railroad tracks and continue one more block to Coral Circle, take a left, one block to Locke Lane take a right and dead end at 208 Locke Lane. Or check Mapquest on-line.

August 9th is at Carol Hayne’s in Merlin for a potluck and to focus on crystalline glazes.

For more information, contact Bonnie, 535-5008, bbmorgan@opendoor.com or ask Shirley Huft to put your name on the mailing list, PigPenPots@aol.com

Member News

Ronald E. Cunningham (1942 - 2005)

Ron was known for his ability to make anyone laugh. If he was in the room, you knew it. He was born in Carlton, OR but attended schools all over Oregon. He fine tuned his humor into an art to survive as the redheaded newcomer. He was always creative but discouraged by his high school art teacher. His art was too original. Over his lifetime he dabbled in many different media -- staples, bamboo skewers, toothpicks, acrylics, oils, and any found object that looked interesting. He learned to throw (he was slow but meticulous) before he met me fifteen years ago, but was not working in clay. One day he handed me a piece of Sculpey, and you all know the rest of the story. He continued to make wall hangings in other media but spent most of his time making clay pieces with carved tops. He was fortunate that he was able to retire from his physically demanding job, and devote full time to his art the five years before he passed away, May 28th. Family and friends have donated to a Clayfolk fund for books or another project chosen by Clayfolk. - Carole Hayne

Eugene Register Guard Article - Jude Toler’s Work

On July 14th the Eugene Register Guard plans to run an article in Home and Garden section about the work of Clayfolk member, Jude Toler. Congrats Jude.


Grants Pass Museum of Art

Don Brown, the director, would like to give Clayfolk a showing for a month in 2006. A committee will be formed to jury the artwork from within Clayfolk members. The Clayfolk jury will chose 60 nonfunctional pieces on artistic merit. Commission taken will be 30-35%. Clayfolk needs to chose a month.

Good Bird/Bad Bird Show in 2006

Contemporary Crafts Museum and Gallery's first annual showcase, which will be held from November 18 thru January 9, 2006 is open to all artists in a craft medium : ceramics, fiber, wood, glass or metal. All works must be original, hand-made, available for sale and produced within the last two years. Each entry should reference birds in some way, with your own interpretation.

A $500 best of show prize will be awarded. Deadline to apply is Wednesday, August 1, 2005. Call Namita Wiggers at 503.223.2654 or email namita@contemporarycrafts.org or go to www.contemporarycrafts.org to download an application. Contemporary Crafts Museum and Gallery is located at 3934 SW Corbett Avenue in Portland, OR 97239. Their phone is 503-223-2654; fax is 503-223-0190

Lincoln City's "Art Festival by the Sea"

The Lincoln City "Art Festival By the Sea" will be held October 10 thru 16, 2005. The Coastal Artisans will host a juried art show and sale at Chinook Winds Casino Resort Hotel. Sign up for vendor space : Lincoln City Visitor and Convention Bureau, 800-452-2151 or 541-996-1274.

Request for Public Art Proposals : Natural Cycles

The Friends of Tryon Creek State Park in Portland, Oregon, and the Regional Arts and Culture Council invite artists/teams living in Oregon to submit proposals for temporary installations in the State Park. Up to five artists/teams will each receive an honorarium of up to $3,000. The goals are to strengthen the bond between people and the living earth through an artist’s inspiration and method of interpretation; and to provide a venue for artists interested in the environment. Projects will be installed in October 2005.

The deadline for submitting proposals is July 22, 2005. Download at http://www.racc.org or contact Peggy Kendellen, Public Art Manager, pkendellen@racc.org.


Fired Arts and Crafts is a new magazine of techniques and project ideas. $32.95 for 12 issues, www.firedartsandcrafts.com

Ceramics in America is an annual journal that specializes in historical American ceramics. Sample articles at www.chipstone.org, subscriptions at www.upne.com.


The June/July/Aug Ceramics Monthly has an article about common feldspars that includes a current chart of their chemical analysis and molecular weights.

Faces and Hands : Telling Gestures Workshop at Hummingbird on July 16 thru 18

In Leslie Lee’s figurative sculpture workshops, students are usually most interested in faces and hands and the emotion carried in the gestures of the human figure. Leslie will demonstrate and assist students in creating a 3/4 size head, working from a press molded base and emphasizing expressions. Hands will be incorporated to add gesture. There will also be an opportunity to try very small heads and hands suitable for additions to pottery.


The National Council for Education in Ceramic Arts (NCECA) will hold their conference at the Oregon Convention Center, March 8 thru 11, 2006.


OPA Summer Studio Tours

The OPA Mentor Program has scheduled a series of Studio Tours for this summer for new members. (Any member though can get in on this opportunity to visit OPA members and tour their studios.) Nao Tajiri, Ginger Steele, Michael Fromme and Ellen Currans are opening their studios and will be available to talk about their work, their process and their approach to a life in clay. The Tour Schedule is: Nao Tajiri: Cone 06, Sunday, June 26, 1PM. Ginger Steele: High temp salt glaze, Saturday, July 2, 1PM. Ellen Currans: Cone 10, Saturday, July 9, 1PM. Michael Fromme: Cone 6. Check the OPA website for directions or contact the Mentor Chair, Shirl Lipkin

OPA Workshop Chair

Victoria Christen is the new OPA Workshop Chair. If you have any great ideas for future workshops or other questions, contact her at victoriachristen@msn.com.

OPA Ceramic Showcase Awards

Awards for Showcase 2005 included : The First Place winner was Babette Harvey, second place was Charles Gluskoter, third was Terry Inokuma. Runners up were: Michelle Rigert, Dennis Meiners, Glen Burris, Donna Cole, Ron Linn, Ken Standhardt, Amy Swanson. Bennett Welsh Award for Best Surface Decoration went to Kathryn Finnerty. Runners up were Donna Cole, Cindy Roach. Best Booth Award went to Ron Fenter. Runners up were a tie between Lyn Sedlak-Ford and Jim Stephens.

OPA Kiln Shelf Buy

Geil Kilns is importing Chinese made nitride bonded silicon carbide kiln shelves. These shelves are a less expensive, slightly thicker alternative to the Advancers that many OPA members have been using. There are 5 sizes available, the most useful being 12x24 ($107.30) and 14x28 ($123.20). Depending on the quantities OPA orders, a 15-20% discount off these prices might result. Prices do not include shipping and handling. Interested? Contact Charlie Piatt or Susan Roden susanroden@jeffnet.org.

ClayFest Update

ClayFest·2005 in Eugene received 80 application for 56 booths! The booth allocation occurred on June 2nd and notifications were sent out. This year 14 Clayfolk members are participating in the show and we appreciate their interest and support. For those of you who may be interested, there is still Gallery Only space available (deadline is September 16th) and you can apply by contacting registrar @clayfest.org (preferred) or 541-683-6330.

ClayFest continues to grow (emulating both Showcase and the Clayfolk shows) and strives to become one of the premier ceramics shows in the northwest. Those of you that are not familiar with the show or Local Clay can learn more by visiting our webpage www.clayfest.org and taking a tour. - Don Clarke



SlabMat from SOPS

A new product for handbuilders. If you want to have a smooth surface on your slabs, without all the ribbing an easy way to do it is with a SlabMat, the alternative to canvas. The mat comes available in sizes to fit your slab roller, or for use for on your table top for hand-building. Prices range from $9 to $33.

Mud Tools from SOPS

For those of you who have enjoyed using the colorful plastic ribs from Mud Tools, they have just added a line of metal ribs, metal scoring tools, and a new wavy wire cutter. When I first saw the metal ribs I was delighted to see that two of the shapes are very similar to ones that I have been making and using for years!

Clearance Sale from SOPS

We just finished our yearly inventory at SOPS, and yes we had to count every single thing! Phil says we need to get rid of some of this stock so the next time you are in be sure to check out our sale table, and take home a bargain! We do not want to count this stuff again. Bonnie Morgan

Wednesday, July 13, 2005 Meeting

Al Dockweiller’s, 4232 Tamarack Drive, Medford 541-734-3796.

PROGRAM : Lynn Ledbetter will do a slide show on her trip to Japan.

Directions : Coming to Medford from the south, take the Phoenix exit (24) from I-5, turn right on to Fern Valley Rd, then left on N. Phoenix and follow that to Hillcrest, turn right and head up into the foothills. Watch for McAndrews Rd. on the left and turn there. Then watch for Tamarack Dr. on the left and turn again.

From the north, take the Crater Lake Hwy (first Medford) exit and turn left onto Crater Lake Hwy (Hwy 62). Follow this to Delta Waters Rd. and turn right (Car Wash on right side corner) and follow up to Foothill Rd, turn right. Take Foothill to the McAndrews Overpass, go under the overpass and turn right onto Eastbound McAndrews. Follow to Tamarack on the right. No potluck is scheduled.

Quitting Pottery Sale

Kiln: Downdraft, 50 cubic foot, soft brick. $2300, or the best offer Includes the arch-support form, the angle-iron braces, burners, manifold. 30 shelves (15" x 18") $16 each. Ware Cart, four to six shelves each side, with ware-boards.$75. Scott Creek Extruder (wall-mount) $250. Glazes, materials, buckets, etc. Other items are on a mini-website: http://www.hypertype.com/pottery/kiln Robert Wolchock, Sweet Home, OR 97386. Phone: 541-367-3233. Cellular: 541-401-2288.


September 11th starting at 4 PM

Jerry and Shirley Huft’s - 1201 West Jones Creek Road, Grants Pass, OR 97526 PigPenPots@aol.com or 707-829-2188

Bring a chair (although the Huft’s have seating for about 30) Then bring a potluck item and, if you wish, something to barbecue.


I want to find out what kind of presentations/demonstrations you are interested in, so I will be handing out a short questionnaire at our July meeting. If there is a short demo of someone’s work, video of a nationally known artist, slide show or open discussion, let me know. I’m planning for about 30 minutes per presentation. I have already had a suggestion from someone who wants to know how those of us who work in clay full-time, made the transition from a 40 hour a week job to a 70 hour a week job! ( ...along with any advice). This seems a good starting point so will be the basis for the July presentation. I will be calling on full-time potters to be on a panel which will try to answer all your questions, I know you will have some interesting experiences to share!! Jude Toler judestill@yahoo.com


Clayfolk Show Committee list 2005

  Full Booth-----F
  Half Booth----H
  Chair of a committee---(Ch)
  Waiting In the Group Booth - WIGB
  Group Booth-----GB

Kathy Eck Publicity (Ch) H
  Nancy Adams Publicity Wait listed
  John Dodero publicity F
  Linda Fleetwood publicity H
  Bonnie Morgan publicity H
  Karen Phillips publicity F
  Lorene Senesac publicity F

Steve Albrechtsen Advertising (Ch) F
  Phill Fishwick advertising F
  Jan Stackhouse advertising F
  Julia Janeway advertising H
  Brent Gorman advertising F
  Shirley Usher advertising F

Lynita Zajack Sales (Ch) F
  Penolope Dews sales H
  Tish Manley sales H
  Peppi Melick sales H
  Dan Minard sales F
  Tish Sholes sales F
  Joan Schelz sales F
  Kazuko Young sales F
  CJ June sales F

Rosa Nogues Visa (Ch) wait listed

Rebecca Gold Building (Ch) F
  Jenny Harkins Building F
  Debbie & Steve Jones Building H
  Donna Marie Building WIGB
  Nando Raynolds Building WIGB

Carol Heisel Isle Host check in / Security check in (Ch) F

Holly Gonnella Workshift’s/Info. Packet (Ch) F
  Cheryl Kempner work/info F
  Carol Paquin work/info F
  Kathy Harvey work/info F

Marklin Linemeyer Signs (Ch) wait listed

Diane Heaney Food (Ch) F

Mark & Elizabeth Schoenleber Music (co-Ch) FF

Doug Hively Gallery (Ch) F
  Leslie Lee Gallery F
  Jude Toler Gallery F
  Carole Hayne Gallery F

Jon King Ed. Demo (Ch) F
  Gill Harrison Ed Demo WIGB
  Dennis Meiners Ed. Demo F
  Peter Meyer Ed Demo WIGB
  Susan Roden Ed Demo F

Art Linnemeyer Group Booth (Ch) F
  Barbra Linnemeyer Group Booth committee F
  Nancy Mason Group Booth committee F
  Heather Navarrete Linnemeyer Group Booth committee H
  Linda Smiley Group Booth committee GB
  Lisa Ameijide Group Booth committee GB

Jerry Huft Storage &Transport (Ch) with Shirley
  Bill Francis storage & transport committee WIGB

Shirley Huft Children’s Area (Ch)
  Ken Martin Children’s Area F
  Irene Stephens Children’s Area F

Ray Foster Accounting (Ch) F
  Steve Kirkland & Ronda Hampton Accounting F
  Greg Thomlinson Accounting F

Jim Keith (SC ) F
  Neal Thompson extra shift’s F
  Jenny Rodrick extra shift’s F
  Roxanne Hunnicutt extra shift’s WIGB

Debora Mahannah Mailer (Ch) F
  Lynne Ledbetter Mailer F

Wait List
  1. Bill Francis WIGB
  2. Nancy Adams
  3. Donna Marie WIGB
  4. Peter Meyer WIGB
  5. Gill Harrison WIGB
  6. Roxanne Hunnicutt WIGB
  7. Nando Raynolds WIGB
  8. Alissa Clark
  9. Nancy Hart
  10. Tracy Manso
  11. Marklin Linemeyer
  12. Brian Christofferson
  13. Chris Borg
  14. Don Clarke
  15. Rosa Nogues
  16. Larry Sullivan
  17. Eve Withrow
  18. Eleanor Murphey