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General Meeting and Pit Firing


The March 21st Clayfolk meeting will be at the home of Jerry and Shirley Huft, 1201 West Jones Creek Road, Grants Pass. The general meeting will begin at 6:30PM with a pit fire being loaded prior to the meeting (between 5:00 and 5:30). The pit fire will be the program for the evening, so everyone who attends the meeting is invited to bring one or two (or more if your work is small) pieces of pottery ready to fire. If your pieces are large, please call Jerry and let him know so he can make sure there is space in the pit. Wood is always welcome, but not required for your participation. Everyone who attends the meeting is welcome to bring food for a potluck. If you prefer to eat prior to attending the meeting, then potluck food is optional. The Hufts will provide dessert for all.


If you have not participated in a pit fire before, here are some tips for preparing your pottery :


1. Use a cone 5 to cone 10 stoneware. Porcelain tends to crack. The color of your clay will affect the color of your pottery.

2. Because your piece will be fired in the ground; large, thick pieces have a tendency to crack. Pottery can be made using the wheel, slap, pinch or coil.

3. If you want your pottery to have a shine, when it is leather hard, rub a smooth stone, rubber rib or other smooth object over your pottery. This pushes the grog into the surface of your piece.

4. When your pottery is bone dry, burnish it a second time. Smooth salad oil onto a small section of your pottery. After it dries, it will look hazy. Rub your smooth stone or other object over the pottery and your pottery should develop a high shine.

5. Bisque fire your pottery at cone 017. If you bisque fire your pottery at too high a temperature, it will lose its shine. Your pottery will still be fragile, so handle it carefully.

6. You can bring organic material to place over your pottery. Some people bring dried manure, dried banana peels, straw, seaweed (we have lots) or other interesting material to see how it colors your pottery. You may also place copper wire on your pottery. Wherever your pottery touches the sawdust on the bottom on the pit, it will turn black, so be sure to tell Jerry how you want it placed. Last year he cut his hand and the blood gave some very interesting colors to the pottery - but please don't open a vein!



If you still have questions, call Jerry and Shirley Huft at 541-476-0593. Fired pieces will be held at the Huft's house either until you pick them up, or until the Hufts bring them to the following meeting. ~ Shirley


Future Clayfolk Meetings – Place on Your Calendar

·        March 21, Wednesday at 6:30 General Meeting at Huft’s in Grants Pass; 5PM Pit Fire for interested members.

·        May 20, Sunday at 2:30 General Meeting at Kathy Harvey’s in Medford.

·        July 22, Sunday at 1:00 General Meeting at Vera Roger’s near Canyonville.

·        October 21, Sunday at 2:30 General Meeting and Booth Selection at Bonnie Morgan’s studio in Talent. ~ Cheryl


Clay Studio Space Available

Thrown Stone Studio in Ashland is newly remodeled and is looking for additional clay artists to rent space. There are two gas kilns, four electric, and a raku kiln. Monthly studio space rents for $85 with additional fees for kiln firings. For more information contact Randy Warren 301-2751. Thrown Stone is located along Ashland Creek at 291 Oak Street


Glaze Study meets Wednesday, February 14, 2007 at 6PM

The Glaze group meets on the second Wednesday at Bonnie’s studio, next to SOPS. Participants will report on their chosen elements. Shirley


Empty Bowls Update

Empty Bowls will be held on First Friday (April 6) in Ashland at the Thorndike Gallery. Empty Bowls will be raffling off pieces for more information check out our Empty Bowls page. If you have donations for the raffle or any regular bowls that could be sold, call Marie at 482-2818 or email artofclay@hotmail.com ~ Donna


SOPS Pottery Classes - Saturday Morning Workshops


Join us during the month of March for one or all of our Saturday morning hands-on workshops. Give us a call if you want more information or stop by SOPS and see examples by the workshop artists. Pre-registration is required as class size is limited. To register give us a call at 535-6700.


Porcelain Color Inlay March 10th (9AM – 12PM) Porcelain artist, Peppi Melick well known for her bright and lively colored tableware, inspired by floral and vegetable designs will be sharing the techniques she has developed in working with layers of colored clay. Previous hand building experience is helpful. Clay and stains are included in the materials fee. $35 plus $5 materials fee.


Overglazes : Lusters & Precious Metals March 17th (9AM – 12PM) Add jewel like decoration to your already glazed pieces. Chris Kienle will show you how to use several luster products along with metallics. These products definitely have some “tricks” in application and firing. Bring finished pieces to work on. Chris recommends that you bring at least 2 pieces one with a light or white background and the other with a darker glaze. The materials fee includes the lusters, gold, and firing.$35 plus $10 materials fee.


Precious Metal Clay (PMC) March 24th (9AM – 12PM) PMC is and exciting new material that handles just like pottery clay, but fires into solid silver. Learn about the tools and techniques for working with PMC and produce a pair of earrings or a pendant. Kirsten Bakke is a certified PMC teacher and teaches both beginning and advanced classes. The materials fee includes a tool kit and the Precious Metal Clay. $35 plus $35 materials fee


Cuerda-Seca March 31st (9AM – 12PM) Cuerda Seca (dry cord) is historically associated with decorated tiles from Persia, Spain and Portugal. It involves drawing outlines with a resist that has coloring oxide in it, and then laying colored glazes between those lines. After firing the resist is gone and the glazed areas have a dark outline. Phil Fishwick will lead this workshop demonstrating and sharing formulas for the resist. The materials fee includes tiles to work on, use of Laguna’s Cuerda Seca glazes and an applicator bottle of resist. Bring your own bisque ware if you want. $35 plus $10 materials fee


Spring Pottery Classes at SOPS


February Open Studio Raku $95 Saturday (10AM to 1PM) - Nick Geankoplis 4 weeks February 10 to March 3 Four weeks of firing-learn about Raku glaze application, firing and smoking techniques. Bring your ready to glaze bisque ware from home or other classes. Glazes and equipment are provided.


March/April Pottery Classes 8 weeks starting the week of March 4th $175

  • #1 Thursday 9:30AM to 12PM - Penelope Dews
  • #2 Thursday 3:30PM to 6PM - Nick Geankoplis
  • #3 Wednesday 6PM to 8:30PM - Bill Francis
  • #4 Thursday 6:15PM to 8:45PM - Penelope Dews

No previous art or ceramic experience is necessary just a desire to play in clay! Classes are also suitable for those with some experience who wish to refine their skills or learn new approaches. Hand building, wheel-throwing techniques and glaze application will all be covered. Tools are supplied, clay is extra. Open Studio 1PM to 4PM on Saturdays.


April Open Studio Raku $95 Saturday (10AM to 1PM) - Nick Geankoplis 4 weeks April 7- April 28 Four weeks of firing-learn about Raku glaze application, firing and smoking techniques. Bring your ready to glaze bisque ware from home or other classes. Glazes and equipment are provided. Call SOPS in Talent OR ~ Bonnie


Summer Workshops - Hummingbird Studios


The times for these workshops are 9AM to 4PM. Basic supplies and lunches are included. Payment in installments can easily be arranged. For more information and registration, go to www.HummingbirdSouthernOregon.com or call 541-899-7045.


June 22-25 - Beth Cavener Stichner This workshop is full.


July 27-30 - Leslie Lee "The Figure in Clay" Building figures with pottery hand building techniques and a fourth day to explore non-glaze surface finishes. Some ceramics experience helpful ($350).


August 11-13 - Dennis Meiners "Building with Handmade Textured Slabs" Slabs not made in a slab-roller produce endless variety of possibilities for hand building pottery and sculpture. Appropriate for all skill levels ($285).


August 17-19 - Josh DeWeese "Wheel Throwing & Beyond" Those who saw Josh's engaging demonstrations at the 2006 NCECA in Portland have an opportunity for "hands-on" work with a master. Wheel throwing experience helpful ($85).


September 14-16 - Mira Mathison "Thrown and Altered" A chance to go beyond mere technique and into personal expression that elevate ceramics to the realm of true art. Wheel throwing experience helpful ($285). ~ Leslie Lee




Hand building Raku February 24th from 10AM to 4PM, February 25th from 10AM to 4PM and March 3 from 9AM to 4PM. Maximum 8 students ($200). Learn hand building techniques with emphasis on Raku as a firing method. Lorene Senesac (see below)


Beginning Hand-Building Eight sessions will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, March 6 through 29th at 10AM to 12 Noon. $175 plus $10 for materials cost. Lorene Senesac. Studio Location : Outside of Central Point, Twelve minutes from Jacksonville. Eight minutes from Gold Hill and Central Point. Phone Lorene Senesac at 664-8727 or email at Senesac5@aol.com.


Vendors Wanted : 6th Street Mall in Grants Pass wants to have artist vendors so they have instituted a new Floor Plan with flat rental rates and no commissions. They offer both in house and online sales and auctions. They provide a website to display items. They hope this marketing plan works for vendors and customers by providing quality items at affordable prices. They offer a move-in special if you reserve your space or a case in the next few weeks. Come in or call Michael or Brenda at the 6th Street Antique Mall, 328 SW 6 ST., GRANTS PASS, OR 97526

Days : 541-479-6491 Evenings : 476-0874 or email : sixthstreetmall@Qwest.net


Upcoming Shows


Glaze Group


For the January meeting six members of the group braved the icy roads to meet at Bonnie's studio in Talent. Carol Hayne gave us a quick lesson in chemistry. We came away understanding how the placement of an element on the Periodic Table and the molecular weight of an element is so important in the development of a stable glaze. For example, a glaze containing 16 atoms of Calcium, 8 atoms of Aluminum and 66 atoms of silica would be a "stable" glaze. The group decided to sign up for elements or metal oxides, research to find out what they do and to report to the group. Below are basic elements and oxides used in glazes.

To participate, send an e-mail with your choice to Shirley Huft, at pigpenpots@aol.com and you will be added to the list. All potters, Clayfolk members or not, are welcome at this group; it meets next to SOPS in Bonnie’s studio at 6 PM on Wednesday, February 14th.


Aluminum - Ruth; Barium - Ruthie ; Calcium and Lithium - Carol Hayne; Magnesium, zinc and Manganese - Roxanne; Potassium Iron - Marydee; Cobalt - Dorothy (who will send her info to the group); Strontium - Bonnie; ; Titanium - Bonnie; Tin, Boron, Silicon, Sodium, Nickel, Chrome And Copper—available.


A Remembrance


Louisa Howerton (November 30, 1921 - January 7, 2007) a long-time member, died in Grants Pass. She was a positive force and we will miss her. Tish Sholes, her granddaughter said of her :

I'm constantly reminded of her impact on me and the life of my family. I smile when I think of the days, out in her studio, and when those memories flood me with emotion, I just let it out and I cry. They are tears of joy, and those tears represent an overwhelming thankfulness for all that she did for me. Grandma was an amazing artist. I had the privilege of learning the art of pottery from her. She encouraged me, nurtured me, and she brought out a confidence in me I never knew I had. It was such an honor to have her as my teacher ….

The generosity and love shown me will be with me forever. Those were the best years of my life. Through her teaching and our time together a beautiful friendship emerged. I got to know her on a wonderful level and it wasn't all about the pottery or the finished product, it was the process and the joy of that process. I remember so clearly seeing her sit in her tall brown chair at her worktable carving a beautiful pot or being mesmerized by watching her at the wheel. It was so much fun to watch her work. She had such an insight to beauty and she shared that beauty with me through her eyes. She was inspired by all of the beauty around her, and I was inspired by her. She didn't keep beauty to herself, her joy was in sharing it. Thank you for painting all of our lives with your incredible inspiration and seeing the beauty in us. – Tish Sholes




The March 21st meeting will be at 6:30PM after a pit-fire (beginning between 5 and 5:30). Everyone who attends the meeting is welcome to bring food for a potluck. If you prefer to eat prior to attending the meeting, then potluck food is optional. Hufts will provide dessert for all. The Huft’s home is at 1201 W. Jones Creek Road, Grants Pass OR 97526.


DIRECTIONS : Whether you are driving North or South on I-5, take Exit 55 or Hwy.199, AKA Redwood Hwy as if going to the Oregon Caves or Crescent City. You will be taken West bound on “the bypass”. As soon as you get into two or more lanes of traffic, go to the left turn lane and turn before the Applebee’s Restaurant on Agness. In one block, you will turn left on Foothill. On your right at this turn there will be a Grey hound station on the right corner. Follow Foothill around the curves. About 1/2 mile past the curves, you will come to “Y” in the road : Go left, following the road under the freeway. Look for the road to your left, West Jones Creek just after the CFN sign. Go for a mile on W. Jones Creek Road and look for the mile marker. Three driveways past the mile marker is 1201 on W. Jones Creek Road and the Huft’s property. Follow the drive up to the top where there is ample parking.

IF you find the map confusing ... simply follow the written directions