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CJ June

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Clayfolk Officers
Penelope Dews
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Shirley Huft
Lynita Zajack
Ray Foster
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Irene Stephens
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CJ June
Marydee Bombick
Empty Bowls
Hannah Brehmer
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Debera Mahannah
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Julia Janeway
Bonnie Morgan
Shirley Huft
Kazuko Young
Glaze Study Group
Janet Capetty

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Presidents News

The January Meeting was so well attended that we will be looking into a larger venue for next years January Potluck. A number of new members were introduced and 26 people participated in the gift exchange, a wonderful way to share pottery with Clayfolk friends. Nancy Ingram gave us an in-depth look at tile making. We saw a history of her tile making and teaching, public tile murals and fountains and other works that were inspirational and informative.

Chair Positions ~ We now have a New Workshop Chair, Phil Fishwick. Thank You Phil! The Program Chair and Splash Page Chair positions are still open. If you would like to make some points and are interested in finding out more about these positions, please call Shirley Huft at 541-476-0593 or 541-415-1971.

Clarification of Booth Pick Procedures ~ Clayfolk Show Booth selection takes place during the October meeting. Selection begins with the members having the most points and proceeds in decending order. If you cannot make it to the meeting please ask someone attending to pick for you. Members who are absent and have no one to select for them will have a booth assigned to them at the end of the selection process. These assignments will be made using points as well, beginning with the highest number of points.

Welcome to our new members

·        Madalyn Dixon of Canyonville

·        Ted Isto of Myrtle Creek

·        Russell Richmond of Medford

·        Barbara Van Dyke of Medford

·        Catherine Van Dyck of White City

·        David Woof of Port Orford

·        Janise Pratt Grants of Pass

·        Kathy Chen Milstead of Medford

Upcoming Meetings

·        General : March 21, Sunday at 2:30 at the Hufts in Grants Pass - Pit fire and Potluck

·        Board : March 11, Thurs. at 6PM at Ray Foster's house in Jacksonville

Traveling potter
I will be spending a month traveling in Portugal this fall. If you have been there and can suggest some of your personal not-to-be-missed places I would appreciate it. Also, if you know of any potters or potteries in Portugal , I would love to be able to connect with some local potters during my travels. Thanks ... Don Clarke at ddclark@efn.org



Annual Clayfolks Library Donations

Jackson County Library

·        Ceramic Design Course : Principles, Practice, and Techniques - by Anthony Quinn

·        Functional Forms and Aesthetic in Pots of Purpose - by Robin Hopper

·        Handbuilding with Mitch Lyons (DVD)

Josephine County Library

·        The Extruder Book - by Daryl E. Baird

·        Electric Firing: Creative Techniques - by Anderson Turner

·        Introduction to Throwing (DVD) - by Stephen Jepson

A very special thanks to Oregon Clay Distributors who assisted in obtaining some of these items at a discount.

Jackson County Empty Bowls Needs Our Help

The deadline is March 23

The Empty Bowls Project for Jackson County is in full swing, planning and getting restaurants to honor soup coupons, etc. The biggest thing we need are donations from Clayfolk potters. We picked up a few at the show in November and two people brought boxes to Randy's store, but we need lots more. Remember that we help feed a lot of hungry people right here at home. The Soroptimists have created a website where they will post the names of everybody who donates something. Please consider throwing a few bowls if you don't already have something to give. I am throwing about 30 myself and feel it is time well spent. They all sold last year. Donations can be taken to Southern Oregon Clay Distributors at 240 N. Pacific Hi-way in Talent. Thursday ~  Saturday 10AM to 6PM or call Carole Paquin for a drop in Central Point. You can also call Hannah, at 541-324-9538 for pick-up arrangements. I don't have the names of those who have already donated and would like to put their names on the soroptimists' website, http://www.soroptimistrv.org/siashland/emptybowls2010. Please e-mail your info to hannah.b@mindspring.com

Remember, there are two empty bowl programs, one for Josephine County and one for Jackson County . If you want to donate to Josephine County Empty Bowls, contact Roxanne Hunnicutt roxhun@gmail.com or 541-479-1349

General Meeting and Pit Firing

The Sunday, March 21st Clayfolk meeting will be at the home of Jerry and Shirley Huft, 1201 West Jones Creek Road, Grants Pass. The general meeting will begin at 2:30PM with a pit fire being loaded after the meeting. Everyone who attends the meeting is welcome to bring food for a potluck. The potluck food is optional, but the Huft's would like a quick call if you plan on participating so they can plan the amount of food. The Hufts will provide dessert for all.

The pit fire will be the program for the afternoon, so everyone who attends the meeting is invited to bring one or two (or more if your work is small) pieces of pottery ready to fire. If your pieces are large, please call Jerry and let him know so he can make sure there is space in the pit. Wood is always welcome, but not required for your participation. If you have not participated in a pit fire before, here are some tips for preparing your pottery :

1. Use a cone 5 to cone 10 stoneware. Porcelain tends to crack. The color of your clay will affect the color of your pottery.

2. Because your piece will be fired in the ground; large, thick pieces have a tendency to crack. Pottery can be made using the wheel, slap, pinch or coil.

3. If you want your pottery to have a shine, when it is leather hard, rub a smooth stone, rubber rib or other smooth object over your pottery. This pushes the grog into the surface of your piece.

4. When your pottery is bone dry, burnish it a second time. Smooth salad oil onto a small section of your pottery. After it dries, it will look hazy. Rub your smooth stone or other object over the pottery and your pottery should develop a high shine. We have, also been polishing our pieces with a piece of plastic bag or chamois.

5. Bisque fire your pottery at cone 017. If you bisque fire your pottery at too high a temperature, it will lose its shine when the grog resurfaces. Your pottery will still be fragile, so handle it carefully.

6. You can bring organic material to place over your pottery. Some people bring dried manure, dried banana peels, straw, seaweed (we have lots) or other interesting material to see how it colors your pottery. You may also place copper wire on your pottery. Wherever your pottery touches the sawdust on the bottom on the pit, it will turn black, so be sure to tell Jerry how you want it placed.

Go online and check out Eduardo Lazo for comprehensive instructions on preparing your pit fired pottery : www.eduardolazo.com/pitfired.html

For more advanced information on using Terra Sigillata and some great photos, go on-line to : www.robertcomptonpottery.com/Method%20of-Pit-Firing-Pottery

Another on-line site with lots of links and decoration suggestions can be found at : www.claystation.com/technical/firing/pit.html

If you still have questions, call Jerry and Shirley Huft at 541-476-0593 or 541-415-1971. Fired pieces will be held at the Huft's house either until you pick them up, or until the Hufts bring them to the May meeting. ~ Shirley and Jerry Huft


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Clayfolk 2010 Board Meetings - Newsletter Deadlines - General Meetings

Updated 1-27-10



17th     Chairs Meeting                      1:00 pm     Before General Meeting

            General Meeting       2:30 pm     Talent Fire Station



1          Newsletter Deadline

15th     Newsletter Mailed Out



11th     Board Meeting          6:00 pm  (Thursday)  -           Ray Foster’s Home

21st     General Meeting – Sunday 2:30 at the Hufts – Grants Pass - Pit Fire and Potluck



1          Newsletter Deadline membership form/ Ballot for Officers/ Show Application

15th     Newsletter Mailed Out



13th     Board Meeting          6:00pm  (Thursday)   -           TBA

16th     General Meeting - Sunday 2:30 at Kathy Harvey’s – Medford





1          Newsletter Deadline

15th     Newsletter Mailed Out

29th     Board Meeting  6:00pm Thursday -           TBA

14th     General Meeting – Wednesday 6:00   - at the Casaleggio’s - Jacksonville





1          Newsletter Deadline

15th     Newsletter Mailed Out



7th        Board Meeting 6:00 pm       -           TBA

17th     Booth Pick Meeting  2:30 Sunday  -           TBA



19-20-21                2010 Clayfolk Show



9th        Board Meeting 6:00 pm Thurs – set meetings for 2011 / review available positions 2011

1          Newsletter Deadline

15th     Newsletter Mailed out


January 2011

23rd     General Meeting - 2:30 Sunday - Potluck and Gift Exchange-

            (Talent Fire House – or bigger venue TBA)

DOWNLOAD a printable copy of the meeting schedule HERE