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Minutes of General Membership Meeting

July 15, 2010

Meeting was held at Susan and Steven Casaleggio’s home in Jacksonville, Oregon.

The meeting was called to order by Penelope Dews, President, at 6:15PM.

New members were welcomed

Cheryl Kempner discussed points/membership corrections and answered questions.

Board Positions - Ballot missed July Newsletter, therefore, ballot was handed out at this general meeting.  As only one person was running for each position, it was moved and seconded to pass the ballot as presented by a unanimous vote.  All present voted in favor of those running on the ballot.  Bonnie Morgan stepped down as Member-at-Large and Kazuko Young was voted in.  All other Board positions remained the same as 2009.

Clarification of Clayfolk positions – 3 types

  • Board Member Positions (president, secretary, etc.):  membership votes in yearly.
  • General Member Positions (Newsletter, Workshop Chair, etc.):  appointed by Board.
  • Show Committee Positions (Building, Sales, etc.  Chairs that work during the show):  Chairs are appointed by Show Chair. 

Show Chair Trainee needed as well as Chairs for Group Booth and Signs. For clarification, contact Penelope Dews.

Clarification of “Terms” :  Terms were created to allow all members a chance to volunteer.  General Membership Positions have 2-3 year terms.  Some people are afraid if they take on a position they have to keep it till someone replaces them.  We appreciate members that volunteer- If you’d like to volunteer for a position but only want to do the term limit or do not want to do the full term – that’s OK, just let the board know.  If there is a position you might be interested in- now or in the future – please talk to the person currently holding that position to find out more about it.

Update on General membership positions

  • Newsletter :  Currently C.J. June with Hannah Brehmer as trainee.
  • Empty Bowls :  Hannah Brehmer stepped down and Stephanie Friedman took over from Hannah.  Stephanie met with Ashland Soroptomists who use monies to feed the needy.  New ideas generated were a throwing event and demo for the public, a throwing demo at the empty bowls event, using Ashland Art Works for demo, and creating a poster for empty bowl.  Chris Usher recommended making an Empty Bowls poster for the Annual Show and it was suggested that the Soroptomists might make the sign.  Roxanne Hunnicutt collects Empty Bowls for Josephine County, which works with Options.   Clarified that bowls, sculpture and any type of clay is welcome.
  • Splash page :  New Chair is Roxanne Hunnicutt
  • Photographer (new 5 point position) :  takes pictures at demonstrations and the Show, Show photos will include demos, booths, and candids of booth artists and attendees.  Photographer will teach members how to take pictures of their work, how to use the photo cube and be responsible for renting the photo cube.  Photo cube will be rented out for $5.00 with a $50.00 deposit.   Photo cube will be brought to 2 General Meetings a year and be set up at the Show for participant use.  This will be a one year TRIAL position, at the end of which we will assess how well the position worked and update it accordingly.

A request was made for the membership to receive newsletters electronically if at all possible. Clayfolk spends approximately $500 on postage and electronic newsletter will cut that cost.

Gwen Child handed out pocket sized Show flyers.  This is a great idea as they can be given out to anyone who expresses interest in the Show and customers at other shows. The card sized flyers are in packets of 100.

Program : Phil Fishwick demonstrated how to set up and use the Photo Cube.  Ray Foster assisted.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Shirley Huft, acting for Secretary Lynita Zajack.


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