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 Program chair presents panel - raku/pit Firing

Shirley Huft, replacement chair for programs, began with a panel on wholesaling, inventory and packaging for shipping presented by Al Dockweiller's and Jon Dodero. Members heard from both and had time for questions at the January general meeting and party.

At the March 22 meeting, Jerry and Shirley Huft will be giving a brief overview of both pit fired and Raku fired ceramics. They will demonstrate burnishing and preparing pottery for pit fire. Raku glaze recipes will be shared along with an uncommon decorating technique. This will prepare participating members for the May 21st meeting at the Huft’s home in Grants Pass, which will feature a raku firing.

After the general meeting on May 21st, the program will consist of both a pit fire and Raku fire. Everyone at the meeting will be invited to place a piece of pottery in the pit and Raku another piece of pottery while the flames engulf their pit fired piece. Pottery must be "fire ready" when you arrive at the meeting. Pieces for the pit should be bisque fired to cone 07 and pottery for raku should be bisque fired to cone 05 and covered with an appropriate raku glaze. This unusual meeting program will take several hours, participants are encouraged to bring something for potluck and Shirley do not want anyone passing out and falling into the fire pit. For additional information, call the Huft's at (541) 476-0593 or e-mail them at pigpenpots@aol.com. Everyone who plans on firing pottery needs to contact the Huft's so that all pottery can be accommodated in the firings. Raku glaze recipes will be shared along with an uncommon technique.

Election of Officers

Clayfolk members will have the opportunity to elect new officers by mail-in ballot which will be published in the next newsletter. officers attend board meeting every odd month. you are interested in running for member-at-large (3 positions), secretary, treasurer, vice-president, or president please submit your name to Cheryl Kempner. include a brief paragraph about your skills that will also be printed. Deadline for submission is March 15. to cheryl@cherylkemner.com or mail to 447 Pape St. Ashland, or call 552-0111.


Upcoming Meetings

Mark your calendars for the next four meetings. locations were selected to help "even-out-the-driving" since our membership is spread throughout the valley. Watch for maps and directions.


The March 22nd meeting will be at Al Dockwiller's home at 4232 Tamarack Drive. The phone is 734-3796. To get a more detailed online map click on this link MAPQUEST

Jerry and Shirley Huft will be giving a brief overview of both pit fired and raku fired ceramics. They will demonstrate burnishing and preparing pottery for pit fire. Raku glaze recipes will be shared along with an uncommon decorating technique.

This will be in preparation for the May 21meeting at Huft’s home in Grants Pass which will feature a raku firing.

Future Meetings :

May 21, Sunday, 2:30 PM, Grants Pass at Jerry and Shirley Huft’s.

July 26, Wednesday, 6:30 PM, 5 miles north of Rogue River

September 24, Sunday, 2:30 PM, Ashland

News from the Show Chair

To streamline our workload, I have worked on a few changes. The most obvious change is to the Show application.

With your April newsletter, you will be mailed a new Clayfolk Show application. Even email subscribers will receive their newsletter-application issue via snail mail. The application is three pages : page 1 is booth size request, page 2 is committee work preferences and page 3 is work shift preferences. This has been done to communicate more information and to help get committee and work schedules right.

The goal with this change is to clarify a participant’s responsibilities. For instance, when you fill out your committee sheet, that same sheet will list the duties of the committee. The instructions and guidelines section will have additional information.

Other changes are four new chair positions. Two of these positions will help the Treasurer. The other two will help the Show Chair implement the changes to the application, as noted above.

The new Chair positions are :

1. Price Tag : Responsible for keeping price tag pages in order. Duties include adding potters pages correctly at the end of each sale day. This Chair has assigned work-shift people, but has no committee workers.

2. Cash/Check : Count cash and checks, have a correct tally at the end of each sales day. This Chair has one committee person.

Note : Price tag Chair and Cash/Check Chair work closely with the Treasurer. Both of these Chairs will do most of their work at the show. If you are interested in either of these two positions, please apply on your show application in April or May.

3. Show Registrar : Responsible for receiving and documenting applications for the show. Duties include providing the Show Chair with a complete list of applicants, booth size requests, distributing booth fees to the Treasurer and supplying the Work shift or Committee Chair with their appropriate applications. This chair works alone.

4. Committees : This chair places participants on their committee. Duties include publishing a committee list in the July newsletter and calling specific chairs, including publicity, advertising, and others, to make certain that they have appropriate committee members. This chair works alone.

The Show Chair is responsible for choosing the other Chairs for the show.

Note : Show Registrar and Committees Chair will work closely with the Show Chair. Both do most of their work in May and June. Interested people should apply for either of these two positions immediately.

Please email hungrypotter@highstream.net or write to Jim Keith, 871 Troy Road, Oakland, Oregon 97462

Call for Images for Webpage

WEBPAGE : Here’s an opportunity not to be missed. You can soon be represented in the "Gallery" section of our Clayfolk website, and later, gain publicity, if you are in the Clayfolk show. All you need to do is select up to three pieces of your clay work for digital imaging. If you already have slides or photos, please have them converted to a digital format. Your final digital images should be at a resolution of at least 300 dpi, preferably jpeg format. The June membership form will include options regarding participating in the Gallery section of the Clayfolk webpage.

The Clayfolk website Gallery section will also carry a bit of your biographical information and will link to your website. Look for the new questions on the annual membership form. Once Don Clarke (Website Chair - enews@clayfolk.org) receives this information, he will contact those interested regarding their digital images. - From the Clayfolk Website Team

Clayfolk News

Show Chair : Penelope Dews and others are interested in observing the show chairs responsibilities, without committing to being chair. Jim will be conferring with those chair trainees, but wants everyone to know that it is not a closed group: all are welcome in discussions while setting up and running the show.

Webpage : Don Clarke is designing our webpage for 9 points. Those giving their input on the website get 2 points. The committee is composed of Carole Pacquin, Leslie Lee and Bonnie Morgan.

Storeage unit : A NEW CHAIR A new position was created for 4 points.

Art Show : A committee is being created to handle the GPMA show arrangements.

New jobs : The board approved Jim's 4 new chairs. The board has agreed to revisit these positions in one year. The board passed a motion to have the building committee drawn out of hat for everyone.

Booth assignments : Results of the survey on assigning or choosing booth positions was a three way draw; we are going to have a combined system that will be revisited after one year to assess member satisfaction with the changes.

Empty Bowls Sale Set for March 3

Soroptimist International of Ashland, SOU and the Schneider Museum of Art again are sponsoring an Empty Bowls Pottery Sale. Proceeds will go to local hunger programs.

Pottery donated by Clayfolk potters and local pottery classes will be sold at the Thorndike Gallery, SOU Art Building, next to the Schneider Museum on First Friday, March 3, 2006 from 5 to 7 PM.

Points Update

The Points committee met to evaluate the points recommendations by the board, to update the points assignments, and to formulate a system for assigning points to new or one time positions.

The whole points issue is a difficult one. It seems that everyone is "worried" about how many points they can earn and who will dole them out. The board feels the crunch when people complain. We hope that a new bookkeeping system and republishing the current rules will help. Please keep in mind that the points system does seem to be working for the purpose it was intended. We now have an adequate supply of volunteers for the various jobs that make Clayfolk work , and a fair way to allocate space available at the show.

We would like to publish the current points list with its new additions and current rules as an informational blurb. Nancy Adams , our new Points Chair, has taken on the daunting job of restructuring our record keeping to make it easier for all of us to access information about our individual accumulation of points. If you have questions about record keeping talk to Nancy, if however you need to challenge a rule or apply for an exemption contact the Board.

Guidelines :

  1. When you attend general meetings YOU are responsible for signing the attendance roster. It's too much to expect our officers to remember who was there.
  2. Points for committee work or chairmanships are assigned annually by May 31st. Committee chairs are responsible for submitting points earned to the points chair.
  3. If you drop your membership your points are not saved. You must renew your membership before the next membership year to retain points.
  4. Couples who have one membership have one set of points. If they decide to get separate memberships they must decide how the accumulated points will be divided.
  5. Library chair is a one year office chosen from the last year's members.
  6. New members joining anytime during the membership year earn all 3 membership points.
  7. Membership year is June 1st to May 31st. Points are assigned May 31st.
  8. One time points allocations for jobs needed will be assigned by the board with help from the points committee if needed.
  9. If you co-chair a committee or share a board position those points are divided between you.
  10. Committee chairs have the discretion to not award full points for members' inadequate participation.
  11. Remember, NO points are awarded for participation in the annual Clayfolk show.
  12. For show committee chairs to receive all their points they are required to attend 2 out of 3 mandatory show organizing meetings. (1 point deducted for 2 missed meetings, 2 points for 3 missed meetings).

Thanks for your patience with our growing pains. The points committee : Barbara Linnemeyer, Irene Stephens, Rebecca Gold, Debbie Jones and Jenny Harkins, Chair.

Clayfolk Points     SHOW POINTS  


  Show chair


President elect or vice












Member at large










  Sales tag


Membership chair




Points chair






  Demo area


Empty bowls


  Kids area


Scholarship chair


  Group booth


Scholarship member (4)




Library chair




Library member (2)


  Info packet


Program chair




Program member (2)


  Committee placement


Mail box checker




Attend gen. Meetings




Host general meetings


  Storage unit person


Annual membership


  Work extra shift


NOTE : Numbers in Parenthesis are the numbers of member of that committee.

Clayfolk Glaze Group Shares Glazes … galore !

At the last meeting, potters compared results from glazes shared earlier. This was such a hit that we will be bringing more unfired tiles and a bucket of another glaze to share at the February meeting. will, also, bring unfired test tiles that have been dipped in our favorite glazes. These test tiles will then be dipped into Phil's white so that we can see the exciting results of double dipping.

We will explore overlapping glazes, line blending and research on basic glaze materials soon. The first material researched will be fluxes. Each of us is choosing a flux and will discuss it, sources, ratios in glazes, how it can alter and interact with other materials, etc. The glaze group meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at Bonnie Morgan's studio in Talent next to SOPS. Please attend. For the e-mail list, send your address to Shirley Huft at pigpenpots@aol.com your address to Shirley? A few addresses have become lost somewhere in her computer.

STCA Shows Totems in Grants Pass Museum of Art

Second Tuesday Clay Artists (STCA) has a show of totems at the Grants Pass Museum of Art during the month of February. In addition to the group totem poles made to be auctioned off at the Black, White and the Blues fund-raiser, each member is showing a totem pole, or two or three totems. The ceramic works are stacked on metal rods. Most involve multiple images and many pieces of ceramic sculpture. Some are up to about seven feet tall. Others are embellished with glass and other materials. Many follow the theme of "The Deep," though not all do. Firing techniques range from pit to high fire reduction. Call GPMA for hours at 479-3290.

Gwen Childs arranges her totem poles, which feature images of fish and fishermen interacting.

Shirley Usher discusses her totem with Ruth Wendover, Gwen Childs and Jim Winchell at the Grants Pass Art Museum. Also exhibiting with the group are Roxanne Hunnicutt, Marilyn Moore, Pam Fischtner, Karen Nichols, Huft, Pam Fichtner, Carolyn Rice, and Shirley Huft.

For information on STCS, a clay group open to all, call Gwen Childs at 955-8951 or email childs1@msn.com

News from SOPS

Reed Wax

Clayfolk member Deborah Mahannah highly recommends "Reed Wax" and asked if we could carry it. Similar to our other wax resist products it is a water based wax, making for easy clean up. The main advantages of this wax are that it dries quickly and is easy to apply because of its thin consistency.

Ravenscrag slip

Yes, we have it in stock! The Jan/Feb issue of Pottery Making Illustrated had an article on cone 6 glazes based on this slip. If you want to try out the slip stop by the store and ask for a copy of the article.

Nick’s Picks

Stop by the store and see a display of Nick’s pots along with his favorite tools, accessories, and books from SOPS. Nick is a long time friend and employee who, besides working two days per week at SOPS, is a resident artist at Phoenix Clay and Steelworks.

As the landscape of the pottery supply world changes we fully realize that we only exist because of you, our customers' appreciate your feed back and suggestions on how we can best serve you. Are you shopping for equipment or supplies on the internet? Give us a call before you hit the buy button; see what we can do for you. We appreciate your business.

The February Saturday Morning Workshops Continue

Pre-registration is required as class size is limited.

Functional Teapots

Yes you can make a teapot the does not drip! Bonnie Morgan will demonstrate and share her experience with this challenging form. A variety of lids, handles, and spouts will be covered, and you will be given a chance to try them out. February 18th, 9 am-12 PM. Course fee $25

Brushwork- Majolica

Bring bisque ware (or we will have tiles available) and your brushes, we will supply the glazes for a morning of exploring Creatable colors.? This is a Laguna glaze product that is interminable like paint, and fires at cone 05. It can be used under a glaze or on glaze for majolica techniques. Phil will be demonstrating his brushwork. February 25th, 9 am-12 PM. Course fee $25 Call 535-6700 to register.

Summer Workshops at Hummingbird

Paul Bennett - June 16-18 "A Big, Colorful Painting Class" - Tempera on paper allows for spontaneous exploration of color and composition. Appropriate for all skill levels.

Patty Drake - July14-16 "Creating One-of-a-Kind Photo Art" -Manipulate Polaroid emulsions, slides, prints or digital images to create montages, collages and overlays from your photos. Appropriate for all skill levels.

Dennis Meiners - July 22-24 "Building with Handmade Textured Slabs "Slabs not made in a slab-roller produce endless variety of possibilities for hand building pottery and sculpture. Appropriate for all skill levels.

Leslie Lee July - 28-30 "Figurative Teapots" - Body, Handle, Lid and Spout are just the beginning when your imagination kicks in! Some ceramics experience helpful.

Victoria Christen - Aug 11-13 "Slipped Surfaces on Constructed Forms" -Terra Sigillata and colored slips on low fire terra cotta pottery define the forms and offer colorful decorating possibilities. Some ceramics experience helpful.

Patrick Horsley - Aug 18-20 "Everything but Round" -Thrown and altered forms with emphasis on changing the geometry and introducing new ideas about clay. Wheel throwing experience helpful.

$265 includes all materials and lunches. $20 discount if registered before May 1st.

Call Dennis and Leslie at 541-899-7045 for more information. Photos and descriptions will soon be available at www.HummingbirdSouthernOregon.com

Ashland Art Works Workshops

Ashland Art Works Gallery and Workshop Center is located 2 blocks from downtown Ashland. You will find a 600 square foot workshop area, plus five studios and four galleries.

Reyne Athana : Feb 24-26, Working the Clay with Ruffles, Ridges and Rocks. Reyne has a MFA in Ceramics, and is currently teaching at U of Alaska, Fairbanks. Her workshop combines demonstration and experience with altering forms, wheel skills, hand-building new shapes, surface texture and decoration. Feb 24,25 2006. Materials are included in the $150 maximum registration.

Creativity Workshop / Elin Babcock : March 11 and 25, 2006, 10 to 3PM. Donation.

Jim Romberg : Raku, April 8,9 2006. $250 for three days. Hand-building workshop: May 12 and 13th. $150. Student discounts available.

 Raku pot by Jim Romberg

Terry Inokum : Low Fire Glaze Techniques, TBA.

Accommodations available onsite : www.abbottscottages.com

The Art Works are located at 291 Oak Street in Ashland, OR 97520. Call 541-482-9665 or visit www. Ashland Art Works. com for details.

For Sale

Barely used pyrometer. Don’t need it anymore since I bought a new computerized kiln. jcapetty@qwest.net

NEW Fireball Oxyprobe - 12 inch. Still in its original packaging. Paid $795.00 Asking $525. Contact Shirley Usher at 84606043 or rcusher@earthlink.net

Upcoming Shows

Art in Bloom - May 13, 14 - Medford, Oregon - late applications due 2/24/06 www.visitmedford.org

Bellevue Arts & Crafts Fair July 28-29 - Bellevue, Washington - application deadline 2/17/06 www.bellevueart.org/craftsfair/index.htm NO ARTIST COMMISSION!

Bend Summer Festival July 8-9 Bend, Oregon application deadline 2/28/06

Bend Fall Festival October 7-8 Bend, Oregon application deadline 2/28/06

BOTH Bend Festivals at www.C3events.com

Art in the Pearl - September 2, 3, 4. Portland, Oregon - deadline 3/15/06 - www.Artinthepearl.com

Corvallis Fall Festival September 23-24 Corvallis, Oregon deadline 5/1/06. www.Corvallisfallfestival.com

Ceramic Showcase - May 5 - 7

ClayFest - October 14 -15 www.clayfest.org

Oregon Country Fair - Craft application deadline is April 1. Submit three slides. Booth is $340 (most booth space is shared by two or more crafters).

Coos Art Museum Biennial - October 20 - November 25. Non juried to all artists residing in Oregon. Works created within past 2 years.

PORTLAND SHOW : Building on the Frames of My Ancestors: Lillian Pitt. January 1-March 26, 2006. New work by Pitt, an Oregon artist. One of the indigenous people of the Columbia River Gorge, Pitt entwines myths and spirituality with contemporary themes, and draws from other traditions, including Japanese raku and the Australian anagama techniques for ceramic firing. Washington County Historical Society and Museum, 17677 NW Springville Road (PCC Rock Creek Campus) Cost: $3. 503-645-5353.