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Membership Meeting  - July 22, 2012

Hostess – Sue Casaleggio

Membership Introductions : Members present introduced themselves.
New members : Kahty Chen and Patricia Richey

Newsletter dissemination
Because we are changing our membership year from January to December, a hardcopy of the newsletter will come out in October with the membership application attached and the ballot for voting on board positions. Reminder to members to fill out the ballot and return with membership.
This past newsletter, which was eight pages long, due to the inclusion of the membership roster, was sent to all members with E-mail addresses via E-news. Members who were not on line received hardcopies in the mail. When the next newsletter comes out we will go back to the regular mailing/E-news procedure.

Show Information
Gwen Childs brought the Save-The-Date cards, which give specific information about the show dates and times. If customers bring the cards to the show on Sunday, they will be entered into the Sunday drawing. Asked each member to take as many cards as they needed. If opportunity to share, take a lot (packs of 50). Some members cards take to other shows and include in purchases. Take to commercial galleries. If fewer contacts, take fewer. Hand out a card at all opportunities. Take at least five and give out between now and booth-pick day. On booth-pick day the beautiful postcards will be available. In October, after the postcards come out, go to small business with share a small piece of pottery and display some save-the-date cards and a postcard with the pot. Places where you know someone so you can retrieve the pot. Cards passed out and participants encouraged to take as many as they wanted.

Show Chair, Jim Keith - Show Chairs check committee members and let Jim know if there are any problems or changes needed.
If wait listed, the wait list is fairly short this year and it is anticipated that everyone will get into the show but no promises.
Committee job assigned and want another, let Jim know ASAP.

Phil – Requested photos for the postcard. May E-mail pictures, high resolution, to Phil. No larger than 4 x 5, 300 dpi. May also send a disk directly to Phil, easier to work with. ASAP.

Terri Nelson – Facebook/Twitter – requesting we post pictures of pots or pictures of the show to our own Facebook page. Terri will post to the Clayfolk site to communicate what is going on in our community and for our supporters to see what is going on. Everyone welcome to post whatever to the Clayfolk Facebook page or send to Terri through her E-mail.

Election of officers
The newsletter contained a chart that had all the board and board-appointed positions. Extra copies available. Any member may run for any board position. If interested, send a paragraph of  information about why you want the particular position to the president. This will be in the next newsletter with the ballot.

Interested in a board-appointed position - contact the president, Shirley Huft.

Members are requested to check their points. Contact Shirley and discrepancies will be addressed.

Venue for booth-pick meeting – Elmer’s in Grants Pass. This is a restaurant. The membership had requested more space for the booth-pick meeting and the January meeting. There is a parking lot next to the hotel where parking is available as there may not be enough room in the parking lot. The restaurant does not require the purchase of food but would appreciate the purchase of a beverage and food is available for purchase if a member so chooses.

Other suggestions for larger sites.
Armory – rents a room.
Medford Library – meeting room.  
Shirley will check on these, as well as the availability to bring food.
Members who find and reserve rooms get points for hosting the meeting.

Member in need
At last meeting a request went out to the members to help a member in need. Deborah Mahannah is now desperate enough to ask for help. Would like to be close to I-5 to make it easier for her to find a job. Would like to get back into pottery again. No phone service at her current location.
Clayfolk has started a fund. Requesting donations. Clayfolk will issue the check to a landlord.
Make the check to Clayfolk with Deborah Mahannah on the memo line.
Shirley will keep the membership posted as to the status of the fund and Ray will keep Shirley posted as to the size of the fund.


  1. Roxanne wondered about doing this permanently. One of the issues, we may get many people applying which would require making hard decisions.
  2. At the next show potters donate a couple of pieces of pottery tagging the pot with Deborah’s name and that money goes into the fund.
  3. Pots donated for E-Bay auction for special circumstances.
  4. Place pots at the clay distributor sale to raise money?

Program – Peppi Melick. Peppi demonstrated how she adds colored clay in layers to her pots, making interesting designs.



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