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Minutes of General Membership Meeting – July 24, 2011
(Revised 08-07-2011)

Attending  :  Claire Delffs Cheryl Kempner, Teri Nelson, Nancy Stewart, Kris Schumacher, Janise Pratt, Linda Smiley, Richard Smiley, Kazuko Young, Nancy Adams, Gwen Childs, Nancy Leever, Susan Casaleggio, Lorene Senesac, Marilyn Reeves, Guy Wood for Christine Wood, Jenny Harkins, Carole Hayne, Nancy Ingram, Carole Paquin, Hannah Brehmer, Shirley Usher, Vickie Augustine, Tish Manley, Phil Fishwick, Russell Richmond, Irene Stephens, Karen Rycheck, Shirley Huft

The meeting was called to order at 2:30 p.m. at Susan Casaleggio’s home in Jacksonville by Shirley Huft.

Members introduced themselves and new member, Marilyn Reeves, was welcomed.

1. Open Position  :  Empty Bowls for Jackson County (6 points) is still not filled.  Chris Usher stated that is an excellent job for a newcomer and very easy to do.

2. New Show Chair  :  Jim Keith will be the next Show Chair and will not be a trainee as he has served as Show Chair twice before.

3. Bounced Check penalties :  Northwest Savings in Jacksonville now charges $75 per returned check.  Shirley Huft suggested that if members weren’t sure they had funds in their account, to send in a cashier check.  Member suggestions included moving to Sterling Bank in Jacksonville (Susan Casaleggio), requiring all members to use cashier checks, sending members an e-mail letting them know the date checks will be deposited so they can check their accounts (Nancy Adams), and using a Pay Pal option which allows for ATMs and credit cards (Guy Wood).  Shirley Huft said it would be placed on October Board Meeting Agenda.

4. Membership Year Change :  As of 2013, the Clayfolk Membership year will go from January through December.  Membership application will be sent out in the December Newsletter.  Members who turn in their application on or before  January 31st, will receive 3 points.  Members who do not turn in their application on or before May 31 will not be accepted into the Show.  Because of the 6 month transition period,  members in good standing will receive 3 points toward the 2012 Show.  They will not have to pay for the 6 month transition period.

5. Electronic Show Post Cards – several options for “Going Green”
       1.  Members are invited to send their e-mail contacts to Don Clarke, who will  send out Show Postcards on-line.  Postcards will contain an “unsubscribe” for customers who do not want to continue receiving postcard on line.
        2.  If they prefer, members may contact Don Clarke and he will mail them a link to send to their customers where the customer may choose whether or not they want to be included in our electronic mailing.
         3.  A form will be available on line inviting people who check out our website to join the electronic mailing.

          Don Clarke will send members an e-mail detailing the options.

           Members are encouraged to send Show info to Facebook friends which will expand through friends “like” option and are, also, encouraged to use Twitter. With Teri Nelson’s help, Clayfolk will be looking into establishing it’s own Facebook site.

6. New Membership Directory :  The new, easily read, Membership Directory was passed around and members were told to make any corrections.  Several people edited their listing.

7. Other Business :  (last two comments were mentioned privately to Shirley H.)
     1. Members were given date of Booth Pick Meeting and told to make sure they contacted a proxy if they were not going to be able to attend.
     2. Gwen Childs asked each member to find a small business where they could leave one of their pots filled with the “safe the date” cards.  She would only be ordering 1,500 this year.  Gwen said she would be handing out cards out at Grants Pass Art walk and other would be handing them out at the Ashland Art walk.  Shirley Huft suggested placing the cards in customer bags at other art festivals in which members might participate.  Gwen, also, asked members to think of businesses which might let us drop off 200 or 300 colored Postcards advertising the November Show.  Nancy Leever, for instance, is dropping off cards at Harry and David and someone suggested Fire Mountain Gems.  If a member gets approval, please notify Gwen or Chris Usher so they can add to the number of postcards initially ordered, giving us a cheaper price.
     3.  Phil Fishwick said he had not designed the postcards yet because he had very few photos. He, also, said he would add an invitation, on the postcards, for customers to add their name to the electronic mailing list.  Guy Wood said he took photos of pottery at the 2010 show and would send them to Phil.
     4.   Announcement was made that it would now cost $10.00 to rent the photo cube from the Wood’s, where it is housed.  Guy Woods said he would need to buy a new background for $50.00 as the old one is scratched.  He encouraged members to practice with the old background first, use felt tabs beneath their pottery and pick up, rather than slide pottery, on the background.  He was asked if he would set it up at his house and set a date when members could come over and photograph their work.  Shirley Huft said that Guy has a full time job, and the photo cube would be set up at the Show.  Guy wanted to know who he should send the bill to for the new background and Shirley Huft told him to send it to the same person he sent the rental money to, either Tish or Ray.
     5.   Karen Rycheck asked if she could have a General Meeting at a venue other than her home.  She was told she could.  She asked for next year’s dates so she could check for availability and was told the dates would not be available until January 2012.
     6.  Chris Usher asked if Shirley Huft and Penelope Dews would proofread a new comment card she was creating.  Chris will not be at the Chair meeting in August so Shirley will bring the newly designed card to the meeting.

8. Program :  Hannah Brehmer shared some examples of her lovely horse hair pottery and then showed an informative movie where she illustrated each step.  She, also, demonstrated applying terra sigillata and Ferric chloride. 
9. Meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.



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