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Membership Meeting  - July 21, 2013

Hostess –Casaleggio. 
Meeting called to order by President, Shirley Huft, at 2:45.

Introductions by all members present.

  1. Workshop – Teri Nelson

Kate MacDowell – August 17 and 18 at SOU pottery studio. Information shared. Flyer sent via E-news.
Janis Pratt is working on a workshop in January or March 2014 – Enishi Yoshi from Japan. He is known for tea/sake bowls – hand-built vessels. Two-day workshop in Grants Pass at RCC. Price will be reasonable.

  1. Open board positions – Vice president – six points.

Tish is retiring from pottery – co-treasury.
Penelope will be applying for the co-treasurer position.
Members who are interested in board positions are encouraged to send a paragraph outlining their qualifications to the president via email. Shirley, the president, will have these paragraphs published in the December newsletter with the ballot for membership voting. 

Any member may apply for any board position. These positions are voted on each December.  Let Shirley know if interested.

  1. Service versus points.

When the change in the membership year occurred, the board agreed there would be a six-month period of service where no points would be given. When the points chair started to do the points, no one would have gotten points for any position/service during the previous year of membership because the membership year would not be completed prior to the 2013 show.

The decision was made that the points chair would figure all the points as she did before, up to May 31, so that everyone could receive their points before the show. If someone does not complete their job during the second half of the year, their points will be prorated at the end of the year.

For 2013, jobs/chair positions will run from January 1 through December 31 with points awarded in May. If jobs are not finished through the end of the year, points will be prorated. Points are awarded for membership as long as membership dues are paid by January 31.

  1. Show report

There are 13 on the wait list as of this time.
If a member needs to downsize booth – deadline is 2 weeks prior to booth pick.
If a member needs to withdraw from the show a full refund of show money will be given if notice is given to the show chair on or before August 1, 50% refund on or before September 1, and no refund after September 1.
Check points – contact Claire Delffs.
Work shift conflicts – contact Jim Keith immediately.

Bob Johnson and Nancy Leever – Print Committee and Save the Date.
Passed out a few of the safe-the-date cards – leave a few in businesses/galleries and will be handed out at art walks and other events. Packages of 50.
Members encouraged to put cards in bags with purchases at other shows.
Phil making posters 8-1/2 x 11 that will be posted.
Electronic version of the poster – need help contact Bob Johnson.
Committee counts on members to promote the show with save-the-date cards.
Brief print committee meeting after the general meeting today.

New position – Pat Ritchey – working with Chris Usher collecting email addresses at the show and handling other electronic duties.
Choices: save-the-date cards, electronic version of the poster, Facebook, etc.
Teri Nelson – media chairman – put up an event page for Clayfolk where people can invite friends who will also get a copy of event page. Terri will work with Bob on this.
Clayfolk also on Tweeter.
If you need a poster contact Bob and Nancy.

  1. Upcoming meetings

Chair meeting for show August 10 at 1:30 – Riverside Park by the Gazebo, Grants Pass.

  1. Venue change for January potluck- Medford Library.

Mary Lou Schnoes is making arrangements/will be hostess  – $100 deposit for the room, refunded after the meeting as long as we leave the room clean.
The meeting was moved to Saturday as all the Sundays in January were are taken. Parking  – free on Saturday. 

  1. Other business.

Lighting diagram in newsletter – discussion. Further discussion will be held at the booth pick meeting.
Fireproofing – discussion. Information will be sent out via E-news. Ask for MSDS sheet when purchasing fireproofing products.
Borax product can only be used on natural fibers.

Empty bowls for Josephine County – Roxanne – will be at the show chair meeting in August to collect bowls. Contact Roxanne if you have bowls to make arrangements for pick up/delivery.

Tish – October fest. Southern Oregon Guild. Looking for entries. Three-day art festival – Kerby and Cave Junction included. If interested in showing or being an artist at the show Google Southern Oregon Guild. Takes place in Kerby in the building that houses RCC. Juried show.

  1. Program – Cheryl Weese.

Cheryl completed the Camino De’ Santiago walk. She presented a slide show and discussion of the walk.





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