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Membership Meeting  - October 22 2012

Hostess – Kazuko Young. Meeting held at Elmer’s in Grants Pass.

Membership Introductions
New members to the show - Pat Ritchy

Board positions – no new applications or contacts have been received from the membership regarding an interest in serving as any of the board-appointed chairs.
Terri Nelson has shown up at every board meeting as the new member at large; however, this position is not official due to the lack of votes. Ballots will be at the bottom of the membership form. The membership is encouraged to vote when they submit their membership forms. 
Members who are interested in serving in any position should let Shirley know and she will get their names on the ballot.

Workshops – Janice Pratt and Terri Nelson handed out questionnaires regarding workshops. They are working on getting some workshops scheduled and requested membership input

Reminder to all present to sign the sign-in sheet for this meeting to get one point.

Mary Lou Schnoes – volunteered for a pit fire at her home in late Winter – Jan through March. Since our winter meeting is the third Sunday in March the date will be chosen after the first of the year. Marylou has instructions on how to prepare pottery for pit firing.

Penelope Dews informed the members that the job descriptions for all positions are now posted on the website and have been updated with the information regarding terms lengths, points for each position and any stipends associated with positions.
Check the Clayfolk website – membership – officers; committee chairs and a separate link for show chairs.
Check under resources as well.
Any member interested in a position may check these out to see what the different positions do and what the position requires.

Guy Woods, our show photographer, will be set up during the show on Saturday to take pictures for the artists at a small fee.
This year we need to generate more photographs. If you want your piece photographed sign up with Guy. New this year, Gwen Childs and Phil Fishwick will be asking selected artists if Guy can take a picture of their work to be used by Clayfolk in advertisements and posters. These photos will be the property of Clayfolk but the artist may purchase a copy of the pictures if they wish.
Guy will have the photo cube set up by the end of the day on Thursday, maybe earlier with time slots available on Friday. There will be a charge if Guy takes the pictures. If the artist wants to take the pictures Guy will give direction.
Guy does not have pottery pictures on line but he has examples of some of his work on line.
Guy is planning to purchase a gradiated gray background this year.
Bring own camera or Guy will have his camera. Thursday and Friday the artist will be on their own but the photo cube will be set up.
Guy will be available on Saturday only.
There will be pads available to put under the pots to keep them from damaging the backdrop of the photo cube. New backgrounds cost $55.
When renting the cube the renter purchases a new background if the one used is damaged. The photo cube is available for rental today. $10 a week with a separate check for deposit, $50.
Clarification – the photos picked by Gwen and Phil will be owned by Clayfolk. This photos may be purchased by the artist if wishes. Guy will charge the same price as listed for when he takes the picture.

Gwen Childs
Within the week, members in the show will get postcard images to send to the people on their personal postcard list. This is the most economical way to distribute the word.
How to put Clayfolk on Facebook page handouts were distributed.
Posters and smaller cards were distributed to the membership present requesting that they post these in as many places as they possibly can.
Ask a business owner if you can place a pot and some cards in their business advertising the show.
Got an extra 1000 cards this year – cost 5-1/2 cents each. Please take and use as many as possible as there are plenty.

Jim Keith – Show Chair
New fire marshal in town – inspection scheduled for noon on Friday this year. New rules will be in the show information package.
All fabrics to be fire proofed – may mix a solution or purchase commercial product.
Watch types of cords and electrical plugs – must be three-wire three-prong, round.
Circuit breaker in the surge protector/power strip.
Keep area neat and packing materials under control during set up.
Keep storage area in the balconies neat.
All rugs and floor coverings need to be fireproofed.
No piggybacking of power strips.
Heavy-duty extension cords.
Certified for fireproofing? Christmas lights – UL sticker okay? – if not tagged should think twice about using.
Think we are covered regarding fire extinguishers due to the building we are in.

Parking issue during the show. Wal-Mart is now open. Back of the building all fire lanes.
Last year during peak show times, customers were seen leaving due to lack of parking.
Potters must park personal vehicles off the armory property – Fred Meyer, Harry & David, Wal-Mart, etc.
Reserve the area in front of the loading doors (at the back of the building) for the Clayfolk prop truck – during setup and tear down.

No masking tape or other tapes that leave a residue when removed– use painters tape on the floor.

Booth pick.

Meeting adjourned at 3:45 p.m.



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