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The Clayfolk Newsletter is published five times a year.
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Newsletter Editor
Hannah Brehmer

eNewsletter publisher
Don Clarke

Clayfolk Officers

Shirley Huft
Vice President
Penelope Dews
Lynita Zajack
Ray Foster
Members at Large
Irene Stephens
Linda Smiley
Kazuko Young

Committee Chairs

Hannah Brehmer
Don Clarke
Empty Bowls
Roxanne Hunnicutt
Amy Segovia
Show Chair
Jim Keith
Bill and Claire Delffs
Phil Fishwick
Bonnie Morgan
Cheryl Weese
Irene Stephens
SplashPage Chair
Teri Nelson

PhotoBooth Chair
Christine Wood

You can email any of the above underlined members simply by clicking on their name


Spring weather is just around the corner. When it arrives, I hope that each of you manage to get out of the studio where the amazing colors, textures, shapes and images in a renewed world will assault your imagination, refreshing your spirit while bringing new and exciting ideas into your work.

Please check the calendar below and note that ballots are due May 1st and Show Applications are due May 31st. Thanks to each of you who expressed an interest in running for a Board position. All Board of Director positions become available automatically at the beginning of our membership year. If you are interested in having your name on the ballot for 2013 Board of Director positions, just send a note to me stating why you want a particular position and what you would bring to the position. Ballots for 2013 positions will be sent out in the September/December newsletter along with the membership forms for the 2012 year. Clayfolk depends on your participation, and I encourage each and every one of you to become involved. Clayfolk is only as strong as its participating members.

Shirley Huft - Clayfolk President


May 1st
  Ballot Due for Member-a-large position
May 8th
  Board Meeting at Irene Stephens’ home in Grants Pass
May 23th
  General Meeting, 6:00 at the Bear Hotel in Grants Pass
May 31st
  Show Application Due
July 1st
  Newsletter Deadline
July 15th
  Newsletter Mailed out
July 19th
  Board Meeting, 6:00 pm at Penelope Dews home in Phoenix
July 22nd
  General Meeting, 2:30 at the Casaleggio Home in Jacksonville
  No Meeting

Meeting on May 23rd

The general Clayfolk meeting for May 23rd will be at the Bear Hotel, Grants Pass at 6pm, hosted by Janise Pratt ,  541-479-4546. Cookies and coffee will be provided. The program will feature a tour of the sculpture studio of Peter Sedlow. He is known world-wide for his mythical and wildlife figures in bronze.

Directions to the Bear Hotel, 2101 NE Spaulding Ave.

Coming from either I-5 north or south : Take exit 55 to merge onto US-199/Grants Pass Pkwy/Redwood Hwy toward Ocean Beaches/Crescent City. Turn left onto NE Agness Ave (the first stop light after exiting the freeway). Stop at four-way and proceed straight through the intersection. Take next left onto Spaulding Ave.  Hotel is on the right.


Member Update

It is with regret that we inform you that Rosa Nogues-Pentela is currently being treated for metastatic cancer in Spain. Last September her husband, Spencer Pentela, passed away from cancer in Seattle after fighting the disease for about two years. Both Spencer and Rosa were active members of Clayfolk since 2005 (the Polypot people with succulent plants). After Spencer died in Seattle, Rosa returned to their home in Bandon for a couple of months before she began to have problems about mid-December with mental focusing, which she attributed to a delayed stress reaction. She went ahead with her plans to visit her family in Spain for Christmas. When she got there she went to see a doctor and was diagnosed with the cancer. Her family there is helping her and she is able to get good, low-cost medical care. She is now unable to travel home due to her illness and in any case needs to remain in Spain for treatment. Her prognosis is uncertain.


The situation here is that Rosa still has substantial medical bills for Spencer, as well as ongoing costs of her own medical care. OPA has organized a fund to help with these expenses. You can make a donation to a fund to help Rosa and her family through this trying time. Checks may be made payable to OPA with "Rosa" in the memo line, and sent to the OPA Treasurer, Julie Asbury at POBox 351, Woodburn, OR, 97071. OPA will collect donations through July 31, 2012.

Rosa and her family invite Rosa's friends to mail Rosa directly in Spain. Send your well-wishes to :
Rosa M. Nogues
Carrer Industria 50
Santa Coloma de Queralt
Tarragona, CP 43420

You may also get in touch with Rosa via email at rosa@polypots.com

Welcome to New Members

Dave Parry, Whistle Post Pottery, Eugene, OR
Susan Paul, Grants Pass, OR
Larry Nelson, Chehalem Mountain Pottery, Hillsboro, OR


One of the three Clayfolk Member-at-large positions has recently become available. Four of our members have applied for this office and wrote the statements below explaining why they want to serve on the Board and what they would bring to Clayfolk and the Board of Directors. Board positions, as stated in the Clayfolk bylaws, must be filled by members who are voted in by a simple majority of members voting in the election and total votes must account for at least 30% of the current membership. Please take a minute to read the statements of the members running for office, fill out the ballot and mail the ballot to Shirley Huft, 1201 West Jones Creek Road, Grants Pass, OR 97526. Our members-at-large represent each and every one of you, presenting and advocating your concerns at the Board meetings. Your vote is very important so please take a few minutes and mail in the ballot.

Statements by Candidates

Dear Clayfolk Board and General Membership,
Please accept this letter as indication of my desire to serve as your “Member-at-Large” 2012. I feel honored to be a member of Clayfolk, and I welcome the opportunity to both serve your needs and strengthen my connections to you all. I see this position as an opportunity for me to actively listen to your concerns, to demonstrate a proactive attitude in making sure that I understand your issues completely, and then to present your concerns clearly, concisely and without bias to our Board. I feel that I can also vote fairly and judiciously on issues presented at Board meetings, and provide assistance when needed at the General Meetings. I can bring a positive energy and outlook to this job, and a solid commitment to getting things done, and getting them right. The idea of being “…at large…” is very appealing to me. It conjures images of being on the run from something. But rather than being on the run from, I want to be on the run to. On the run to you to hear your concerns, on the run to the Board to report your concerns, and on the run to the snack table to check out those treats of Ray’s (it’s a tough job but, hey…).I thank you for your consideration of my application for “Member-at-Large”.
Cheers, Cindra Vargas

Attending the board meetings would give me the opportunity to express my ideas and give support to the Clayfolk group. Having experience in both business and education I believe I could bring a lot to the table. Over the last past three years I have established and run an Etsy shop and have learned the ins and outs of internet marketing. I believe technology is an alternative for artists that do not have the time to do more than a few shows a year. I would love to see more community workshops that would bring our group into the light and gain more interest and new members. Being a member at large would also be a great opportunity to get to know the other key members better and develop more of an understanding of our organization.
Thank you, Teri Nelson

1. Attend all Board meetings. I like coming up with new ideas and solving problems.  I've been pretty good at it in the past. I've been a member of Clayfolk for 20 years and in the show for nearly that long so I have some experience to bring to the table. I would also be new blood as I have not been on the board before.
2. Present concerns of the members to the Board. I like helping people resolve their concerns.
3. Vote on all Board decisions including the selection of the chairperson. I will do the best I can. I do not like being a rubber stamp nor do I like rocking the boat. I like to think of myself as being in the center although some might not agree.
4. If asked, assist President at the General Meetings. I like being a helper. It has been my life's work.
5. Be prepared to enjoy Ray Foster's home made desserts or other Board meeting food.  Unfortunately, I cannot fulfill this duty.  But I can watch others enjoy said food if that qualifies.
Thank you, Carol Hayne

I have been a potter and a teacher of art for over 30 years. I find the activity of a class balances well with the quiet of working in the studio. I love having both in my life. Why I would like the position is mostly because I would like to become more active in Clayfolk and this would give me a sense of direction and purpose in the group. My experience teaching, in schools and privately, has given me terrific skills at working with a wide range of people and personalities. I can hear people for what they are saying. I can get things done and I focus on success. Thank you for your consideration, Polly Beach

Ballot for Member-at-Large
In order to print the ballot you will have to download this eNewsletter
by clicking this link : DOWNLOAD

Dear Friends of JAPAN NIGHT

On behalf of the JA-SO (Japanese Association of Southern Oregon), I want to thank you for your generous support for the JAPAN NIGHT.

We had a wonderful evening; almost 200 guests showed up to enjoy Japanese cuisine/culture and supported our cause. With generous support from the local community, $16,072.00 was raised from ticket sales, silent auction and other donations. All money will be sent to the two places below to help in reducing radiation exposure for children in Fukushima.

Orphanage “Aiikuen” in Fukushima to support their weekend trip for the children to have fun and safe time outside of Fukushima prefecture without worrying about radiation. (http://www1a.biglobe.ne.jp/fukushimaaiikuen/index.html)

Preschool “Takenoko” to help their transportation fee for the children to travel one hour every day just to play outside safely. (http://aozoratakenoko.blog28.fc2.com/)

We are sincerely grateful for your support. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Warm Regards,
Noriko Hansen
JA-SO President 2012


Show Announcements

Clay Fest is an annual, non-juried ceramics-only show and sale put on by Local Clay to provide its members with a venue to showcase and sell their work. This year Clay Fest will be held on October 12, 13, and 14 at the Lane County Fairgrounds in Eugene.

The 2012 Clay Fest application will be available on Friday, April 13th, 2012. You can download the application from their webpage http://www.clayfest.org/ClayFest/ParticipantInfo.html

If you have difficulty downloading the form, contact the Registrar at registrar@clayfest.org or if you do not have access to a computer, contact Don Clarke at 541-683-6330 to have a copy mailed to you. The application must be postmarked by May 4th, 2012 to be eligible.

The 2012 Clayfolk Show Application Instructions and Guidelines and now available to download by clicking on this link DOWNLOAD. The show will be held on November 16, 17 and 18 at the Medford Armory.



Bluebird de-airing pugmill. 1/4 horse $500 - Old, loud and durable

Brent slab roller with the shims for spacers
Dimensions are 26"across bed and 36" with handle
76" long 48" high with handle and 36" without $700

They are in Eugene. I will give you a deal if you get both of them.
Jon King
541 334 4156


Glaze materials : Dolomite, Custer Feldspar, Talc, EPK, Whiting,
Wollastonite, Iron Oxide, Bentonite
Call Lynne Ledbetter at 541-482-3784
I am also interested in buying glass equipment or material.


Empty Bowls

We have an empty bowls event coming up in May. I have been talking with Randy and Rhonda at Southern Oregon Clay Distributors and they are happy to be a drop off point for donations. I am also in Grants Pass a couple times a week so we can make arrangements to meet and pick up. Information on the event is included below.

Empty Bowl Event

May 11th at Wesley Hall in Ashland
Goal = 200 bowls

I will send out more information when available
Thank you
To contact me for drop off
Amy Segovia 909.706.5030 or Cwspurs@aol.com


You might be a potter if......

  • you have to hose off your clothes before putting them in the washing machine
  • it takes you ten tries to pick up a dime because you have no fingernails.


Map to meeting at Bear Hotel, Grants Pass