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The Clayfolk Newsletter is published six times a year.
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Newsletter Editor
Roxanne Hunnicutt

eNewsletter publisher
Don Clarke

Clayfolk Officers
Cheryl Kempner
Vice President
Carol Heisel
Jenny Harkins
Ray Foster
Members at Large
Marydee Bombick
Jim Keith
Bonnie Morgan

Committee Chairs
Roxanne Hunnicutt
Lynita Zajack
Empty Bowls
Donna Marie
Show Chair
Jim Keith
Nancy Adams
Shirley Usher
Penelope Dews
Bonnie Morgan
Shirley Huft
Tish Manley
Glaze Study Group
Shirley Huft

You can email any of the above underlined members simply by clicking on their name

January General Meeting and Potluck

You are invited to the Sunday, January 21, 2007, potluck and general meeting at 2:30 PM. We will meet on the Southern Oregon University campus, in Room 150 of the Education/Psyche building. This fun gathering will feature our website, opportunities to be involved with Clayfolk, yummy food, a pot exchange, and a brief tour of campus art.

PLEASE BRING : a potluck dish to share with a serving utensil; your own plate, napkin, drink, utensils; and a small gift wrapped pot to exchange (if you wish). Chairs will be provided.

See MAPS at the end of the eNewsletter ~ Cheryl

Clayfolk Meetings : Place these in your planner

  • Sunday January 21st at 2:30 at SOU – see above for details.
  • Wednesday March 21st at 6:30
  • Sunday May 20th at 2:30
  • Wednesday July 25th at 6:30
  • Sunday October 21st at 2:30
  • Sunday January 20th, 2008 at 2:30

Can You Host a Meeting ?

At our January gathering, locations will be selected for our 2007 meetings. A variety of locations will be selected to help even out the driving for our members. Meeting hosts earn 2 points (remember you can be a host every two years). The October meeting will be large because of booth selection, and the January meeting/potluck is also well attended. If you are unable to attend the January meeting, but would like to offer to host a meeting, please call Cheryl at 552-0100 before January 20th. ~ Cheryl

Ray Reports on Show

Our 2006 Clayfolk show, the second at the Medford Armory, is now in the books. It was, as always, very well received by our collectors. The event proper ran nearly without a hitch. Sales dipped about 5% from the year previous, the first drop in more than a decade. Even so, it was still the second highest total ever. Your board members have gathered a variety of opinions, facts and strategies to address this sales anomaly. Together we hope to begin another decade of steady growth beginning with the 2007 show.

Every year we have addressed the challenges that come with growth. This show was by far the easiest for the expanded bookkeeping crew. Of the thousands of stickers we tallied, not a one was illegible or incorrectly marked. The committee members who added up line totals during the show saved us hours of tedium. Rarely did we find a discrepancy. We were able to double/triple check the totals and still finish before midnight. Thank you all for helping us to streamline our late night tabulating.


Of special note I would like to extend thanks to our newest accounting member, Debbie Jones. More than once we thought she might be punching her calculator at random. But no, her 10 key skills are virtuoso in both accuracy and especially, speed. As always, Greg (I’m gonna retire someday!) Tomlinson and Steve (I hardly eat or sleep) Kirkland were steadfast bean counters.

And, as most all of us realize, it’s almost unfair to put only 1 name on each sticker. That’s because behind nearly every potter is a partner or spouse. We see these anonymous contributors when the booths go up & down. Others participate in the studio or by assuming the burden of domestic chores while we hover over our wheels and build our art. For the last 10 years my wife Diane has toiled alongside the accounting crew into the wee hours. Frequently she prepares our meals, build the fire, and provides valuable levity. Her servile contributions, though unrecognized, have helped me and our group. Today may be a chance for all of us to remind our ‘silent partners’ how much they’re appreciated!

My thanks to you all for making the 2006 sale the smoothest ever. Your collective contributions were huge and the margin of error was tiny. At the general meeting in January, I will provide a handout with the breakdowns of daily totals and comparisons with previous years. Until then, happy potting, happy holidays. ~ Ray Foster

Summary of Show Survey

Thanks to the 47 folks who completed the three question survey at the close of the 2006 Clayfolk Show. Here a just a few of the comments :

  • What worked well?
    Set-up crew does awesome job, good fellowship, live band was great, most everything.
  • What needs improving?
    Everybody needs to help clean-up, coffee/tea available for artists, outside lights, turn fans on early Friday, microphone needed for demonstrations.
  • Did the system of selecting booth locations by points work for you?
    The overwhelming majority voted yes (38 yes, 2 no, and 6 no opinion).

~ Cheryl

Election of Officers and Committee Chairs

Clayfolk officers are elected each June for a one year term. It is time again to explore who would like to run for President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and three Member-at-Large positions. These officers meet every other month for board meetings. Any member who has been in the group for one year may run for office. Our long time Treasurer will be stepping down in a year or so and would like two Treasurer Trainees to begin to learn the position; one trainee would begin in June and the second would begin in November to concentrate on tasks related to the show. Please contact Ray Foster to get more information.

Also in June, members will be selected by the board to fill the positions listed below. Please write a brief paragraph describing your interest in the particular position and outline the skills you could bring to the position. Mail to Cheryl Kempner at 447 Pape Street, Ashland, OR 97520 or e-mail to president@clayfolk.org by February 15, 2007.

  • Newsletter - use computer to compile 5 newsletters each year
    (15 points, 3 year position)
  • Membership - use computer to update membership list & mailing label
    (9 points, 3 year position)
  • Points - use computer to update points list & maintain notebooks that detail individual points history (9 points, 3 year position)
  • Workshops - Co-chairs organize 2 or more clay workshops each year, 1 position open
    (5 points, 2 year position)
  • Library - select clay books to be purchased, 2 committee members are needed
    (1 point each, 1 year position)

~ Cheryl

Webmaster Outlines the new webpage - www.clayfolk.org

The Clayfolk webpage is 99% complete. Fifteen members have already submitted their images to the Gallery section and we’re hoping for more. To submit your images and a brief bio simply email them to gallery@clayfolk.org

The webpage also has an entire page devoted to ceramic events which can be used to promote your workshops or holiday sales. To add you own event to the webpage simply email the details to events@clayfolk.org

Since the webpage is a Clayfolk resource, we are always open to suggestions for improvements and/or additions. To give us some feedback simply drop an email to us at webmaster@clayfolk.org

And finally, the electronic version of the newsletter is always available online at the website under the Newsletter icon.

~ Don

Photo & Slide Shoot

Liz Ellingson has cancelled the photo/slide shoot session formerly set for February. The shoot will rescheduled to a later date. Watch for information in the next newsletter and possibly at the January meeting. Remember that the Clayfolk website offers an opportunity for every member to show up to three photos. ~ Cheryl

Glaze Study meets Wednesday, January 10, 2007 at 6PM

The January Glaze group meeting, at least for the January meeting, will meet on the second Wednesday. At that meeting we can talk about another day if Wednesdays don't work for people. The next glaze study will be Wednesday January 10, 2007 at 6PM at Bonnie’s studio, next to SOPS.

Carol Hayne will present her "Chemistry Lesson for the Beginner." Shirley will send out an email reminder to those on the list, but all are welcome to this group at any time. ~ Shirley

Empty Bowls Update

Empty Bowls will be held on First Friday, April 6 in Ashland at the Schneider Museum. Empty Bowls will be raffling off pieces. If you have donations for the raffle or any regular bowls that could be sold, call Marie at 482-2818 or email emptybowls@clayfolk.org ~ Donna

Festival of Trees in Grants Pass

The Grants Pass Second Thursday Clay Artists donated a tree full of hand-made ornaments and pottery gifts to the Festival of Trees. The FOT benefits the community’s mental health agencies, including SOASTC, Options and Family Friends. Included in the gifts were a tiled table by Ruth Wendover, a bird feeder by Jami Bishop, a carved bowl by Gwen Childs, a Ikebana vase by Jan Lacy, an earring holder by Roxanne Hunnicutt, birds by Shirley (Cris) Usher, a bunny teapot by Marilyn Moore, and a tier of birds by Carolyn Rice. Shirley Huft made horse bowls, Kazuko Young made a raku tray and Vera Rogers made the quilted tree skirt.

Pictured, left to right: Jami Bishop, Carolyn Rice, Kazuko Young, Roxanne Hunnicutt, Marilyn Moore, Shirley Huft, Shirley (Cris) Usher ~ Roxanne


  • New Books

      Image Transfer on Clay by Paul Andrew Wandless ($24.95)

        This beautifully illustrated, comprehensive book covers a wide of printmaking techniques that can be easily applied to clay surfaces. It covers screen, relief, decal and monoprint techniques.

      From Mud to Music by Barry Hall ($59.95)

        This book explores ceramic musical instruments, from their historical traditions in world cultures to their modern variations innovations. All instrument families are represented: percussion, winds, and strings. companion audio CD contains-three tracks of ceramic instrumental music ranging from to pre-Columbian wind instruments.

      Soda, Clay and Fire by Gail Nichols ($34.95)

        This book is a must-read for anybody interested in salt or soda firing. Beautifully illustrated; Gail gives a thorough discussion of the soda firing process and all the things she has learned along the way.

      Wheel-Thrown Pottery by Bill van Gilder ($17.95)

        Many people have enjoyed and been inspired by Bill van Gilder’s pottery series the DIY network. This "how to book" is brimming with careful, detailed color photos on every page.

      500 Animals in Clay ($24.95)

        This book brings to life creatures great and small, realistic and fanciful. A continuation of the ever popular Lark 500 series. Selections were made from over 3,000 submissions. Oregon artists included in this book : Chris Antemann, Michael Fromme, Michelle Gallagher, Frank Gosar, Leslie Green, Roxanne Jackson, Annette Kirma, James Tingey, Shirley Usher, and Anna Wiancko-Chasman.

  • SOPS Winter Pottery Classes

    Open Studio Raku ($95)

      Saturday, 10AM to 1PM - Nick Geankoplis, 4 weeks, January 6-January 27. This class will be repeated again in February. Four weeks of firing-learn about Raku glaze application, firing and smoking techniques. Bring your ready to glaze bisque ware from home or other classes. Glazes and equipment are provided.

    Kids Clay Class ($50)

      Wednesday, 4PM to 5PM - Carol Heisel, 4 weeks, January 3 - January 24. Clay basics for 8 to 11 year-old kids who like messy fun! Hand-building methods for animals, bowls, treasure boxes and more. Tools are supplied, clay is extra.

    Pottery Classes ($175ea)

      #1 Tuesdays - 6PM to 8:30PM - Nick Geankoplis

      #2 Thursdays - 3:30 to 6PM - Nick Geankoplis

      #3 Thursdays - 6:15 to 8:45PM - Penelope Dews

        8 weeks starting the first week in January. Open Studio – 1PM to 4PM on Saturdays. Hand-building, wheel-throwing techniques and glaze application will covered. Tools are supplied, clay is extra.

    Please give us a call if you are interested in taking a class or if you might want to teach a class (535-6700).

  • Coming in March at SOPS

    SOPS will be sponsoring a month of Saturday Morning Workshops. Currently we are in the planning stage; but the idea is that each Saturday a different topic, with emphasis on a on experience, will be covered. Possible topics are working with Precious Clays, Kiln Repair, Horse Hair Raku, working with Colored, fused glass or ....?

    We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or feedback on these ideas.

    Call SOPS in Talent OR ~ Bonnie

  • And FINALLY : SOU is planning a pottery continuing education class for the spring term. If you are interested in teaching, contact Robin Strangfeld at Robinstrangfeld@yahoo.com or 552-8323. ~ Bonnie

Summer Workshops Offered at Hummingbird Studios

Here are the summer workshops at Hummingbird Studios in the Applegate Valley. For more information and registration, go to www.HumminbirdSouthernOregon.com or call 541-899-7045.

The times for these workshops are 9AM to 4PM. Basic supplies and lunches are included. Payment in installments can easily be arranged.

  • June 22-25 - Beth Cavener Stichter ($550) " Large Scale Sculpture"
    This workshop is full.
  • July 27-30 - Leslie Lee ($350) "The Figure in Clay"
    Building figures with pottery hand building techniques and a fourth day to explore non-glaze surface finishes. Some ceramics experience helpful.
  • August 11-13 - Dennis Meiners ($285) "Building with Handmade Textured Slabs"
    Slabs not made in a slab-roller produce endless variety of possibilities for hand building pottery and sculpture. Appropriate for all skill levels.
  • August 17-19 -Josh DeWeese ($85) "Wheel Throwing & Beyond" Those who saw Josh's engaging demonstrations at the 2006 NCECA in Portland have an opportunity for "hands-on" work with a master. Wheel throwing experience helpful.
  • September 14-16 - Mira Mathison ($285) "Thrown and Altered"
    An chance to go beyond mere technique and into personal expression that elevate ceramics to the realm of true art. Wheel throwing experience helpful.

~ Leslie Lee

Clayfolk members have Items for Sale

  • Used electric Kick wheel, great condition, $600. Call Jami Bishop 582-1552
  • Hollow core doors - nice finish. $20 each. Two for $35. Lyn Ledbetter 482-3784


Directions : Coming south on I-5, take Exit-19 and follow signs into Ashland. Follow Main Street through town, and it will become Siskiyou Blvd. Turn right on Mountain Avenue. Parking lot #36 will be on your right just past Henry Street and is free. You may also park along Mountain, but do not park in lot #32 beside the Education Building, as you may get a ticket there. Room 150 will be on your left after you enter the Ed./Psyche. Building.

ROOM 150 Ed/Psych Building – FREE Parking in Lot 36 at Henry and Mountain

IF you would prefer a campus map from SOU then click on this link MAP