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 Clayfolk Sale at the Armory

A Message from the President :
The 2005 Clayfolk Sale was quite successful in its new Medford Armory location. Revenues for the three days were $144,003 up over 15% from last year. Shoppers were pleased with the bright and modern building.

Participating potters were asked: "What worked well for this year's sale?" Here are a few of the enthusiastic responses: Good lighting, good smell, good space. Very organized - nice arrangement for booths, demo-area, and sales area. Great location." ~ Cheryl

A Message from the treasurer : There was some early consternation by our participants this year on the change of venue to the Armory. The new days of the sale and the location created some intrigue as to whether or not our loyal customers would respond or find us. We needn't have worried.

Like the last eleven Clayfolk events, this years was a success with another record sales total. The formula appears o be simple: our clay artists make beautiful work, and our patrons will find us no matter when or where we convene. Our accounting crew again were very pleased by the collective effort made by all to make our jobs easier with legible stickers and accurate sales totals. Our margin of error was a record too!

Many thanks to everyone who helped keep customer lines short, Visa machines clicking, and the sticker sheets accurate. Our best teamwork ever and assuredly the first of many great sales in the Armory. Cheers ~ Ray Foster

Above : Cheryl leads meeting before the Armory Show in October 2005



The Clayfolk webpage is about to become a reality. The Board has selected a "design" team to work with me (don clarke) in creating a full-blown webpage for the organization and show (the team consists of Bonnie Morgan, Leslie Lee, and Carole Paquin). The Board has also established priorities for the content of the webpage and empowered the team to work independently to build the webpage.

At this point we are just getting started and our first meeting should occur before the end of the year. Hopefully we will have a webpage up-and-functional early next year so that it can support the membership’s 2006 activities (i.e. : workshops, newsletter, etc). With the creation of our own webpage, I have moved the eNewsletter to a new home/location and you can find it at www.clayfolk.org/newsletter and you should now send me emails at enews@clayfolk.org ~ Don Clarke


Don’t miss our Holiday Sale during the month of December! All Equipment on Sale-wheels, kilns, slab rollers, extruders, and more. Factory rebates on Pacifica Wheels (including workstations and seats). 20% off all Kemper Tools: 10-20% off all Brushes. Selected books on sale. Many more in store specials. As always Gift Certificates are available.

Coming in February ... a month of Saturday Morning Workshops : Each Saturday we will be covering a different topic, with the emphasis on a hands-on experience. Pre-registration is required as class size is limited. Call 535-6700 to register.

4 Easy Pieces with Carol Heisel will repeat by popular demand her Teacher In-service Workshop. This fast paced workshop is designed to give teachers (and others who work with Children) hands on experience along with ideas for working with clay and children. You will leave with a set of pottery tools, 4 projects to adapt to the classroom, knowledge of glazes and the confidence to use a kiln. Participants will be given a certificate for 4 units of professional development. February 4th, 8AM -12PM. Course fee $50

Kiln Repair - Ask the expert - Phil Fishwick will spend the morning teaching you how to maintain and repair your electric kiln. Replacing elements, switches, broken brick....? Everything you have always wanted to know about kiln repair. February 11th, 9AM -12PM. Course fee $25

Functional Teapots Yes you can make a teapot the does not drip! Bonnie Morgan will demonstrate and share her experience with this challenging form. A variety of lids, handles, and spouts will be covered, and you will be given a chance to try them out. February 18th, 9AM -12PM. Course fee $25

Brushwork- Majolica Bring bisque ware (or we will have tiles available) and your brushes, we will supply the glazes for a morning of exploring Creatable colors.? This is a Laguna glaze product that is interminable like paint, and fires at cone 05. It can be used under a glaze or on glaze for majolica techniques. Phil will be demonstrating his brushwork. February 25th, 9AM -12PM. Course fee $25.

Above : Members celebrate Clayfolk’s anniversary with cake at the sale at the Medford Armory

Oregon Residencies and Retreats

Oregon School of Arts & Crafts in Portland, OR, OCAC, offers a semester-long program for emerging artists and a summer residency for mid-career artists. Residency is offered in ceramics and six other areas. Both the Junior and the Senior programs offer housing, studio space, and a stipend. Residents give a lecture and an exhibition.

The semester-long junior residency provides an opportunity for the post-graduate artist to pursue a proposed body of work over a four-month period. This program hosts two residents each semester. Media areas of concentration are decided on a rotating basis. Please see www.ocac.edu for more details.

The senior residency focuses on allowing mid-career artists a time to work during the summer. During odd numbered years the senior residency accepts applicants from all media areas of concentration for a six-week residency. This residency is offered to three artists.

During even numbered years seven resident artists representing each area of concentration are on campus for a two-week period in July. For information or an application, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Oregon College of Art & Craft, Residency Program, 8245 SW Barnes Road, Portland, OR 97225 or download the information and application on line at www.ocac.edu.

January and February

No sales, no energy because of the Christmas push is the perfect time to develop new ideas.
Plan to throw away every thing you make, so there is no sense of "saving" anything.
Read some magazines.

Doodle – Draw - Take risks. Mix up slips. Read the notes from the last workshop.
Remember why you were drawn to clay in the first place.

Arty Travel

May 24 to 30, 2006


ARTrageous Adventures is the arts travel program of the Oregon State University Craft Center. In collaboration with ArtCentric, they offer unique travel opportunities for cultural experiences. Created by Barbara Sobo Gast, arts educator and OSU Craft Center faculty member, ARTrageous Adventures’ current trip promises to be a cultural whirlwind around Manhattan. The tour also plans to visit the reopened "Top of the Rock" at Rockefeller Center; go for a private tour of Christie's Auction House; and spend a day at Noguchi Museum, Socrates Sculpture Park, PS 1, and the extraordinary Fisher-Landau Collection.

And to get familiar with the city, our first morning includes the "Uptown/downtown/east side/west side city tour," a survey of art and history unfolds as members will tour neighborhoods and experience the city's rich and diverse cultural heritage.

Other events planned include a concert at Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine with the NY Philharmonic; a night on Broadway; Radio City Music Hall; The Metropolitan, The Guggenheim; visits to private collections; and of course, a real New York deli sandwich "to go." For information, contact Barbara Sobo Gast, ARTrageous Adventures director at: bgast@peak.org; or by phone, 541-456-4331.

Grants Pass STCS Group Donates Totems to Art Museum

Second Tuesday Clay Society (STCS) built two totems to benefit the Grants Pass Museum of Art, GPMA. They will be auctioned off at the Black, White and the Blues fund-raiser. Each member contributed a sculpture of a sea creature to a work titled, The Deep. These sculptures were stacked on metal rods, one 6 feet tall and one 4 feet tall. Members are also making individual totems for a group show at the GPMA in February. For information, call Gwen Childs at 955-8951 or email childs@msn.com.

Clayfolk donates books & videos
Books donated in Ron Cunningham’s name

The Library Book Selection committee met and chose the following titles :

Books : The Extruder Book by Daryl E. Baird; Advanced Raku Techniques from Ceramics Monthly; Handbuilt Pottery Techniques Revealed by Jacqui Atkins; Making Marks: Discovering the Ceramic Surface by Robin Hopper; Setting Up a Pottery Workshop by Alistair Young; Paper Clay (2nd edition) by Rosette Gaul

Videos : Pottery Decoration : Traditional Techniques by Tom Shafer; Introduction to Hand building by Stephen Jepson. We tried to include a wide variety of subjects which would appeal to the most people. I hope you like our selection. The wonderful folks at Southern Oregon Pottery and Supply ordered them for us and they are, due to circumstances mostly beyond my control, waiting to be added to the collection. Check the catalog; as soon as they show up there you can put a hold on them. (www.jcls.org) … Tish Manley

Books donated in memory of Clayfolk member Ron Cunningham : The Surface, Exploring Electric Kiln Techniques, Ceramics for Gardens & Landscapes, Ceramics - Ways of creation, Art Deco & Modernist Ceramics, 500 Bowls, Hand building, Ceramic Wind chimes, Kate Malone: A Book of Pots , Kids N Clay Ceramics, Contemporary Porcelain, Children Clay & Sculpture, and Ceramics for Kids. All were purchased at SOPS and donated in remembrance of Ron Cunningham.


NCECA Conference will be in Portland March 8-11, 2006, but early registration must be postmarked by January 8th.

In conjunction with the conference, the Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art at Lewis and Clark will host the Invitational Exhibition from January 19 through March 12th. Titled, The New Utilitarian : Examining our Place on the Motherboard of Ceramics, this exhibition will explore ideas of technology and our place in society by focusing on the motherboard, through which all signals are directed. It will examine culture and the impact of media and technology.

The Ceramic Art Student Association, CASA, at Lane Community College will be hosting a NCECA Pre-conference in Eugene on March 6-7, 2006. Katrina Chaytor, John Glick, Matthew Metz And Susanna Stephenson are the presenting artists. See www.lanecc.edu/artad/ceramics/

Clayfolk artists Nancy Adams, Leslie Lee and Dennis Meiners will be showing at the third annual Applegate Artists Benefit for the Applegate Food Pantry the last weekend in February at the Valley View Winery in Ruch.

Hiroshi --- 2005 Update

In the fall of 2003, internationally renowned Elkton, Oregon, wood-fire potter Hiroshi Ogawa experienced a studio fire which consumed his ceramic vessels, books and tools. Just two years ago he and a number of his network of community potters were in the process of loading months of work into the combination anagama (cave kiln) and noborigama (arched climbing kiln), when a fire broke out. It was later determined that combustible materials were too close to the wood stove in his studio/gallery. When the material ignited it brought an end to Hiroshi's studio and material resources. Fortunately all present were safe and his house was spared.

On the scene, sympathizers observed that, consistent with his positive approach to life, Hiroshi's mind and heart were already moving ahead to the vision of a new studio. Thanks to $50,000 in contributions from friends worldwide, a $14,000 insurance check and the labor provided by community of friends, his dream of a new studio/gallery was made possible. Then in 2004 Hiroshi suffered a major health setback when a staph infection required him to stay in the hospital and then to endure a slow recovery.

Below : Hiroshi’s studio sale

This year his recovery came full circle when he graciously hosted the annual Thanksgiving sale with his wife Keiko. The 2005 sale delivered an array of Hiroshi's talents in tea and cooking vessels, organic "rocks", the functional and decoratively functional celebrations of his hands and heart. ~ Carole Paquin

(Thanks to Carole for generously attending Hiroshi’s party, researching and writing this! -ed.)

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes
but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust

February Photo Shoot Scheduled

Liz Ellingson will photograph ceramics on Sunday, February 5th through Tuesday, February 7th at Cheryl Kempner’s in Ashland. Prices : 1 item will be $22.00. This will includes 5 slides per item. 2 items will be $35.00, which will include 5 slides per item. Three items will cost $45.00, including 5 slides per item. Four pieces and over will be shot on an hourly basis, one hour minimum, plus film costs. 24 exposure slide film is no longer available, so this has necessitated some changes: $45/hour, with 36 exposure slides at $19.25. 24 exposure prints will cost $17.50. 12 exposure prints will cost $13.00. Any Polaroid shot will be $2.00 each. Including a CD with a print order will incur a $9.00 charge. Including a CD with a slide order will cost $14.00. Confirmations for an appointment must be made by January 14. Call early to ensure a space – 541-944-9237 or lizo@mind.net

Photo appointments must be made by January 14th.
Call early to ensure a space.

Glaze Study group

The informal, open-to-anyone glaze study group continues to meet. In November each person brought a bucket of glaze, test tiles and tested each other’s glazes. This method held the glaze variations (materials, water, thickness, errors) constant so that the clay body and firing variations could be explored.

The December meeting may involve a discussion of Terra Sigillata.

The Glaze Study Group meets the third Tuesday of every month, usually at Bonnie Morgan’s studio in Talent. For more information or to be added to the mailing list, write to Shirley at pigpenpots@aol.com or call 535-6700.


By the numbers, electronic announcements has not really caught on with the Clayfolk membership. Of the 140+ members over 100 have email but only 40 have signed up to get electronic announcements (eNews). One of the benefits of eNews is that announcements can be shared in a timely manner (where sending out a mailing may not be practical). Recently eNews announcements went out for last-minute volunteers to help with the show, for digital images for publicity purposes, an Empty Bowls reminder, and workshops with some open space. Notices to the membership can be increased by expanding those members signed-up for eNews. To that end, I have asked that the 2006 membership form have an expanded option for receiving announcements, etc. which will hopefully entice more members to try getting eNews. ~ Don Clarke

ClayFest 2005

Local Clay’s seventh annual ClayFest show in Eugene sales were up 16% to over $76,100. Participants voted for Ken Standhardt’s gallery piece for Best in Show and Rhoda Fleischman for Best Booth. Details? Log onto the ClayFest webpage at www.clayfest.org or members.efn.org/~clayfest/clayfestnotes.htm for the minutes of meetings.

Next year’s show will be October 14th and 15th at the Lane County Fairgrounds. Information? Contact chairperson@clayfest.org ~ Don Clarke

Clayfolk Workshop with Maria Simons

Maria Simons' November workshop was attended by 23 people. Participants learned what a delightful person Maria is. The relaxed workshop atmosphere allowed attendees to get a close look at the way she works. She took us from the beginnings to the completion of wall piece, including an explanation of the framing process. She also displayed a complete piece and listed the products that she uses and sources. We also got a good idea of how vacationing in the North Pole would be, just kidding. ~ Shirley Usher

Thanks to Shirley for the great workshop . — ed.


The January 22nd meeting will feature a panel of three potters. Each will each give a quick overview of one of their areas of expertise, with questions and answers to follow. Holly Gonnella will talk about "hot spots" - "hot potatoes" and other strategies for drawing customers into your booth and increasing sales. Al Dockwiller will pass on valuable information on transporting large amounts of pottery, keeping track of inventory and more. John Dodero will give a overview of wholesaling pottery. There will be much information in a very short time and something for everyone!

The annual Clayfolk party will be held on Sunday January 22, 2006 at 2:30 PM at Eagle Rock Elementary School, Eagle Point. Please bring a place setting, drinks, and food to share. There is plenty of seating available at the school. Don’t forget to bring a wrapped ceramic piece for our gift exchange.

Directions to Eagle Rock: From Interstate 5 take Highway 62 east. Go about 12 mile past the last Eagle Point turnoff and turn right onto Barton Road. The dirt road turns to pavement when you are almost at the end of Barton Road. Turn right onto Havenwood Drive. Between the 4th and 5th houses, turn left into the school parking lot. Enter school at the Student Entrance.

Change of Address: Caryn Fieger, Chrysalis Tile Studio, 56172 Rusty Road, Bandon, OR 97411 347-1461