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CJ June

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Don Clarke

Clayfolk Officers
Penelope Dews
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Shirley Huft
Lynita Zajack
Ray Foster
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Irene Stephens
Linda Smiley
Bonnie Morgan

Committee Chairs
CJ June
Marydee Bombick
Empty Bowls
Hannah Brehmer
Show Chair
Debera Mahannah
Cheryl Kempner
Julia Janeway
Bonnie Morgan
Shirley Huft
Kazuko Young
Glaze Study Group
Janet Capetty

You can email any of the above underlined members simply by clicking on their name

General Meeting

Sunday, May 16 at 2:30
Held at Kathy Harvey's -
12 Richmond Avenue
, Medford

Directions : South Medford Exit off I-5 getting onto East Barnett and heading up toward Rogue Valley Medical Center . Turn left on Highland and remain on Highland until you get to East Main . Make a right on East Main and continue up until you get to Richmond Avenue on your right, then make a right and look for the Cape Cod House on the right.

Program for the general meeting

Please bring some tips, techniques, a shortcut or anything you have found helpful when working with clay and put it in writing. Whether you are a new potter or a seasoned potter, share something with the group. After we have shared our collective ideas, we will give them to Shirely Huft and she will type up the list and have them posted on-line.

Here are some suggestions to think about :

Hints for putting two pieces of clay together, glazing, spraying, recycling, wedging, homemade tools and gadgets, throwing techniques, sculpting, support structures, drying, tile making, trimming, decorating, clean-up, various methods of firing (pit, raku, electric, gas, wood), ergonomics, promoting, booth set up (indoors or outdoors), displays, photograhying work, thoughts on pricing your work.

Hope you get the idea that any ideas, no matter how insignificant you might consider them, may be of help to someone. Good Luck!!

Phil Fishwick Steps In

Hello to all,

I'll be the new Workshop Chair and I would like some input as to who and what you would like to see in future Clayfolk workshops. Please e-mail me suggestions for artists (with contact info if you have it) and/or suggestions for subject matter (throwing, handbuilding, sculpture, glaze, etc.).

Thanks for the input, Phil workshops@clayfolk.org

Upcoming Meetings


May 16th  Sunday at 2:30

Kathy Harvey - 12 Richmond Ave. in Medford


May 13th  Thursday at 6PM

Lynita Zajacks - 202 Kings Way in Medford


OPA offers some great opportunities even for us here in Southern Oregon

This is a huge event and even getting work into the gallery booth is exceptional exposure for your work. Penelope Dews has been a member for 4 years and is getting a half booth in this years show. OPA, like Clayfolk is a point driven system, with points acquired for yearly membership, meetings and participation. Meetings maybe difficult to attend in Portland , but as Penelope mentioned, if enough joined it could make carpooling an event in itself! Attending one or two meetings a year and points add up. Here are some of the quidelines taken from the OPA website.

·                    The membership year begins in January and runs through December. Membership is on an individual basis.

·                    Individual membership dues is $45 per year with no pro-ration, but you may join at any time.

·                    Newsletter subscriptions (without other membership privileges) are available for $12 per year for anyone living more than 100 miles from Portland , Oregon .

General meetings are held the second Friday of January, March, July, September, and November at the Multnomah Art Center , 7688 SW Capitol Hwy , Portland . A business meeting at 6:30 PM is followed by a program at 7:30 PM . A Board of Officers and Directors meets six times a year on alternate months from the general meetings. All business and programs of the OPA are organized and run by members, and members are encouraged to actively participate.

OPA produces the annual Ceramic Showcase and Sale in the Spring of each year. Booth participants in Showcase must have been members of OPA for one full year and be listed on the previous year's membership list printed in February. Memberships are due January 31 to be included on Februarys list. All members are encouraged to exhibit a piece in the gallery at Showcase. OPA selects and purchases one ceramic piece each year at Showcase for its permanent collection.

Membership Application/Renewal Form Send your application and check made out to the OPA to : Oregon Potters Association / Julie Asbury - Treasurer / PO Box 351 , Woodburn , OR 97071

Membership Questions? e-mail Kris Paul krispaul@vicbraden.com


OPA Ceramic Showcase 2010

Opening Friday April 30 at 10 AM thru May 2 until 5 PM at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland


Make a “Not To Do List”   Then don't do the items on your list. - Swami Beyondananda


Bits and Pieces of Good Information

Free Software

Don Clark recently sent out an e-mail sharing a great find. In case you missed that e-mail here it is :

" I'm sending you this email to share some great software with you ... as webmaster I'm always getting digital images from potters and usually having to fix/change/alter/resize them. I'm also constantly being asked questions about digital images ... it seems that as we've moved from the slide format to the digital image age we've made a bad transition. A lot of you appear to be lost in transition (bad pun) .....I'm sure a lot of you would like to try to manipulate your digital images (change resolution, crop, lighten or darken, sharpen, add text, change size for emails, etc) but there are so many software options out there that it can be daunting. Not to mention that some of these (Adobe) start in the many-hundreds of dollars and even the lesser ones (Corel) can cost nearly $100 ... I would be hesitant to fork out that much money just to try my hand too. So ... I'm here to tell you about an absolutely FREE and absolutely FABULOUS software program that I use. Yes, this sounds to good to be true but take-it-from-me ... this is real. You can download FastStone Image Viewer from their webpage and start to venture into the world of digital image manipulation. You'll realize once you play around that it's not that scary and it can be fun ... and for free ... what's to loose.

I have nothing to gain here and am not associated with the software company ... I just use their product and figured there'd be some others out there that would like to get into messin' with their digital images ... so ... go on and give it a try !

SPECIAL for eNews readers only ... more of my suggestions for the BEST FREE SOFTWARE Just click on these links to learn more : AntiVirus - FireWall - Windows Tools - I have lots of other great freeware suggestions for things like creating pdf files, burning CD/DVD, converting video formats, just about anything you'd want/need to do on a PC I can send you links to awesome free software ... you rarely have to pay for great software nowadays ... just ask me ... I'll share my opionons (freely!).

don clarke/enews


Just a note to tell you that the Southern Oregon Artists Resource, http://www.soartists.com got its March art event calendar published in the Jacksonville Review! It will be featured in each monthly issue going forward. The print version shares key events with the Review's readership, but the online version at http://www.soartists.com/calendar.html is more complete.

Our sincere thanks to those artists and other members of the arts community of Southern Oregon who have listed in the directory, placed their events in the online calendar and otherwise contributed to the site's growth so far. We appreciate your participation so much! The site is getting more traffic all the time, and we expect this trend to continue with our calendar in the Review encouraging its readership to visit the site. We have much more planned, and hope you will enjoy watching the site grow as it presses on to its goal of becoming a comprehensive resource for the SO arts community. Any input toward this goal is invited.

All My Best, Hannah West, Editor

For Sale

Jon King is selling :

·        Blue Bird de-airing pugmill (old, but durable) $1,200

·        Lockerbie Kick Wheel with motor - $350

·        Brent model B electric wheel - $250.

Contact Jon at 541-602-3412 or jonk13@earthlink.net

Marcia O'Rourke is selling :

·        Skutt Kiln, model KM 1027 programable and in excellant condition - $1,100 includes shelves, posts, stand and 2 new elements still packaged.

·        Environvent, lightly used - $90

·        Two Brent Ware Carts with shelves in excellant condition $265

Contact Marcia between 9AM and 8PM at 541-727-2868 or e-mail at marcia.arts@gmail.com

Options for receiving your Newsletter

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As postage continues to increase, please consider getting your newsletter via your computer. It's fast, fileable, printable and cheaper. If you aren't able to get it electronically, then please enjoy the hard copy that will arrive in your mailbox!!

Currently there are approximately 70 of us that still receive hardcopy in the mail. The number of hardcopies sent out have gradually decreased over the years, saving Clayfolk the exspense of printing and postage. Last year the costs for sending out hardcopies, came to about $500 for all five mailings. Of course, every member will still receive the May/June issue which contains the Show Application, voting ballot, and membership form. At least for the time being.

Contact Marydee, Membership Chair at membership@clayfolk.org or call 541-482-0840