eNEWSLETTER - March- April 2008


P.O. BOX 274
TALENT, OR 97540

The Clayfolk Newsletter is published five times a year.
Deadlines for submissions are :


Newsletter Editor
CJ June

eNewsletter publisher
Don Clarke

Clayfolk Officers
Lynita Zajack
Vice President
Carol Heisel
Jenny Harkins
Ray Foster
Members at Large
Irene Stephens
Shirley Huft
Bonnie Morgan

Committee Chairs
CJ June
Marydee Bombick
Empty Bowls
Hannah Brehmer
Show Chair
Penelope Dews
Cheryl Kempner
Julia Janeway
Penelope Dews
Bonnie Morgan
Shirley Huft
Kazuko Young
Glaze Study Group
Shirley Huft

You can email any of the above underlined members simply by clicking on their name

Current positions open with points available are :

·        Webmaster

·        Workshops (one position of two)

Please submit your interest in a short letter outlining your qualifications to the board. Applications can be mailed to SOPS.

Also, we will be voting for officers in April. All positions are voted on each year and all current members are encouraged to apply.

This year Carol Heisel would like to step down as vice-president so we are actively seeking anyone interested in taking on her duties.

Ballots go out in the April 1 newsletter. Please contact Lynita Zajack if you are interested.

Descriptions for Chair Positions

Workshop Chair/Co-Chair

Special Skills Needed : Computer skills for designing poster with artist's photos and updating workshop label list.

Additional Committee Members : Works alone or with co-chair

Responsibilities :

·        Choose/contact appropriate artist(s) for workshop(s) and date(s).

·        Confirm artist's needs, fees, materials, housing, travel, etc.

·        Research location for workshop and min/max of attendees allowed.

·        Design/send out poster. Place posters in schools, art stores, etc.

·        Collect fees, answer questions, put on workshop.

Budget : Flexible - workshop should pay most or all fees.

Committee Meetings : As many as needed to plan for 2-3 workshops per year.

Timeline of Major Tasks :

·        One year to six months ahead of workshop contact artist and set date.

·        Two to three months ahead of workshop find a location, set up housing, design poster, and place an article in Clayfolk newsletter.

·        Six to eight weeks ahead of workshop send out and place posters. Update workshop label list.


Webmaster and E-Newsletter Editor

Special Skills Needed : This position requires the ability to design/upload webpages, convert electronic documents to pdf and html formats, adjust (crop, focus, lighten, etc) digital images, send emails, and manage mailboxes for various Clayfolk Chairs.

Responsibilities : Work with the newsletter editor to obtain electronic version (pub), convert it to webpage (html), and upload to webpage via ftp. Keep in touch with various Chairs to ensure the webpage has current up-to-date info on their committees. Work with Clayfolk Show Publicity Committee to maximize exposure on webpage and provide show-specific content/pages. Promote webpage to membership via the Gallery, Local Events, and Resources/Teaching sections. Forward to eNews recipients any information from fellow Clayfolk members.

Budget : $120 for domain name and hosting

Timeline of major tasks : Web domain name/hosting are renewed in June. At the time of publication of each newsletter you need to convert/upload to www. Work to support Clayfolk show in the fall. Ongoing support as required for any chairs and/or members that need it.

Clayfolk Officer's Responsibilities


·        Set and distribute agendas for 6 board meetings

·        Facilitate board meetings.

·        Set agenda and facilitate 5 general meetings

·        Work with board members, board committees, and show chair  to gather concerns and priorities and follow up

·        Provide timely information for each newsletter

·        Create with assistance of the board a yearly calendar for meeting dates and newsletter deadlines

·        Make public, opportunities for members to earn points.

·        In early May, distribute  point forms to Scholarship and Library chairs. Complete point forms for all other board members and board committees and return to the Points Chair by May 31.

Vice President

·        Attend board meetings and vote on board decisions.

·        Assist the president when requested.

·        Chair general and board meetings in the absence of the president.

·        Discharge other duties as prescribed by the general membership or board of directors.

Member At Large

·        Attend all board meetings

·        Present the concerns of the members to the board

·        Vote on board decisions including the selection of chairperson


·        Take minutes at all Clayfolk general board meetings.

·        Record attendance at general meetings and provide results to Points Person.

·        Vote on board decisions, including policy changes and chairperson selections.

·        So other tasks as assigned by president, such as information gathering or contacting members.

·        Be available to general members to provide information

·        Provide general meeting minutes to website.


·        Write checks to members and accounts payable

·        Assemble yearly tax information and deliver to preparer

·        Maintain an electronic spreadsheet.

·        Maintain and file all pertinent receipts and statements.

·        Report general fiscal health to member/board

·        Regulary attend board meetings.

Treasurer/Show Emphasis

·        Work with show venue representatives and show chairs

·        Prepare and adjust individual budgets

·        Tally yearly show receipts and individual artist show sales.

·        Collect and deposit  monies during show and throughout the year.

·        Consult annually with scholarship committee

·        Regulary attend all board meetings

Ken Standhardt, Clayfolk member and participant in the 2007 Clayfolk show was on the cover of the January 2008 Clay Times. Congratulations Ken !

FOR SALE UPDATE : Southern Oregon Pottery Supply

First, thank you to everyone who called or stopped by with suggestions on the selling of SOPS. One of our strategies has been to contact existing supply companies to see if anyone is interested and we have had a few lookers. Georgies came down several weeks ago, but decided that the distance and commitment of managing another location were not something they wanted to take on. We have a few more possibilities to follow up on. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions give us a call at 535-6700.

Our goal continues to be keeping a supplier in Southern Oregon


It's time to start thinking about getting back to the studio for you and time for SOPS to start in on a bit of Spring Cleaning. We've got overstock, discontinued items, special orders that weren't picked up, clearance items, etc. - too numerous to list everything, but it all has to go and it's all on sale through the end of March! Here are some samples :


      ETS 27     reg. price $2530       Sale Price $2024      SAVE $506

      ET 23       reg. price $1690       Sale Price $1352      SAVE $338

      E 23          reg. price $1507       Sale Price $1205      SAVE $302

      E 1814     reg. price $1247       Sale Price $997        SAVE $250

      E 1414     reg. price $1143       Sale Price $914        SAVE $229


      A8HKT     reg. price $665          Sale Price $532        SAVE $133

      A great little 120 volt, cone 10 test kiln!


      FKHEPTA (7 sides)       reg price $72             Sale Price $61          SAVE $11

      FKOCTA (8 sides)         reg price $114           Sale Price $97          SAVE $17

      FKDECAJR (10 sides)  reg price $140           Sale Price $119        SAVE $21

CLOSE OUT - HIGH ALUMINA KILN SHELVES - High quality Acme Marl shelves from England. Equal to silicon carbide in strength with higher thermal shock resistance, they are also very warp resistant.

CLEAN STREAM FILTERS - Keep the dust under control in your studio! These are HEPA quality filter cartridges for your wet/dry vacs by Craftsman, Hoover and Genie.



BOOK BARGAINS! New and Used books on sale!


Currently we have two Electric kilns, one large Gas kiln, Pouring table for slip casting, Ball mill, and a Talisman sieve for glaze mixing.  Call for details or if you are looking to sell or buy other used equipment.

Patterns, textures, imagination

Create infinite patterns and textures using hot glue on wood paddles. Use the same technique on wood blocks for stamps or on plywood, canvas or masonite to texture slabs.

Signature Stamps

Use a broad-tipped marker, sign your name on plastic wrap, flip the plastic wrap over to the reverse side and trace the outside lines of your signature onto a pad of clay with a needle tool. After letting the clay dry until just before leather hard, carve away the excess clay with small tools and, voila, the signature appears in relief. Create an embossed signature using the same plastic wrap but this time use a dull pencil to impress and don't carve.

The Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts announces its Special Exhibit

Painting with Fire: Wood Fired Ceramics

June 20th-22nd, 2008 at the Lakewood Center for the Arts

Call for entries: Juried Artists Exhibit

This exhibition will feature the largest gathering of wood fired ceramics ever assembled in the state of Oregon. For more information about the exhibition or to download an application, please go to the Lakewood Center homepage at http://www.lakewood-center.org

Empty Bowls will be taking donations until March 17. Contact Hanna Brehmer for more information. To get more information about Empty Bowls go to this website : http://www.soroptimistrv.org/siashland.html

Ashland Art Works and Thrown Stone have workspace and gallery space available. For more information call Cheryl Kempner.

Hummingbird Workshops 2008

·        June 27-29 Beverly Mayeri - Sculpting Heads

·        July will include :

Leslie Lee - Non-fired finishes & Structures for Sculpture (3days)

Dennis Meiners - Hand-building with Textural Slabs (3days)

Jim Robinson, Dennis Meiners and Bonnie Morgan - Glazing to Lower Emissions and Your Fuel Bill (5 days)

·        August 1 thru 3 Kathryn Finnerty - Make it Fancy (3 days)

Check their website at HummingbirdSouthernOregon.com or call 541-899-7045 for specifics

FOR SALE : Duncan Kiln Teacher Plus, 220/240v. I bought this kiln about 15 years ago and it has seen very little use - it has been moved more times than it has been used. It comes with its own Envirovent, owners manual, shelves. I paid $800 for the kiln and $250 for the Envirovent, plus more for the shelves. Asking $500 today - or best offer. Can deliver within 100 miles. Can ship - you'll pay the shipping costs. The kiln inside dimensions are 17.5 wide 19.75 high, outside is 25 wide 35 tall which includes the Envirovent. It fires to cone 8. Linda Watson, Klamath Falls Oregon. 541 281-9295

2008/09 Calendar of Event


7          Board Meeting          6 PM

20        General Meeting       2:30 PM


1          Newsletter deadline

15        Newsletter mailed


10        Board Meeting          6 PM (Ray's House)

19        General Meeting       6:30 PM (Wednesday) Al Dockwiller hosting


1          Newsletter deadline

Membership Form

Ballot for officers

Show Application

15        Newsletter mailed


5          Board Meeting          6 PM (Jenny's House)

18        General Meeting       2:30 PM (Sunday) Hufts hosting (Pit Fire)



1          Newsletter deadline

Membership list

Points List

Show participants

Show committee Assignments

14        Board Meeting          6 PM

15        Newsletter Mailed     Mailed to ALL members

30        General Meeting       6:30 PM (Wednesday) Susan Casaleggio hosting



1          Newsletter deadline

15        Newsletter mailed


6          Board meeting          6 PM

19        General Meeting       2:30 PM (Sunday) Booth Pick Talent Firehouse


14 thru 16                               Clayfolk 2008 Show


1          Board Meeting          6:00 PM

Set meetings for 2009

Review Available positions for 2009

            Newsletter deadline

January 2009

1          Newsletter mailed

12        Board Meeting          6 PM

18        General Meeting       2:30 (Sunday) Potluck and gift exchange Talent Firehouse