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Clayfolk general meeting minutes for May 21, 2006

Held at Shirley and Jerry Huft’s, 2:30 PM.

President Cheryl Kempner presiding.

1. It has been 20 plus years since we have updated the Clayfolk By-Laws. Carol Heisel has undertaken this task and changes will be voted on at the next general meeting with a quorum in attendance.

2. Jim Keith presented changes to the booth selection process for the 2006 Clayfolk Show. In an effort to provide incentive for those who already have enough points to simply get into the show, Jim has recommended that booth selection be based on points. For the 2006 show participants will choose their booth space in order of their points accumulation.

Jim also stated that we are still on the wait list for a Nov. date at the Armory for future shows and that the set-up time will be starting later at 4 PM Thursday.

3. Welcome new officers:

  • Carol Heise l- new vice president
  • Jenny Harkins - new secretary
  • Jim Keith - new member-at-large
  • Marydee Bombick - new member-at-large
  • Ray Foster - continuing treasurer
  • Cheryl Kempner - continuing president
  • Bonnie Morgan - continuing member-at-large

Many thanks to outgoing officers Karen Phillips, and Debbie Jones

4. Donna Marie has proposed a 2nds show to be held in Spring. Although it received a negative response as a Clayfolk sponsored event you may contact her if you are interested in this type of sale.

5. Carole Paquin announced that the Clayfolk web-site is up and running at

It includes : Events, History, Member gallery, Scholarship info., how to join Clayfolk, and more.

6. Next deadline for Newsletter is July 1st. Roxanne Hunnicut continues her hard work, but would like your input for a column or article.

7. Our very own Carole Hayne, won the Best Booth in Show at Showcase in Portland this May.

Congratulation Carole

8. The library committee has persuaded the RCC library to subscribe to Clay Times and Pottery Making Illustrated. RCC library can be accessed through the Jackson and Josephine country libraries.

Meeting was closed with a very successful Pot-luck, Pit Fire and Raku firing.

You can download an Adobe (pdf) version of these minutes by clicking on this link


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