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Clayfolk Membership Meeting – May 23, 2012 – Bear Hotel \ Janise Pratt

Meeting called to order by Shirley Huft at 1:40.

Meeting called to order by Shirley at 6:10 p.m. 

Introductions:  Members introduced themselves. Whitney Mitchell, new member.

Gwen Childs gave information regarding Second Thursday Clay Artists meeting in Grants Pass at 10 a.m. at Gwen Childs' studio, most of the time. Loose group and all interested in clay invited. Only restriction need own studio for work.

Grants Pass studio tour in the fall - the weekend after Labor Day. Variety of artists, purchase tickets and take tour of studios on the agenda. Bear Hotel on the tour this year.

There is a Tile factory in Grants Pass. Tours are available for anyone interested. 

Membership at Large – ballet results.  Lack of 50% of votes – not valid vote.
Terri Nelson asked to fill the Member at large until January. Three point position.
Any one interested in filling a position in the board should submit a request in writing to serve on the board.

The board must be voted in every year. Any member of Clayfolk can apply for any board position. Members already on the board can run for president. Submissions will be in the October newsletter. Ballots will be in the October newsletter with the membership renewal form.
May vote via snail mail or E-mail. The president will be checking off members who vote.

Scholarship Committee – new member Cindra Vargas. Bonnie Morgan retired.

New workshop co-chair – Janise Pratt.  Phil will help her this year. Any member who wishes to work with Janise and be part of her committee is invited to let Janise or Shirley know. The only criterion is that the member has computer access.

Show Application deadline – end of May. Send in applications now. Only 7 days left.

Reminder – membership year has changed. The year runs from January 1 through December 31. Membership dues are due in January 2013.
Members get 6 months of membership free and 3 points due to this change.

Other business
Don put the membership directory on E-news.
For members who do not have E-mail drop Don a note to verify your information.
Check with Don regarding criteria for E-news articles.
Newsletter on line at the web site.
Encouraged members to use the website – membership forms, applications, newsletters, chair and board positions and points listed on line, as well as anything and everything you need to know about Clayfolk.
Don made mini-slide shows on the splash page. He does a wonderful job.

Karen Rychek – History Under Foot project in Grants Pass, a community project. Karen did a mosaic. Article in the Grants Pass newspaper. The project was the culmination of a community leadership program for the Ford Family Project. Also doing a project in Talent. Copy of news article shared with members present.

Thank you letter from Peace House in Ashland. Amy Segovia first year doing Empty Bowls. Thank you to the Clayfolk potters for sharing pottery. Thanked all the potters who contributed pots. 

Program – Peter Suedwell – artist. He starts his pieces bronze statues using clay models. Mr. Suedwell gave a presentation on how he uses clay models, starting with small models and increasing in size to get his full-size models.



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