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Membership Meeting  - October 19, 2013

Hostess –Janice

Meeting called to order by President, Shirley Huft, at 2_30:45.

Introduction of members present.

Upcoming workshops
Janise - January/February - At RCC -  Inayoshi Osama, hand-built tea bowls.  
More information in the next newsletter and flyer in enews.
Looking for someone to show him some of Oregon.  Cheryl  Kemper offered.

Available positions - ballot in December
Vice president position - Debbie Raddatz Thompson applying for vice president. Clayfolk member for many years before she moved to Montana five years ago. Her bio will in the December newsletter with the voting ballet.
Webmaster position. Don has done this position for 7 years. Simplifying that position and looking for
enews position (3 points).  Dan Minard offered to do the enews  position.

Show update - Jim
Electrical - Nando - fire department requests good electrical equipment. Participants may plug a 14-guage extension cord from the plug to a power strip that has an off switch. May run a 14-guage extension cord from the power strip to the lights. No household extension cords with multiple outlets. Each booth limited to 500 watts.
Fireproofing draperies. No need to fireproof wood this year. The Fire Marshall wants labels on draperies about the type of fireproofing. The Clayfolk recipe for fireproofing is only good on natural fibers. All other fibers must use commercial fireproofing spray. Commercial sprays will leave a softer fabric. Darker fabrics may have some spots left on fabric by recipe. Keep areas on the upper level clean and boxes closed.
Doug, the armory guy will let people into in Armory early on Friday morning. Nando Raynolds needed to know who would be arriving early on Friday morning.
Thursday setup hours - 11 a.m.  to 9 p.m. Friday 8 a.m.
Parking - Mandatory parking away from the building so the customers have first chance at close parking. Alternative parking areas at Wal-Mart and Fred Meyer.
On Thursday morning and Sunday evening the spot by the large door will be reserved for the Clayfolk prop truck.
Photography - Chris and Guy Wood (not in show) will be set up for photography like last year. Time slots will be 15 minutes with sign up in advance. May use own camera. For a nominal fee Guy will take pictures. Phil will once again request use of pottery to take pictures for next year’s cards.
Sales training meeting for cashiers is very important. Persons working shifts as cashiers need to attend this meeting.
General meeting before show will be at 2 p.m.
Show participants are encouraged to bring refreshments - packaged cookies for customers and packaged or home cooked for show participants.

Promotions committee - cards. Requested everyone take cards to distribute in businesses and for members who have their own mailing lists. Posters available for posting in public venues.
Teri Nelson shared information about electronic postcards and Facebook. She will do an event page again this year.  If Clayfolk members are on Facebook she has instructions on how to get your friends on the event page. This information will be sent to Nancy Leever via email and will be sent out to the members via enews. Teri had a few handouts on how to share the electronic postcard on your own Facebook and how to share with others, as well as information on how to twitter. Information has Teri's email address.

Gwen - PR is everybody's business. Last year she organized a club for lunch and gave them an overview of pottery. She encouraged those who belong to a club to organize a lunch as this was very profitable for her.
Request from Don Clark - send list of booth picks done today so he can send that out via enews.

Booth Pick.
Mary Lou met with the group booth participants in the lobby so they could choose their spots in the group booth.

Meeting adjourned at 3:45 p.m.





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