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Minutes of General Membership Meeting – May 25, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. at Cheryl Kempner’s Home in Ashland by Penelope Dews, President.

Attending : List was given to Cheryl Kempner for tallying of the points.

New members were welcomed : Whitney Mitchell and Faith Rayhill.

Items for the newsletter need to be submitted no later than July 1 to the newsletter chair, Hannah Brehmer. The newsletter may be a little late due to the need to include the point’s information and the membership list.

Members were reminded to send their applications in for the show. Deadline is June 1. Write separate checks for the show and membership but mail to the show chair. The 2011 Clayfolk show is November 18, 19 and 20.

Upcoming on the web page will be descriptions of the duties for board positions, membership positions and show positions. Penelope is working on this task.

Thanks were given to
Don Clarke for taking over the position of Membership chair.
Teri Nelson for taking over the Splash Page.
The Delffs for taking over the position of Points chair.
Cheryl Weese for taking over the position of Programs chair.

This year Clayfolk will have no active participation in Empty Bowls at the Clayfolk show unless someone steps up to take the position of Empty Bowls Chair. Information will be in the newsletter.

A program was given by Teri Nelson on the website Etsy (a site where artists can list and sale their wares). Teri gave information on how the site works, how to post items for sale, etc.



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