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It's that time of year to start preparing for our next Clayfolk show, which will take place on November 20th, 21st, and 22nd at the Medford Armory. The hardcopy newsletter sent to each current member is the big one and contains your show application (due on or before June 1, 2009 ), committee placement, workshift sign-up, show instructions and guidelines, membership applications and voting ballot for officers. This eNewsletter does not contain the Clayfolk show application (open to members only), but does have a link to the current membership application below.

Welcome to New Members

·        Nancy Bryant of Rogue River

·        Ammette Roeter of Grants Pass

·        Juyle Lennert of Jacksonville

·        Janet Capetty of Grant Pass

·        Sally Pursell of Grants Pass


Sounds Like Success at Southern Oregon Clay Distributors

Gary Warren, the owner of Southern Oregon Clay Distributors spoke at the general membership meeting in March. He said business had been good and so far he had in stock everything his customers asked for. He had a truck coming in within the week with tools and glazes. Gary also brought some free catalogs from Georgie's that Georgie's had sent to share. Southern Oregon Clay Distributors will have Laguna and Georgie's clays and will be able to get whatever the customer needs. If you need 1000 pounds of clay or more, it can be delivered for free; if you need less, there will be a $50 delivery charge.

Southern Oregon Clay Distributors is open Thursday through Saturday from 10 to 6 at 240 North Pacific Highway , Talent , Oregon 97540 (look for the large pots outside) but you may call Monday through Friday from 8AM to 7PM . Please note NEW PHONE NUMBER : 535-1311 or on the web at www.southernoregonclaydistributors.com

Upcoming Meetings

The Board

·        May 11~ Monday 6PM

·        July 13~ Monday 6PM

Both meetings at the home of Jenny Harkins


·        May 17 Sunday 2:30PM at Jerry and Shirley Hufts

·        July 22 Wednesday 6:30PM at Kathy Harvey's home


Clayfolk Workshop

Making Molds with Frederick Bartolovic

Saturday May 30th 10:30AM to 4:00PM

The Ceramics Department of  Southern Oregon University

1250 Siskiyou Blvd. (corner of Siskiyou and Indiana) Ashland , Oregon

Join artist Frederick Bartolovic for a one-day workshop in which he will demonstrate press molds, two part slip cast molds, and the intricacies of mixing and pouring plaster. Participants are invited to bring in simple objects with which to make their own sprig molds (convex molds that can be attached to the side of a pot). Frederick describes his studio as " a laboratory prone to happy accidents and experimentation that often bears fruitful ideas." With an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and working currently as a ceramics professor in New York , Frederick is well-versed in conceptual art, yet having worked for five years at Trikeenan Tileworks, he is very familiar with the manufacturing side of ceramics. This is a great workshop for both the production potter and the sculptor — or anyone wanting to know how ceramics can bridge industry and fine art.

Frederick will also give an artist lecture on Wednesday, May 27 at 4PM in the Meese Auditorium in the SOU Art Building . The lecture is free and all are welcome to attend.

Clayfolk Members : $30. All others $40. ($5. additional if paying at the door)

For more information contact Julia Janeway : e-mail Janeway@mind.net or call 541-488-5168

To reserve your space please make a check out to Clayfolk and send to :

Julia Janeway, 2000 Ashland Mine Road , Ashland , Oregon 97520

Ideas from Ceramics Arts Daily

Transporting Fragile Pottery

Balloons and vermiculite are a light weight packing material to secure fragile greenware in a container. The balloons can be blown up to any needed size to protect pots from each other. To add a cushion on the bottom of your container use inexpensive vermiculite. Put an adequate layer on the bottom of your container and use thin plastic sheeting on both the bottom and the top of the vermiculite. This is primarily to keep the stuff from going where you don't want it. Then nestle in your pots and place balloons around the pots.

Energy Use ~ Be efficient

Just a few changes help to reduce energy use when firing in an electric kiln. Anchor down your lid, as it can rise up under the increasing heat by as much as 1/4 of inch. Don't forget to plug the peeps when moisture is no longer present. This can be checked using a mirror at the peep sight, checking for any "fog" on the surface. If condensation is not present, it also means you can begin to turn up the heat. Get to know the dynamics of your kiln, so you become comfortable reaching temperature in the most expedient way. Crucial temperatures are around 200' and then not again until 900' to 1000'.

Classes At The Rogue Gallery

Rogue Gallery and Arts Center is once again offering a line up of classes for the year. Some of them include Non-toxic etching, Copper Enameling, Collage, Metal Clay for the Intermediate and Encaustic Mixed Media. For a full schedule of events go to www.roguegallery.org  or contact Holly Kilpatrick at 541-772-8118 or email holly@roguegallery.org

For Sale

Lockerbie kickwheel, rarely ever used. $200. Located near Jacksonville . It is also listed on craigslist with a comparable picture from the internet.

Call Jessica Ayres at 541-951-4004 or email at jessica.ayres@wellsfargo.com

Volunteers Needed For the Children's Festival

For the past 42 years the Children's Festival has depended on hundreds of volunteers showing children a variety of art forms. The most popular being Pottery. This booth offers children the opportunity to experience throwing clay on a potter’s wheel. Every season we are in need of experienced individuals who know how to throw on a wheel and who would enjoy working with children. In the past Phil Fishwick has helped us greatly and many children have enjoyed learning from him.

Festival will be at Jacksonville 's Britt grounds July 12th, 13th and 14th

Any time you can give will be appreciated. Please e-mail me at mamacruella@man.com

May ~ June General Meeting and Pit Firing

Sunday, May 17th at 2:30PM

Jerry and Shirley Hufts hosting at 1201 West Jones Creek Road in Grants Pass. The pit will be loaded after the meeting. Everyone attending the meeting is welcome to bring food for a potluck. The potluck food is optional, but the Huft's would like a quick call if you plan on participating so they can plan the amount of food. The Hufts will provide dessert for all.

Hints from the Hufts on Pots for the Pit

The next general meeting will include an opportunity to pit fire some of your own pots. It will be in the afternoon, so everyone who attends the meeting is invited to bring one or two (or more if your work is small) pieces of pottery ready to fire. If your pieces are large, please call Jerry and let him know so he can make sure there is space. Wood is always welcome, but not required for your participation. Here are some tips for preparing your pottery :

·        Use a cone 5 to cone 10 stoneware. Porcelain tends to crack. The color of your clay will affect the color of your pottery.

·        Because your piece will be fired in the ground; large, thick pieces have a tendency to crack. Pottery can be made using the wheel, slap, pinch or coil.

·        If you want your pottery to have a shine, when it is leather hard, rub a smooth stone, rubber rib or other smooth object over your pottery. This pushes the grog into the surface of your piece.

·        When your pottery is bone dry, burnish it a second time. Smooth salad oil onto a small section of your pottery. After it dries, it will look hazy. Rub your smooth stone or other object over the pottery and your pottery should develop a high shine. We have, also been polishing our pieces with a piece of plastic bag or chamois.

·        Bisque fire your pottery at cone 017. If you bisque fire your pottery at too high a temperature, it will lose its shine when the grog resurfaces. Your pottery will still be fragile, so handle it carefully.

·        You can bring organic material to place over your pottery. Some people bring dried manure, dried banana peels, straw, seaweed (we have lots) or other interesting material to see how it colors your pottery. You may also place copper wire on your pottery. Wherever your pottery touches the sawdust on the bottom on the pit, it will turn black, so be sure to tell Jerry how you want it placed. Go online and check out Eduardo Lazo for comprehensive instructions on preparing your pit fired pottery : www.eduardolazo.com/pitfired.html

·        For more advanced information on using Terra Sigillata and some great photos, go on-line to : www.robertcomptonpottery.com/

·        Another on-line site with lots of links and decoration suggestions can be found at : www.claystation.com/technical/firing/pit.html

If you still have questions, call Jerry and Shirley Huft at 541-476-0593 or 541-415-1971. Fired pieces will be held at the Huft's house until you pick them up, or the Hufts will bring them to the July meeting. ~ Shirley and Jerry Huft

Options for receiving your Newsletter

As postage continues to increase, please consider getting your newsletter via your computer. It's fast, you can save it and print it, and it’s cheaper for us. If you aren't able to get it electronically, then please enjoy the hard copy that will arrive in your mailbox !!


Positions open for Clayfolk’s Annual Show 2009

If you are interested in any of these positions please call Debora Mahannah

541-846-6741 to find out more about them.


Advertising Chair

Points-12, Term 3 years

This position is in charge of the design of the poster for the show as well as supporting advertising to go in periodicals throughout the region.  Shirley Usher (chair ’08) will assist the new chair in this position.


Building Committee Trainee- 2- points

(Trainee will become Building Chair in 2010, Term length 3 years = 8 pts)

Chair is responsible for floor layout, electrical cords and phone wiring for visa machines.


Group Booth Trainee – 2 points

(Trainee will become Group Booth Chair in 2010, Term length 3 years = 8 pts)

In charge of setting up and tearing down the group booth, works with group booth participants.


Info Pak – Work Shifts Trainee – 2 points

(Trainee will become Info Pak/Work Shifts Chair in 2010, Term length 2 years = 6 pts)

Assigns work shifts, designs and mails the participant’s information packet, updates new member packet.


Storage and Transportation Chair

Points-4, Term 2 years

Moves items from storage unit to the show and returns them after the show.  (Chair does not need to own a truck- U-haul rental will be reimbursed.)


Price Tags Trainee – 2 points

(Trainee will become Sales Tags Chair in 2010, Term length 3 years = 6 pts)

Responsible for keeping potters price tag pages correctly added and in order at the end of each sales day.


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Clayfolk Membership or Renewal of Membership ~  2009/2010

Click this link to download membership form

DIRECTIONS to the Huft's

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