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Clayfolk General meeting minutes May 20, 2007

Brought to order by Cheryl Kempner @ 2:40 pm at Kathy Harvey's home in Medford OR

New members in attendance : Sharra Baack and Sue Casaleggio

1. Reminders :

  • 12 days until show application deadline, please include;
    • Membership form
    • Ballot ( please send in same envelope)
    • Questionnaire
  • Newsletter submission deadline July 15th
  • Workshop Sat. June 9th, 10-4 at Bonnie's Studio still has some room

2. Announcements :

  • Show changes:
    • At the armory location there is better access to restaurants and grocers so,
    • in an effort to keep our costs in line, snacks and drinks will be provided upstairs in the mornings hours for participants, and drinks on fri. night in lieu of pizza at our pre show meeting.
  • Next general meeting July 22 at 1pm in Canyonville. Watch for more info in the newsletter.
  • Carol Paquin is requesting more pictures for the website. Contact her for details.
  • Cheryl's group at the "Ashland Art Works" , needs more artist to participate. Contact Cheryl Kempner for more info.

3. Cheryl Kempner graciously says good bye as our president, and welcomes Lynita Zajack as our new commander in chief. Cheryl has contributed many hours above and beyond the call of duty and will be missed as the friendly and organized face that leads our meetings. The last two years have been trying for her, dealing with her daughter's illness, and has busy times yet to come. She will however, continue as an active member of our group as the new points chair. Thank you again Cheryl, for all your hard work.

4. Marydee Bombick closed the meeting with a superb presentation on "balloon form technique", showing how slabs are supported by balloons to form many magical creatures as well as functional forms. Thanks Marydee for a fun and informative demo.



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