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The Clayfolk Newsletter is published five times a year.
Deadlines for submissions are :


Newsletter Editor
CJ June

eNewsletter publisher
Don Clarke

Clayfolk Officers
Lynita Zajack
Vice President
Carol Heisel
Jenny Harkins
Ray Foster
Members at Large
Irene Stephens
Shirley Huft
Bonnie Morgan

Committee Chairs
CJ June
Marydee Bombick
Empty Bowls
Hannah Brehmer
Show Chair
Penelope Dews
Cheryl Kempner
Julia Janeway
Penelope Dews
Bonnie Morgan
Shirley Huft
Kazuko Young
Glaze Study Group
Shirley Huft

You can email any of the above underlined members simply by clicking on their name

News from our Clayfolk President

We are fast approaching membership renewal, show application and voting for the board members. Any member in good standing can apply to be on the board. Choose the position you are interested in and submit your name to the board to be put on the ballet. Anyone who submits his or her name will be put on the ballot for a vote by the membership. Include a little about yourself to be published in the newsletter with the ballot so the membership, especially new members, can get to know you.

Being on the board is really a lot of fun. The board meets six times a year to plan and review for the coming year. If you are interested, we encourage you take a serious look at the work descriptions in this newsletter and plan to add your talents to help our wonderful organization grow.

President (15 points)

·        Set and distribute agendas for 6 board meetings.

·        Facilitate board meetings.

·        Set agenda and facilitate 5 general meetings.

·        Work with board members, board committees, and show chair to gather concerns and priorities. Check to see how everything is  going.

·        Provide timely information for each newsletter.

·        Create with the assistance of the board a yearly calendar for meeting dates and newsletter deadlines.

·        Make public, opportunities for members to earn points.

Vice-President (6 points)

·        Attend board meetings and vote on board decisions.

·        Track longevity of chairs.

·        Assist the president when requested.

·        Chair general and board meetings in the absence of the president.

·        Discharge other duties as prescribed by the general membership or board of directors.

Secretary (9 points)

·        Take minutes at all Clayfolk general and board meetings.

·        Record attendance at general meetings and provide results to Points Person.

·        Vote on board decisions, including policy changes and chairperson selections.

·        Do other tasks as assigned by president, such as information gathering or contacting members.

·        Be available to general members to provide information.

·        Provide general meeting minutes to website.



Treasurer/Show Emphasis (12 points)

·        Work with show venue representatives and show chairs.

·        Prepare and adjust individual budgets.

·        Tally yearly show receipts and individual artist show sales.

·        Collect and deposit all monies during show and throughout the year.

·        Consult annually with scholarship committee.

·        Regularly attend all board meetings.

Treasurer/Accounting Emphasis (points 12)

·        Write checks to members.

·        Write checks to accounts payable.

·        Assemble yearly tax information and deliver to preparer.

·        Maintain an electronic spreadsheet,

·        Maintain and file all pertinent receipts and statements.

·        Report general fiscal health to members/board.

·        Regularly attend board meetings.

Board Member At Large (3 points)

·        Attend all board meetings.

·        Present the concerns of the members to the board.

·        Vote on all board decisions including the selection of chairpersons.

Addition opportunities to earn points

If you are interested in any of the positions described below, please submit your interest in writing to the board by May 1st. Current chairs will be available to help with the training and any assistance.

Program Chair (3points)

Good communication skills and internet access. Arranges educational/ informational programs for 4 general meetings and give information to the Splash Page Photo Chair and Newsletter Editor.

Splash Page Photo Chair (2 points)

Able to take digital photos, type info into paragraph form of general meeting programs, workshops, Clayfolk show and other events and format to send  to Web Expeditor and Web Master, keeping them updated four times a year.

Workshop Co-Chair (5 points)

Computer skills for designing poster with artist's photos and updating workshops label lists. No additional Committee Members, works alone or with a co-chair.

Committee Meetings : As many as needed to plan two to three workshops per yea

Responsibilities :

·        Choose/contact appropriate artist(s) for workshop(s) and date(s).

·        Confirm artist's needs, fees, materials, housing, travel, etc.

·        Research location for workshop and min/max for attendees allowed.

·        Design/send out poster. Place posters in schools, art stores, etc.

·        Collect fees, answer questions and put on workshop.

Budget: Flexible – workshop should pay most or all fees.

Timeline of Major Tasks :

·        One year to six months ahead of workshop contact artist and set date.

·        Two to three months ahead of workshop find a location, set up housing, design poster and place an article in Clayfolk newsletter.

·        Six to eight weeks ahead of workshop send out and place posters. Update workshop label list.

It takes a variety of people to challenge us, encourage us, promote us. and most of all help us achieve a broader dimension of ourselves ~ Glenn Van Ekeren

Empty Bowls Program

"LAST CALL FOR DONATIONS : The deadline for Empty Bowls donations is March 23rd. You can take them to SOU ceramics department 7 days a week from 8AM to 10PM. Say hello to a fellow Clayfolk member Robin Strangfeld and head of the ceramics department. You can also call Carole Paquin at 665-1333 for directions to her place in Central Point, or call Hannah Brehmer at 324-9538 for pickup.

This year, more than ever, people are relying on the soup kitchens and cupboards to keep going. This is a great way for us to help. Any functional or non-functional ceramic artwork you are willing to donate will be sold on April 3rd at a great First Friday event at SOU and ALL the proceeds will go to the food banks to help get their shelves stocked.


Welcome New Members !!

·        Wanda Brown of Ashland

·        Douglas Harland of Cave Junction

·        Bill and Claire Delffs of Eugene

·        Wayne Lambert of Vida

·        Thomas Benner of Brookings (The Artist Studio, Inc)

·        Donna Fontana-Smith of Klamath Falls

·        Robert Johnson of Roseburg

·        Maggie Shepard of Mt Shasta , CA


The AAUW Garden Tour Committee is looking for clay artists willing to loan clay pieces (sculpture, fountains, tile murals, etc.) for display in six different gardens featured in their tour in or near Ashland on June 7, 2009 . This would be a great opportunity for artists to show their work to the public. Last year about 500 people attended the tour. Please submit slides or photos of your work no later than April 1st. Those selected will be mentioned in the tour brochure that is printed by May. If you are interested please contact Nancy Schulman at n_schulman@q.com or 488-4060.

Southern Oregon
Clay Distributors

Now open at 240 North Pacific Highway , Talent , OR 97540

Check out their website www.southernoregonclaydistributors.com

Hours : Thursday – Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM

Calling hours: Monday – Friday 8 AM – 7 PM

Call 866-933-1914 to place orders for clay products or ceramics equipment

The clay supplier in Brookings that was mentioned in an earlier newsletter is no longer in business.



Manual kickwheel, barely ever used. $200. If interested, please call Jessica Ayres at 541-951-4004, located near Jacksonville . It is also listed on craigslist with a comparable picture from the internet. I can be contacted by email at jessica.ayres@wellsfargo.com

Pacifica GT-400 pottery wheel with splash pan in excellent condition (used less than a dozen times) available for sale at $550.00 If you are interested, please contact Judy at 541-535-1834 or judy@divinegrace.us


Fired up again!!

Applegate House is offering another opportunity March 26 through 28 to wood-fire up to 10 cubic feet of wares in the cone 2-3 range. Pit fire, saggars and experimental techniques welcome. If you are interested, Call Peppi at 541-672-7184 or Susan at 541-849-3500. The participating group will plan for wood supply, firing strategies and logistics. $40.00 covers wood costs.
Please Register by March 10.


Upcoming Meetings

March 9, 2009 : Board Meeting 6 PM Monday at Ray Foster's house

March 18, 2009 : General Meeting 6:30 PM at Wednesday Cheryl Kempner's house. Presentation by representative from Georgies

Please take note of Clayfolk' new address


PO Box 1334

Jacksonville , Oregon 97530