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Special Notes

From Our Clayfolk President

The 2008 Clayfolk Show was a big success. Total sales were only down from 2007 by 4.99% (remember the 2007 show was up 19.5% over 2006). This shows we have a faithful following of clientele, and many great potters. I would like to thank all the show chairs for the hard work they did to produce such a wonderful show; all the participating potters for the work they did on their committees and during their show workshifts; and, our departing Show Chair, Penelope Dews, for her magnificant organizational skills and ideas (like the gift certificates given to customers on Sunday of this year's show, which increased our Sunday sales, Hooray). I know we are all looking forward to working with our new show chair, Debora Mahannah, and making next years show another spectacular success.

See you on January 18, Lynita Zajack

From our Show Chair

Thank you everyone for working together to make this one of the largest, friendliest, successful shows to date. I enjoyed very much the new artists that joined this years show and hope Clayfolk members were able to take time to make their acquaintance. I am looking forward to working with Debora Mahannah during next years show to make it a success as well.

All Chairs please update any information, including budgets, equipment changes and description, contact names and numbers, timeline of events, future desires for your particular committee, suggestions for next year (what worked-what didnt) etc. to bring to the meeting. You may also email me or snail mail me your information.

Wishing you the best over the holidays and with all your various holiday shows, Penelope.

Potluck and Gift Exchange

Sunday  ~ January 18, 2009

This gathering will be held once again at the Talent Fire House at 1:30 PM . This is a fun time for members to catch up on Clayfolk news, celebrate our show success and look to the New Year. There will be an informative program given by Jared  Hill from ASANTE . He is an Occupational Therapist and Ergonomic Specialist who works with how individuals use their hands and bodies in their particular type of work. When he was in college, Jared made pottery and is aware of the stresses this kind of work can have on the body.

We will also be reviewing committee chair and board positions open as of June 1st. Everyone in the entire membership is encouraged to consider serving on the board or as a committee chair. There are many positions that do not require you to live in Southern Oregon and serving is a great way to get to know members you may not have met or know well, share your ideas, and earn those valuable points. (Unlike the stock market, Clayfolk points maintain their value and continue to be a good investment.)

***** Chair meeting will be at 12:30 just prior to the Potluck******


William M. Morgan

July 6, 1944   ~   October 27, 2008

William, 64 passed away passed away October 27, 2008 at Rogue Valley Medical Center .  Known to his friends and family as Bill, he was the founder of Southern Oregon Pottery & Supply (SOPS) in Talent, where he was the familiar face behind the counter for almost 30 years.

A southerner, Bill was born on July 6, 1944 , in Knoxville Tenn. He was raised in Pennsylvania and Tennessee but met (and eloped with!) Bonnie when they were both working as VISTA community organizers during the `70s in Nebraska .  He was a great supporter of veterans'rights, first working in VA hospitals in Tennessee and Portland , where he started the first hospital-based home health care program. Bill also worked as an administrator at the VA Domiciliary in White City .

His son, Charlie, was born in 1985, in Ashland . Influenced by his wife, who was the clay artist of the family, Bill welcomed the chance to start a business delving into the material side of ceramics, providing a wealth of knowledge and support for potters of all abilities. Bill was always patient, generous, kind and easily amused. He loved to talk politics;although he did not live to see Election Day 2008, one of his last gestures was to mail in his ballot. Bill lost the struggle with CMT(Charcot-Marie-Tooth) disease, which is a neurological illness that causes deterioration of the peripheral nerves. Yet, his wit and strength still echo in many lives, and especially in the hearts of his wife, Bonnie and twenty three year old son, Charlie.

Bill's death comes ironically one month after the closing of SOPS which Bonnie had been running after Bill retired a few years ago. For ceramic artist, the image of Bill paging through SOPS's gigantic supply book will stay with us. He was the wise man behind the counter, the supporter of our imagination, and a good friend.

In addition to his wife and son, Bill is survived by his mother, Joy M. Morgan of Medford ; his brothers and sister-in-laws, Frank and Thirza Morgan of Portland , Oregon and Glenn and Jennifer Morgan of Agoura, California . If you would like to honor Bill you may make a donation in his memory to The Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association at 2700 Chestnut Parkway , Chester , PA 19013 .

From the Medford Mail Tribune, November 22,2008

To honor Bill for his many years of friendship and support to the members of Clayfolk, all present at the 2008 show voted unanimously to name our library fund The Bill Morgan Memorial Library Fund. It is our understanding that the library will put a dedication plate in each book we donate.


Applegate House Heritage Arts and Education

One last opportunity coming up for unique firing experiences. Studio and kiln are located on the grounds of the historic Applegate House in Yoncalla. Space is limited.

Call Susan at 541-849-3500 or Peppi at 541-672-7184


Wood Firing February 7th and 8th of 2009. 10 Cubic foot of ware space Cone range 2 to 3 . Pit fire, saggars and explorations also welcome. Planning for the wood supply and firing strategies and the rest of the logistics will be made by the attending group.

Good Deals

For Sale by Kathy Eck 899-3914

SKUTT Electric Kiln (cone 6) B27 31" deep. 23" wide with shelves & funriture $700. or best offer

BRENT Electric Wheel CXC $500

NEXUS scale with weights $70

GIFFEN GRIP $70 and a  small kiln that can be converted into a raku firing kiln. $50. Miscellaneous: 2 round bowl shape molds and some powdered glazes and stains.

Pacifica GT-400 pottery wheel with splash pan in excellent condition (used less than a dozen times) available for sale at $550. If you are interested, please contact Judy 541- 535-1834 or judy@divinegrace.us

Cress Electric ET23 and Shelf Kit FKOCTA - $1250 Never fired kiln purchased in Jan. of `07. Reply to vallen70@msn.com



Randy Warren, a native Ashland resident, is opening a new clay store in Ashland : Southern Oregon Clay Distributors. He has a contract with Laguna and is negotiating with Georgies. Randy is planning to be open by January 15, 2009 , with store hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, to start. Randy will start off carrying some Laguna clays but will access to the entire Laguna line. By next month he plans to have chemicals available at the warehouse. We are going to ask Randy to speak at one of our general meetings in the near future so watch your newsletter.

Southern Oregon Clay Distributors

240 N. Pacific Highway

Ashland , OR 97520

535-1311 E-Mail : southernoregonclaydistributors@gmail .com

Web Site: southernoregonclaydistributors.com